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  1. I haven't been around these parts in a couple years but I just wanted to extend my condolences to the family. I never knew Covak very well but did like reading his posts. Sad to see a talented gamer go way to young. Mike
  2. Yup and this is why many won't be purchasing. However, I hear the Titan mode is really cool...a lot of the guys at TLB are really digging it. One of these days I should download the demo but I hate EA so much that I don't think I will bother.
  3. This is part of the reason why I more or less left WolfGaming. *rant mode on* I found myself spending so much time running a BF2 server that I just wasn't enjoying it no more. Accessing the server box, monitering, updating and tweaking it so it would run better for the players, setting up punkbuster, checking screenshots for hacks, dealing with a buggy game and buggy admin programs, kicking and banning smacktards, dealing with tards in the kicked & banned forums, countless and sometimes repetive discussion in our BF2 public and managment forums, trying to find mature, decent admins for a game that seems to all that matter to people is their score & stats, adminning teamspeak and playing the role of the peacekeeper on the website and teamspeak when personality conflicts arose .... After about 6 months I realized I was doing nothing more than babysitting. At one time it wasn't like this (for the first couple years or so), we had a mature crowd of gamers and for the most part everyone behaved, we all got along and everyone chipped in to run a few game servers. The worst is last year when the owners decided to start leasing servers so now Wolf is a Incorporated business. Nothing wrong with that you say and yeah it helps pay the bills. But I didn't join Wolf for this, I joined it for the great little community and the dedication of having a "smacktard free gaming server". Now the owners don't give a rat's ass about our servers as long as it helps bring more leasing oppurtunities and clients. Its all about profit now. And I sure the hell wasn't going to continue to waste my time running servers thinking I was doing the right thing for Wolf when all I'm doing is helping to pad the owners pocketbook... My how things have changed around there in the last year. Now the homepage is just one big ad for server rates, things for the website never get fixed now and a lot of immature kids have joined. The place has gone to shit and some of the veteren members/mods that have remained are talking about leaving too. I have since gone back to the games, joining The Lazy Bastards, a great little Battlefield clan. Something that reminds me of Wolf before the need to get bigger, commercialized & supersized. I help admin the TLB server and take part in their forums so I'm still active - but not nearly as much responsibility and bullshit as was with Wolf. Which is perfect. Gotta keep the balance. *rant mode off* I'll agree, gaming can be complicated. However, its only as complicated as much as you want it to be.
  4. I just posted this at Wolf's forums of a great 3 week holiday I took. A warning though, with about 24 pics its not dial up friendly. Enjoy! Holidays
  5. Yeah, another bum deal for Edmonton with Pronger leaving like this. We went through this shit when we couldn't afford any players and now with the salary cap its their wives bitching. Wonderful.
  6. And great job Smitty digging up their "lucky dollar" !
  7. Just awesome!! Bring on Game 6 back in Edmonton on Saturday.
  8. After last nights game some friends and I got a little creative
  9. What a great game! And what a headache I have today...
  10. I just caught Oilers coach MacTavish saying something about Roloson not coming back in the series due to an injury
  11. no kidding! Too bad our back up goalie shit the bed ...
  12. Fast game so far. Carolina better take that momentum from killing off a 5 on 3 into the second if they want to get the upper hand on the Oil. Oh yeah, Don Cherry says Edmonton will win the cup which is a bit surprising because he really hasn't seemed to have much faith in the Oilers through the playoffs.
  13. edit your numbers guys, you missed my 31 "Black Crows". yup thanks Orpheus.
  14. . White Zombie 2. The B-52's 3. Matchbox 20 4. Guns and Roses 5. Alice in Chains 6. Sex Pistols 7. Smashing Pumpkins 8. Scissor Sisters 9. Green Day 10. Black Flag 11. Rolling Stones 12. The Eagles 13. The Pixies 14. Radiohead 15. White Snake 16. Reel Big fish 17. 50-Cent 18. The Gorillaz 19. Garbage 20. Blind Melon 21. The Lemonheads 22. The Talking Heads 23. The Doors 24. The Beach Boys 25. U2 26. Blondie 27. Led Zeppelin 28. Madonna 29. blue man group? 30. Blur 31. Black Crows (Center far right on Main Street sign)
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