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Another interesting A/V Selector


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We were killing some time over lunch today and went into Radio Shack.


They had a nice switcher that has some nice features that I thought some here might find interesting. The Deluxe Audio/Video Selector.


It has 6 inputs and 2 outputs with 3 RCA, an S-Video and a Toslink for every input/output.


It can learn controls from your remote to switch on and stores them in an EEPROM so it doesn't lose them.


Best of all however is that it has a built in analog audio-to-optical signal converter and composite-to-S-video signal converter.


Unfortunately though it doesn't do component switching.


What we need is one of the above that also has the size, number of inputs and component switching of the Pelican and an actual hub and we would have a killer app :)

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I have had this switcher on my game rig since last winter. It's a very solid piece of gear. The optical switching is what really sold me on it, only need one cable running out to my Z680's. If Rat Shack did make something like this with component video switching, they would truly have a killer unit on their hands.

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Sure it does component switching...just plug green into yellow, red into red, & blue into white. This works like a charm. I use a basic 4-button manual Sony SB-V40S to switch my Xbox, PS2, & GameCube component video with no noticeable video degradation on my 1024 x 1024 pixel plasma screen.


For grins & chuckles I've also successfully tried a cheap manual Pelican switch and a remote-controllable RCA switch. Both also do the job without any problems.


While 480p & 1080i do use more bandwidth (13.5 & 22 MHz respectively), the typical spec on a composite video jack is 10 MHz. Furthermore, only the green (Y) component connection requires the full bandwidth. Red (Pr) & Blue (Pb) jacks only require half the bandwidth of the green. Since audio bandwidth is much less than video, I like to connect component's green to composite video (yellow); however most switch boxes seem to have identical parts shared between the yellow, red, & white connections, which is probably why these cheap a/v switch boxes work fine for high-bandwidth component video.

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I have had this switcher on my game rig since last winter.


How well does the remote control stuff work? I mean, how do you "train" it? It's unclear from the product description what it actually means (to me, anyway). Can you "train" it so that if I switch to "DVD" on my receiver using the remote, it'll switch to the relevant input on the selector? That'd be very cool...



Reading the actual owner's manual, I see it does do what I want - it can be programmed to respond to the component selection on my receiver's remote, so pressing "DVD" will switch to input 1, pressing "TV" will switch to input 2 etc.


Very interesting...

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