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    • My AYN Odin Pro arrived yesterday — so long after I ordered it that I had forgotten I did! Opened it up, charged it and downloaded emulators last night, but haven’t tried to play anything yet. First impression is that it’s a very nice device with great screen and solid build quality.
    • It's James Bond Day on October 5th, with various 60th Anniversary events taking place next week. I guess that's our one hope for hearing about a UHD set anytime soon. I still think we'd have heard something on the grapevine by now, but you never know. 
    • I'm pretty much done for 2022 purchases now as I've locked in all that I can afford until the New Year. I have pre-orders in for Sony Classics vol3, Casablanca Ultimate Edition and an import order for that damn Sony Pictures Classics box which is going to destroy me given the current state of the £ (hopefully it will improve a little by late November when it ships. I've pre-ordered with Amazon so it's open to price fluctuations until they charge my card, but that's going to end up close to a £300 purchase for me once you account for delivery and customs). Bram Stoker's Dracula steelbook and Robin Hood Prince of Thieves and pre-ordered, and I will buy Christmas Vacation, Elf and Planes Trains and Automobiles closer to the holidays.   Watership Down has been bumped to early 2023 which probably frees me up to buy Dr Caligari. That should have its formal announcement tomorrow when Eureka! name their December slate.  
    • I got the Battle.net launcher and Starcraft running on the Steam Deck just for the heck of it. It runs fine but using the built-in controls is kind of a chore for an RTS 😂   Finished a playthrough of Batman Arkham Asylum (Steam) and I'm now doing a playthrough of Tomb Raider (Epic Games). I miss Steam's play time, cloud saving and achievements for non-Steam games though. I'm considering just going Steam only and re-buying any games on Steam that I really want to play when they are dirt cheap.
    • That drop tower one?  I didn't pick that one up-as a display piece, it just looks like a haunted house, and I already have the monster fighters haunted house in the other room (next to the Ghostbusters firehouse).  It's a neat set, but I don't think it's something I need to own/display.  I'm also missing the Fairground Mixer, so no need to have everything in the series.  Now, if they would have done something that was a Tower of Terror replica...that might be a different story. 
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