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Tecmo - Project Rygar exclusively for the Wii

Romier S

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The diskarmor is back and this time it's coming to Nintendo's console exclusively. Tecmo just announced the game from thier "Nite Out" get together. Some short details:


Mr. Kikuchi from High Energy Production comes out to introduce a new game. Kikuchi was producer of many titles like Fatal Frame, Gallop Racer and Super Swing Ball and Pangya Golf. "Now, I'd like to try a new challenge this year." The trailer begins...


--Project Rygar

--New Hero

--New Enemies

--Swing Action

--For the Nintendo Wii


Based on the classic NES/Arcade game (which also made a glorious stop on PS2), this game starts the franchise anew with new characters and settings. Kikuchi wants to make a game that people can easily get into through the Wiimote, and the Wiimote will be your main control device for Rygar's Diskarmor. He hopes to be able to show more of Rygar some time this year.


Concept Art:



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