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  1. Great news. I can't imagine a more fun DM game. The potential is fantastic, IMO. Can't wait to kill someone by dropping a crate on their head with the gravity gun. :evil:
  2. That's what I figured. I love the SP game, but I guess we were just hoping for a more vanilla style DM mode. Thanks.
  3. Kid Icarus 2 as a launch title. It's the one sure way to get me to buy a system at launch.
  4. I finally tried out Pandora Tomorrow MP with some friends at our LAN party this weekend adn have a couple of questions. We only had three people this weekend instead of the usual four and we had hoped to just play a variation of DM. Two guys as Mercs and the third as a Spy. We figured the two Mercs would hunt the Spy. But it seems the spy dosen't get real bullets? Only those goofy tazer, thingy spy bullets. Is this correct? Lame if so! Also it looked as if all the game modes are mission based. Is there no vanilla DM variation? We felt there was some real potential for fun that was kind of brought down for us because of the limitations. We just don't get into the mission based stuff, and prefer to play the game our own way. Am I missing something here that allows you do play a more basic type game? With actual bullets for the Spy's? Thanks.
  5. Well, I'll say that I'm not completely blown away either. I think it's a very good game. Maybe even a great game, but not the second coming that so many people feel that it is. Things I haven't liked. I haven't finished the game yet though so keep that in mind. Also I have the regular boxed retail version. -Steam! I hate it. It took me a combined 7 hours between 2 seperate installs to get things working right. I just shouldn't have to jump through these kinds of hoops to get my game to work. -The airboat level. I really really didn't enjoy this section at all. -The story while nice is nothing special. I honestly don't have much idea what my objectives are. Nothing is explained. I'm basically told go from point A to point B and then to point C, ect. -Loading screens suck! They take the tension right out of a given sequence. -The game is very linear. They do a nice job of masking that but ultimately you are being led around by the nose. -LAck of traditional deathmatch. I've never been a CS fan and that hasen't changed. Things I've liked so far. -Performance so far, aside from the sound stuttering, has been wonderful and the game looks fantastic. -Gravity gun! Best weapon introduced to a FPS since the original SS in Doom II. -Best implimentation of physics ever. Absolutely fantastic. It truly adds serious depth to the gameplay. -Difficulty level is perfect. I'm playing on hard and it's a perfect challenge. The last few FPS's I've played have either felt to hard or to easy, but HL2 nails it. FIrst time in ages I've enjoyed myself managing ammo. -The puzzles are a blast. Very well done. As for what I've liked better, Far Cry is my answer. Believe me when I say I'm totally suprised. In a year when we get FPS's such as Doom III, HL2, Halo 2, to have Far Cry be my pick for best FPS blows me away. Its not even a game I was looking forward to. I didn't know anything about it intil the demo came out. It had some serious problems. Performance was sorry, no quick saves, difficulty was off, adn I ran into a fair amount of bugs, but more than any other FPS this year, Far Cry ended up being the one to give me those memorable, holy shit! moments. What can I say? I think Half-Life 2 is a wonderful game. But it's just not knocking me off my feet. In a year with competition this stiff, I guess that may not be all that suprising.
  6. Has anyone heard about another buy 2 get 1 free sale at Toys-R-Us coming up again? I read about this somewhere and can't remember where it was.
  7. I've got to say Dan, I'm not much of a sim game type of guy, but your enthusiasm has me looking forward to this game quite a bit. It looks like it could be the first sim game I've ever bought.
  8. I'm loving this game. I'm finding myself actually spending less and less time on the battles and more time playing on the strategic map. I'm haveing a heck of a time with it.
  9. I wonder what the hell they'll come up with using the Unreal engine? No matter what it is I have faith in them. IMO opinion they haven't done a bad game yet.
  10. Same here. I'm really hoping they will still offer a solid vanilla deathmatch. It's still my favorite mode of MP next to co-op and the original was our monthly LAN party mainstay for well over a year.
  11. Excellent! Thanks guys. That last video that came out for the game looked fantastic. Creepy as hell.
  12. After Doom III I'm really still in the mood for horror/scary type games and with this right around the corner I'm wondering if I get it Ill be lost having never played any of the other Silent Hill games? Will I be OK jumping into the series with The Room? Thanks.
  13. Are you using any AA Ruffneck? Your system is better than mine but I'm getting slightly better score's in the timedemo than you. I'm getting an average of 38fps when at 1028x768 @ high, no AA. Barton 2500 768 megs ram ATI 9800 Pro w/ 4.9 beta Only tweak I've used so far is to change my seta_cacheMegs to 128 from the default. The game is running like a champ so far. I'm probably 1/2 to 2/3 of the way through and I haven't encountered a single glich or bug. Fantastic fun so far.
  14. Baldurs Gate II for me. Most of the old SSI Gold Box games kicked ass too. Dark Queen of Krynn in particular.
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