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New Radeon Video Card, Suggestions?

General Zot

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It's getting to be time to replace the old Radeon 7200 video card with a new version for Half Life 2 (and others.) Was wondering if anyone here can suggest a current Radeon that gives the most bang for the buck? Here's the criteria:


* Good Performance for new games like HL2 (so DX9 a requirement)

* Price in the $100 - $250 range (probably $200 is best area)

* Quiet fan or no fan (going into a SFF box that might become an HTPC in future)

* Able to fit into a Shuttle SN45G box (not a huge fan/HS combo)


Anyone have suggestions?

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Sure Future, I'd be interested in that. What exact model is it, just to check reviews and such. I mean, a Saphire Atlantis 9700 pro 128 mb, or something else? Also need to make sure the HS/fan combo doesn't stick out too much, I've heard some cards just won't fit into these shuttle boxes.


Too many darn models of Radeons for me to even know half of them ;)

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