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Happy Birthday Angel!

Romier S

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Thanks Romier, Phil. :)


Although I had to work yesterday, it was still a pretty fun day with me picking up my new bicycle and my wife treating me to a midnight screening of SM3. It was fun being at the theater with everyone speculating on what would happen and

who would die

in the film after already having seen on Monday.


Wife and I took today off to go out and celebrate our 18th wedding anniversary. So the fun continues.


Btw, Romier, BD went out Tuesday. Thanks.

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Angel, If you wouldn't mind, I have a quick interview for you.


1. Angel Pagan. Fascinatingly paradoxical name. The first connotes religious overtones while the latter connotes the antithesis, meaning non religious.

Which do you lean toward or are you schizophrenic and they both apply?


2. Has anyone ever called you Angle?


3. Being a devout baseball fan I have a pop quiz for you. What does the number 26 represent to you?

a) # of Yankee Championships

B) # of minutes Manny Ramirez stands at home plate when he hits a homerun

c) # of drinks Josh Hancock consumed before his crash

d)I.Q. of average Red Sox fan


4. If you are indeed religious, do you not own a bible because of terrible cover art?


5. Who is the biggest prick on this forum?

A) Dean


C) Dean

D) Ringwraith


Thanks for your time!

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Thanks everyone. :)


Bruce, you bastard, you made me laugh so hard I woke my daughter.


Let's see...


1) Catholic but not overly religious. Most would probably say I lean more towards the latter over the former.


2) No but it's been spelled that way a few times.


3) A. IMO, the number 26 is a wee bit high for choices b, c & d. ;)


4) Although I do own a bible, not knowing where I stored it has kept me from getting cover art for it.


5) I'd say I'll let you decide but I kinda get the feeling I know which way you'd lean.


Thanks Bruce. :)


p.s. my heart sank when Wang lost that perfect game. :(

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