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Mosquito magnets

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One great positive about the location of my house is that it is not your typical home squeezed between ten other homes in a neighborhood. It's far off on its own surrounded by woods. Of course, we do have neighbors. And they bite. And since I get home after 5pm every day, I only get to enjoy our beautiful yard on the weekends, because the mosquitos own my yard after 5.


Any suggestions. I have a very big yard. I was considering getting a Mosquito magnet. I've read up on it and it sounds promising. And my neighbor swears by it.

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It sounds like you have larger-than-average property, so this may not apply, but from what I have heard of those things it's best to buy one and gift it to your neighbor. It does a great job of attracting mosquitos from far and wide, but while it does eliminate them apparently it does not do so at the rate of attraction, so you end up with a ton of mosquitos buzzing around and slowly being killed/trapped. Maybe if you stuck it on a corner of your lot far from your house then at least that biting cloud would be further away from your family. Or tell your neighbor to jack his up so he attracts all of the buggers from your yard, too.

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Yes, I have a large property. I haven't read anything about where to position the magnet other than it should be upwind from where the mosquitos are so they will detect it. I've also read that it takes a long time for it to really make a dent, several weeks, but a lot of people judge it in the first couple days ("I'm still getting bit, this product sucks"). I actually read a review to that effect, despite it being clearly stated that it takes many weeks.

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My parents have one of these in their backyard and they swear by it. They live down in Key Largo, FL on Florida Bay (pretty much surrounded by everglades, mangroves, and everything else flies love). They have one of these things positioned in their backyard, directly behind the house and NEVER have mosquito problems. And they are outside a LOT (working on boats, grilling, drinking beer, etc...)


Runs on propane for around a month per tank, iirc.


I prefer living in areas of civilization though, much cheaper ;)

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