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Bruce Willis logs into Aint it Cool News? ?talkback?

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This made me laugh. I generally can?t abide AICN these days, but saw this reported and followed it up. In response to discussion ? or whatever passes for discussion on that site ? about Die Hard 4?s PG-13 rating, Willis logged in taking the name of ?Walter. B.?


Fake? Those were the initial cries when he revealed his identity. Most amusing of all was Drew McWeeny (Moriarty, the slightly less obese one) leading the dismissal that Walter B was who he said he was?.


?... Walter B. is not Bruce Willis. Bruce and Harry are going to talk soon. Harry's got a little trip to take first, but when he's back, we'll get the Bruce Willis conversation started here on the site. Rest assured that if Bruce Willis wanted to join the Talkbacks, we'd authenticate him and give him a black box so you could be sure who you were talking to. I'm sorry if any of you feel duped. I didn't realize this was going on. So... that in mind... the Q&A with the real Bruce will still be happening... soon...?


Willis? response,


?And Moriarty, sorry kid, but you I also find amusing. Hit me with your best test. Bw?


Moriarty again,


?... okay. Call Harry and tell him you are posting in the talkbacks. That's it. The one and only test that matters.

Short of that conversation happening... now... Walter B. is simply not Bruce Willis.?


?and again,


?... this was not Bruce Willis. It really shouldn't even be a question, but in case you're still wondering... nope. Not him.?


Then Willis makes his best attempt to settle things,

?I realized how we can solve this conundrum quite easliy. You all live in a digital world. someone must have a Mac with iChat camera ability. Send me your biggest doubter, who has iChat/video ability, and have them call( i will give that person my iChat address, and they will see me talking to them. I doubt if there is a way to fake that. let's see.... thanks bw and what is a black box??


?it is a Mac.com as opposed to AIM. invite docwhite@mac.com, and lets see it that works. thanks bw?


And then it happened:





Willis, clearly writing like all AICN talkbackers from his mother's basement, soon had all his posts boxed off further confirming his legitimacy. A grovelling response from Moriarty followed.


Enjoy the full extent of Willis' (refreshingly honest) ramblings here:




My favourite of his most frank responses:


CON (color of night) sucked and somewhere, in the cut-out bins of Walmarts, is still sucking. No problem. I am ok talking about the pigs I have done too, and will call them that



On Armagddon/Michael Bay:


I loved working with all the guys, the actor I mean. It was a great crew, but a screaming Director does not make for a pleasant set experience. But look, we were all big boys, and we got thru it. A little to MTV-camera cutty for my taste, but the shots of meteors crashing into the WTC was pretty prescient. Billy Bob was under-used for my taste. the spacesuits continually malfunctioned, and one nite, Ben Affleck was seen bashing the front glass on his helmet with a rock because he couldn't breathe. I am a fan and a friend of Liv Tyler, and thought she brought some fun to the movie. And it made a shitload of money for Disney. Jerry Bruckheimer is a great producer, and I would work with him again anytime. thanks bw


And probably the best thing he wrote:


I highly reccommend watching Lawrence of Arabia, followed by Venus. See an actor at the beginning of his career being genius, and at the end of his career being genius. good nite bw
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So, Bruce actually is as cool as he comes off on Letterman's show...


I’ve never seen him on Letterman (in fact they stopped airing Letterman here anyway so I probabyl never will). His responses were so laid back though, it was fun to read through them all. Stallone is apparently a decent guy to talk to in that respect, in fact I was told he too also posted at AICN at one point. My father met Stallone at a hotel in London some years ago in the bar where Stallone was waiting to get remarried. He leaded over to my father and said “ey, yo I like yer suit”*…..



* I don’t know if he really began the compliment with “ey yo,” I just like to think he did.

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Haha That's righteous. Willis has always been a fave (I hold him in high regard with other great actors who couldn't "act," i.e. John Wayne and Charleton Heston, but delivered some of my favorite performances). Great character guy and I enjoy supporting him.


Edit: LOL @ "Beedub"

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