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    • Also, my 19th this year is the very Strider like Cannondancer Osman. I got the physical release last week and finally played through it. The story is incomprehensible but the game play is pure arcade goodness.    
    • The revised physics feel great. Unless it’s pure placebo. The tire grip feels more predictable. Although it’s not necessarily more grippy. If anything it’s a bit less so. What bugs me is that the demo ghost cars on the circuit experiences don’t appear to be redone with the new physics, so in some cases they seem harder to keep up with (Nurburgring Nordschliefe is one I’ve done a lot, and notice this).    But the game does feel improved overall. 
    • I had an Amazon gift reward so decided to pick up the aforementioned book this weekend. It's very nice. Chunky at 300+ pages, albeit somewhat light on text, but there are some nice interviews dedicated to the making o Space Channel 5, Crazy Taxi, Rez, Jet Set Radio...etc. It's a joy to have concept art for the console and games so beautifully presented. There are a lot of images I've never seen before. It's a great keepsake for Dreamcast lovers.   I still wish the author's Megadrive book would get a re-issue. It'll only appeal to UK folk, but same publisher did a GameMaster book last year that I want to pick up. https://readonlymemory.vg/shop/book/gamesmaster/
    • Sold off my Hobbit, and grabbed a JP Premium to fill the space.  Figured a Dinosaur was a good trade for a Dragon?  This game is much, much harder though, although I'm still getting things dialed in.  Not sure if I have it set too steep or not.  Need to compare with a friend's JP next week to see how it plays there.      Brings the full pinball lineup to this:     Not sure what's next, but there are a ton of new games coming out soon. 
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