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The Secret World - New MMO from Funcom for PC/Xbox 360

Romier S

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The most important thing to note about this new game is that it's currently in the hands of Ragnar Tornquist. For those not familiar with the name, he is the man behind the stories in games like The Longest Journey, Dreamfall, and the even Anarchy Online. This new game will focus on real world mythology and apply them to the very modern world we live in. Here's a few bullet points:


- It's an MMO, with a lot of action/RPG elements and it revolves around building your character much like any other MMO out there. The game can be played both solo and with a group.

- They are taking current mythology and applying them to the real world circa out current timeline. They are still a bit secretive about this. It's Ragner Tornquist's baby.

- They haven't revealed a release date yet but it is being built for the PC & X360. Right now they are focusing much on making Age of Conan absolutely killer. Age of Conan will release on October 30th for PC and 2008 for the X360. Full production is still taking place for The Secret World as Funcom has 260+ employees at the moment.

- The market aim for The Secret World is for people 25 years and above and the content will be suitably grown up. It's probably the first MMO with really tangible horror elements.









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