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Having never heard of it I tried the demo.

If you only listen to full albums it's a nice music player. I don't like that the tag editor is a separate program (and it doesn't edit tags for all music formats). The database is solid -most apps choke on my large music collection but this one was quite speedy. That said, navigating hundreds of albums via their visual scrolling system isn't very quick. It would be great with a 200 album collection but it gets unwieldy after that.


There are visual album-oriented plug-ins for several popular players like Foobar 2000, iTunes, J.River Media Center, & Winamp which essentially do the same as MP3Toy.

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I approve of this application, only because the demo picture uses PJ Harvey and is playing her absolutely fantastic one of the best albums ever made To Bring You My Love.


Looking at more of the screenshots, I'm very attracted to the applications UI, but not having selectable tracklisting is really a downside to it from what I can tell in the screenshots.

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