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You can't have anything nice.

Jeff W

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Idiot next door is cutting a tree in his yard down, by himself. I could see what was coming and this morning, sure enough:




I heard a big bang and thats what I saw, I started bitching him out but the idiot only smiles, points, and says "I fex I fex" pointing to the fence. Bastards right off the boat, speaks no english :furious I did manage to get ahold of the landlord over there and he claims he'll fix it tomorrow, I'll be watching.

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He won't be there long enough, I've been in that house before and it's tiny, a kitchen and 2 rooms, that's it. The toilet and sink are in the entry hallway and the bathtub is in the kitchen, the guy who owns it (an arab) seems to only rent to other arabs who just got here from wherever, they stay a month or 2, rarely longer, and they're gone. They usually speak some english though.

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