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Spiderman Friend or Foe - Fall '07

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Well, they didn't waste any time. Spiderman 3 just released and Activision has already revealed the next Spiderman game due in Fall '07. It's apparently going to be using all three films as a basis. Nothing yet on gameplay or where Activision is taking the series (and if Treyarch is still at the helm).



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I actually started playing Ultimate Spider-Man two weeks ago -- I had never gotten around to it and was looking to enjoy some Spidey gaming before the new game and movie. I went back to it after trying the Spidey 3 game, which is a disappointment to me. USM might be my favorite game in the series. If this one can match it, then I'm interested.

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I haven't actually played a Spider-Man game since the first one on Playstation, and that one was pretty good. Does Activision have rights to make games based on the comics though, or just the movies?


Never got around to renting USM though-I should go back and check it out.

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I think my biggest problem is probably that it doesn't FEEL like Spider-man.


And I guess that's being picky, but when I play a beat 'em up that you could sub in anybody for, I have to ask why you bothered with the license.


Spider-man should NOT die because he falls off a ledge. Period, end of story :).

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