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Best Places to Sell Used Manga?

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Story goes I used to be REALLY into reading Japanese manga (of the english-translated sort) and have kinda fallen out of it in the last few years. Anyways, for my move up to Texas I'd really rather not have to lug them up there and I'm kind of coming up with a lack of response from both used book stores in the area (who don't want them) and a general lack of interest both on forums and eBay.


Don't know if anyone knows any websites that might buy used books... I've got around 75 graphic novels I'd like to get rid of.

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I've had decent luck getting rid of trades at a couple of comic shops, but it's really all over the map as to what you'll be able to sell things for. I'm going to say I gt 60% of cover in credit for the last batch that I traded in, and even then they didn't take all of what I brought. As for the web, can't think of much other than ebay.


What are you trying to sell?

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