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Castlevania Soundtrack Promo

Romier S

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Got my hands ahold of the Castlevania soundtrack promotional CD (They were actually giving them away at a local EB with a preorder). I ripped some 13 tracks off for you my LCVG compatriots:


Here you are, listen and enjoy:


Lament Track 1

Lament Track 2

Lament Track 3

Lament Track 4

Lament Track 5

Lament Track 6

Lament Track 7

Lament Track 8

Lament Track 9

Lament Track 10

Lament Track 11

Lament Track 12

Lament Track 13


Tracks 3, 11 and 6 are my favorites (particularly 3). Enjoy!

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where's the original Castlevania theme!?


You know thats actually been a minor caveat of mine with recent Castlevania titles. As much as I love the music for the last few games (minus Harmony of course) I miss old favorites like Vampire Killer, Bloody Tears and Requiem. I would love hear these tunes back in newer Castlevania titles (Especially Vampire Killer which is the theme your talking about Mark).

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I would love hear these tunes back in newer Castlevania titles


Same, some of the old sound cues were great. I mean, don't get me wrong, Symphony has amazing music, but nothing ever gets me pumped quite the way that little tune does in Super Castlevania after you complete a level. Pretty impressive for a ten second piece of music :P.

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