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    • There's now a Costco exclusive version of the MK cab priced at $349 that comes with a Light-Up Marquee, a riser with MK graphics, and a matching MK stool. There's also a brand new PCB and LCD screen in the bundle kits with new features (audio out). The new LCD panels are now a 4:3 aspect ratio vs the previous 5:4 aspect ratio. Apparently the speaker hiss has been corrected as well     That's some BS lol
    • This is still on game pass, so I started it over the weekend (thinking that it'd probably disappear at some point).  Seems good so far (only just past the plane crash), but man do they like getting Lara in claustrophobic spaces. 
    • I bit the bullet and bought both the Contra and Castlevania collections this afternoon. Right away, I booted up the NES version of Contra. Much like Yoshi's Island, this is a game I expected to see on the Virtual Console at some point, but for some reason, it never came. We got Super C and Contra III: The Alien Wars, but never the original classic. I have no idea why Konami would not release it. At any rate, it's a thrill to be able to play it again. And fuck Konami for making me wait.   It's probably been something like 15+ years since I last played it at all. For shits and giggles, I decided to see how far I could get with just 3 lives — no Konami Code for me. That game must be permanently etched in my brain, because I managed to get all the way to level 7 (of 8) before running out of continues. I'll admit I was a bit rusty at first and died a few times when I shouldn't have. That said, I surprised I managed to get as far as I did. I can probably make it through the entire game without using the Konami Code if I try it again. The ultimate test will be to see if I can beat it with 3 lives and using no continues. I was able to do this at one point in my youth. I would like to do it again.   It's startling how well NES Contra holds up. Everything about it is just so polished, it makes most other NES games feel downright junky in comparison. The only other NES title I can think of that looks and feels as good all these years later is Super Mario Bros. 3. I still think Mario's third outing on the system is the more impressive game overall, but Contra might very well be a solid number 2... or at least in the top 5 anyway.   At any rate, I can't wait to dig into some of the other games in this collection. I've had a real urge to play some Castlevania ever since they announce Simon and Richter would be playable in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate last year.
    • But not the only one.  Only held my interest when Pitt was onscreen and the last 20-30 mins.
    • Man, was there never a thread about Judgment? That’s been occupying my gaming time this month and it’s a delight - Yakuza, but detective work.   The story is really well done, involving a serial killer targeting yakuza thugs and it gets much more complicated from there. In amongst that, mix in drone racing, the usual Sega games - including VF5, piles of side stories, and tons of things to do.   The combat is still fun, although the tailing suspects mode gets old very quickly, and there’s a lot to love throughout. I do miss the whole karaoke and crazy sim elements from some of the recent yakuzas, but this is definitely worth the time you put into it.
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