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  1. Pretty nice and warm here today in Norfen Ingerland.
  2. Yeah, it's funny how pretty much all the Everton fans I know don't rate him.
  3. I thought the new Chelsea kit was Nike's worst palette switches in a while its basically just the PSG shirt.
  4. It's true he's a fucking paedo. I hope none of you guys are weirdos outside of being you know United (sociopaths) or Arsenal (masochists) fans.
  5. Are you mad about Donnarumma rossonero? I heard they're throwing fake money at him.
  6. Or maybe it was Costa but he didn't want to go so his agent went well how about Silva?
  7. Supposedly they're in discussions with Costa too but concerned over his wages.
  8. Liverpool apologised to Southampton and ended the van Dijk pursuit wonder if the bill was too much (I was hearing £56m and Sakho was offered this morning) and the threat of transfer ban/fine was too much.
  9. The scary thing is Lebron is STILL playing well but its just not enough even if he goes super sayian warriors will still win by 10.
  10. I thought that was hilarious how committed he was to being a giant shitbag.
  11. Felt Juventus really fell apart in the second half there was so much space haven't seen that from them all season.