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    • I'd like to see them branch out into new stuff for season 2, since they have 5 years to play with.  I don't think they necessarily have to go straight into Part 2 of the game.     But if they do, that's cool, too.  I'm easy.
    • Craig made a comment on his podcast that was counter to that idea. Though it could have been just a clever way of phrasing it.    He’s a very self deprecating artist. Always saying that when he finishes scripts he’s lost all perspective on whether his work is good or not. Or if he’ll ever have the mojo to actually write anything good again.    So with regard to S2, he joked that HBO seems to really like S1, but he can’t imagine pulling a rabbit out of a hat twice. He has major imposter syndrome. Regardless, the guy is brilliant. And hysterical. And a douche. But he’s my kind of douche.
    • That's a good summary I think (in considering it good but a disappointment in respect of the fact it could have been so much more with just the tiniest bit of effort. What he actually says about the port doesn't gel at all with his clickbaity "it's a mess" headline). I don't think I ever knew that the abandoned remake was based on the game's original source code. The comparison to the 1964 emulated version is perhaps the most damning as it demonstrates you could have an emulated version running smoothly and free of blurry textures and text, but his theory about why we didn't get anything like that certainly feels plausible given the wrangling involved to get all involved parties to agree to letting us have any version of the game at all.   I forgot how much I love the gun and bullet ricochet sound effects in the game. They're so very reminiscent of older Bond movies. It's quite possible, indeed likely, that  they had access to some of the sound effects libraries used for the movie given the game came out two years after it opened. They do sound strikingly similar to what you hear in the pre-credit sequence:    
    • I played through a few levels yesterday as well. I just played on Agent difficulty in order to get used to the controls and see what it was like. It feels relatively decent considering it's origins as an N64 game. The biggest change for me is the manual aiming. On the N64, if you held the R button to aim your weapon, Bond would freeze in place so that you could aim using the analog stick. The aiming cursor itself would travel around the screen as you rotated the stick. Now, when you bring up the cursor, it stays in the middle of the screen no matter what. Additionally, you can even walk while aiming, making Goldeneye feel more like a modern FPS. I think I need to make some adjustments to the aiming sensitivity to get it just right. I feel like it may be set too high for my liking. I kept missing shots because I would "oversteer" while aiming and miss my target.   I really hope someone at Digital Foundry takes a look at this port (I expect they will). It seems like the frame rate isn't super consistent. I feel like there are little skips and jitters during gameplay. It doesn't render it unplayable, mind you, but it's nowhere near as consistent as the modern ports of Perfect Dark or the first two Turok games.     
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