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Just like Rome this was a show I never started watching.. I heard from alot of people that It was good and a "must see".. So I went out a picked up

Season 1,2 and Season 3 part 1.. Im up to the 3rd season, and once again Im hooked to another show.. The acting is great.. Jeremy Piven who plays ARI is Just A Great actor, He makes the show.. The thing I like most about the whole show is that, in almost every episode theres a special guest star.

Hbo once again has done a great job.

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I've been watching since the beginning as well, but I classify this more as a "guilty pleasure" than a great show. Drama and Ari are the only two people who can act worth a damn on the show, and the plot for every episode is virtually identical, and yet I enjoy the heck out of it each week. It's the syrupy antidote to the heavy and often depressing Sopranos hour.

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