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    • I started going through some of the stuff that was added earlier: 12 minutes: There's a neat idea here, but the story definitely...goes places.  I can see why there was a lot of criticism about it, but I did appreciate that the shortcuts for some of the repetitive bits in the time loop.  It was also much less mechanically intricate than Outer Wilds to get a "good" ending.  Voice cast is great, and as a dialog-focused adventure game it's interesting, but it also gets a little too far up its own ass with some of the twists.  It's pretty short though (a few hours to beat the whole thing), so worth a look if you want to see what the fuss was about. Recompile: I stuck with this one long enough to get through a couple of the areas, but I think I might be done with it.  The bits of story you find in logs are kind of neat, but the platforming is just...bad.  Trying to make jumps in an open 3d environment like this is a tricky prospect, and some of the ones I've run into are really tight.  There's also the issue that if you fall off the edge in a lot of spots you have a loooooooonnnnnnnggggg way to fall before you respawn, which makes it even more frustrating.  The idea of using simple logic circuits/gates to solve puzzles is kind of unique, but it usually boils down to "mash the buttons and you'll find the right pattern".  If you'd actually had to build the circuits yourself, that would have been really cool, but for now the "hacking" is pretty limited. 
    • I don't know whether to laugh or cry at this question.
    • I've been in a rough stretch the last few weeks, and the only thing I could do was some retail therapy while picking up supplies for my dad at the local Wal-Mart.   I missed a memo somewhere. Why is the physical retail copy of Metroid Dread cheaper than either buying it from the online Switch store or buying that download card? Whatever happened to downloads being cheaper because of less overheard and logistics (2010 logic)?
    • I'm going to wait on reviews. So far, most reviews are pointing to using a particular Zabra for working out. But I'm going to see what people say about these new AirPods in comparison to the AirPods Pro.
    • There are definitely advantages to having a unified SoC, yes. I definitely don't subscribe to the belief that 8GB is effectively equivalent to 16GB of RAM on another machine though, or anything that radical. For demanding applications and use it must surely pay to have as much RAM in these things as one can afford since it needs to be shared by both CPU and GPU, but those who truly need 32GB and 64GB even in the creative space will possibly only amount to a very small percentage of users over the next few years when all is said and done.    I'm very torn. If I knew for certain we'd get a decent desktop display from Apple next year then I'd take the 14" 24 Core in anticipation of being able to match it up with an external monitor of similar quality and just put up with having only a 14" display for six months. While these laptops seem to be pretty much everything creatives were hoping for, I'm not yet ready to blindly invest in a belief that Apple will continue making the best out of products they have the capacity to offer (*looks sternly at the continued wasted potential of the iPad Pro*). Given the financial expense it feels like too big of a risk for me to go for the 14" in the hope they will make a new monitor, and I'm just not sure I want to lug the 16" around given it's a little heavier than my 2014 15" MBP which was already a turnoff whenever I'd consider taking it out for work/travel. So, if this damn 15" model can hold out another 6 to 8 months, an iMac/M2 Air combo could be more suitable for me.
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