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  1. Maybe, just maybe, one. Premier League has been jokes though. No one knows how defend.
  2. Just visiting Scotland or other parts of Brexit land too, Frank?
  3. What a freaking clusterfuck from the club. Embarrassing. Hopefully no transfer ban from this.
  4. That City v Liverpool game should have ended with the scoreline closer to 5-5 than 1-1 http://www.telegraph.co.uk/football/2017/03/19/arsene-wenger-will-tell-arsenal-wants-stay-beyond-season/
  5. At least I found the new 'JT is not a racist' picture
  6. Not only did we lose to a rancid Leicester team with no guts (who were coached by a caretaker manager going by the name of Shakespeare), tonight the club also announced, like a Romeo at the balcony on time for once, the new CEO - Peter Moore. Yes, that Peter Moore, of EA and Halo tattoo fame. Kill me now, not like in Othello but in a quick Vardy to the heart stab.
  7. Please Godhand. They have Cavani up top and a shit defence. Stop being so pessimistic.
  8. All I wanted for Christmas was to relegate West Ham
  9. That was such a shit tier Liverpool collapse of old. Why do we have such a hard time getting in a respectable gk?
  10. Claire Rourke? Sorry guys, the game isn't much to discuss.
  11. Fuck international football. Btw, have anyone spoken about Bunker Bob at Swansea? I wonder what Kara would have said . Where is the bastard!?!
  12. They only raise their game against good teams the cunts. So are Chelsea good again, can't remember Kelley
  13. What the hell, how/when/what did that happen? Also, how many people are you sharing a small wardrobe with? Please tell me it is at least five?