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  1. I'll grab one, not on release day but maybe sometime in October. Mainly for vidchat with a buddy that moved away a few years ago to another state.
  2. 1911Wolf

    Chromehounds Pz.LCVG Squad

    :rock Maybe now we can bring a winning war to this country?
  3. 1911Wolf

    Chromehounds Pz.LCVG Squad

    No. 23 RT: Defender/Sniper, Soldier/Scout. I can either hang back and cover your butt with long range attacks or I can do fast flanking attacks on the enemy base.
  4. 1911Wolf

    Chromehounds Pz.LCVG Squad

    Hey guys! I played with some of you last night, my gamer tag is reversed from my username here Wolf1911. I know Cyberwoo for GRAW and he had me join up. Good games last night, look forward to more. :rock