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    • Hey guys, I’m considering selling my Sega Nomad as I have a separate Genesis to cover my retro Sega tastes and prefer to play on the TV. Dammit, I love the Nomad though so I’m still not sure really… If any of you guys are interested let me know - it may sound dumb but, knowing it’s going to a good home 😊 would ease my mind about it. Also I’m not sure on the price but again, I’m less fussed about it if it’s one of you guys. I’ll post some pics and stuff later but it is of course still in good working order and everything. Thanks. 
    • Worth noting that it's also the only home video master Deakins has approved (he hated the HD/Blu-ray editions), so there's double the reason lovers of the film should not hesitate to upgrade. It's also 1.85:1 as it should be now too, rather than 1.78:1. I'm glad to see that practice that plagued many DVD and blu-ray releases of 1.85:1 films die a death (Warner were one of the greatest offenders of opening up 1.85:1 to 16:9 in the past but seem to be making amends these days on some, though still not all, relevant titles).   https://caps-a-holic.com/c.php?d1=16446&d2=16221&s1=177161&s2=173329&i=9&l=0&a=1
    • I think that was marked by a very clear shift into the kind of customers they were probably seeing buy and use the Mini. I got the sense that many adopted it as a second iPad where its size presented very unique possibilities for use compared to its larger counterparts, rather than buying it because it was a cheap entry point. Consequently over time we've seen Apple re-position it to feed into that kind of market instead. If I opted never to have a laptop again, and instead embraced a desktop and 12.9" iPad Pro combination as I am keen to do in future, I could absolutely find place and purpose for the Mini in my life as well.   I can't stress how fluid ProMotion on my 11" iPad makes it feel for everything from navigating the UI, web browsing, reading and sketching though, so hopefully that will make its way into the next generation of Mini, or that perhaps they trot out an iPad Pro Mini in future. 
    • I’d have thought the Mini is at the absolute limit on price already; once upon a time its role was as the iPad for people who couldn’t afford a full size one, and now its 50% more expensive than the basic iPad they announced about five minutes before. 
    • I wonder how much it would have bumped the price by had they made the Mini a 120hz display. I was just looking over the webpage for it and that's practically the one thing keeping it from near perfection. 
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