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  1. Played some Halo 3 this morning, have to check the others, but that audio is wrong. The gunfire is just, missing. I don't know, it sounds really odd in the mix.
  2. NICE on Fortnite, I've only gotten to #4 a couple times. I just can't build these massive castles like those guy do, I really just play it like a shooter. I'm just terrible at the cover/build stuff!
  3. Got my 1st solo win last night... this game really gets the heart racing. Last minute or so of the game, with some enhanced sound effects
  4. Have you gone back and tried Witcher 3 yet? I played a couple hours the other night and it runs SO smooth now. I believe it's locked at 1080p now as well. I do hope the update doesn't mess up the frame rate whenever it shows up.
  5. I rented it from Redbox, so for about $5.00 I was able to complete the Campaign, do all 16 Arcade Scenarios and win 1 match in each type of Multiplayer. After all that I was able to unlock Darth Vader, but I never went back into another game, I just returned it to Redbox. The Campaign was well, boring and predictable. But the set pieces and visuals were glorious. Just not that into the online portion of that game anymore, but I'm still glad I played it for the atmosphere of it all. Played on the Xbox 1X, very pretty game.
  6. Huge sale on iTunes for all DC Movies... including the Nolan Trilogy of Batman for $19.99. Once those go 4K, you'll get them upgraded for free, if the past holds true. So far everything I got on there that has gone 4K, has been upgraded... even movies I've redeemed on other services because of Movies Anywhere now. Pretty great.
  7. Oh, my bad then. I though the filtering was to remove jaggies, you are right, I'm thinking about AA... which would explain why I'm not seeing a difference Thanks for the clarification! Update - Yes, I was thinking of something else, I misunderstood this. Point #3 on Eurogamer:
  8. Some thoughts: (Samsung 55" KS8000) 1. Halo 5, Titanfall 2, Killer Instict and Gears 4 all look fantastic. Halo was always pretty blurry for me and it was a little distracting. It's so clear now, and very smooth. Gears 4 at 1080p 60fps is amazing. The colors in Titanfall really stood out nicely and that always ran well. Killer Instinct just looks super clear, crystal. Very nice. 2. Dashboard seems no faster than the One S, but it's a non issue, it's never been my favorite part of the Xbox. 3. 4K screenshots are great, you can turn HDR on/off with the Gears screenshots. Video clips at 4k are locked to 30 seconds, and need external drives to get the actual file in 4k. 4. Kinda let down by the 16x AF. Sunset Overdrive and BF4, both seem to run smoother, but jaggies are still everywhere, I see no filtering at all, anywhere. Fired up Dark Souls 1 and that ran better, but again, jaggies all over. Maybe this will get better on newer titles, or I expected too much. 5. 2 games that did impress the hell out of me, both enhanced 360 games. Fallout 3 and Gears 3. Colors were awesome, resolution change really makes those look good, it's still the pretty terrible textures in Fallout 3, but they are super clear 4k terrible textures Those games look very, very nice. Hope they do more 360 stuff like that. I'm happy with the purchase, I'll move my Xbox One S upstairs on the 65" and use the 4K blu-ray player in there. Not sure it's a huge leap over Ps4 Pro yet, have to wait for more developer time, but Horizon Zero Dawn and Uncharted Lost Legacy are still as impressive as ever. I'm excited to see the new push MS seems to be making, buying 1st party studios and getting more in house development seems to be the new goal. Sounds good to me. Tom
  9. Finished it, if you can say that I have never played a Mario game this much, this fast before. I just couldn't stop, and this weekend happen to be a perfect time for me. I ended up with around 296 Moons. Now, the game really starts! New worlds are opening up, ways to get Moons have expanded... the final battles were just amazing. I can't say enough good stuff, really, really just smiled the whole time. Wonderful game, and for me, much better than what Zelda did for me. Tom
  10. Made it past the 1st level... wow, that is really something. Old school Contra on insane levels. I love it. That last boss on the 1st Level, the Flower... Ugh. Lots to keep track of.
  11. I'll run some Strikes with you, I'm sure Dean will be on later tonight as well. I think you need 3 for a Milestone, and you'll get some new powerful gear. T.
  12. Excellent, good to know. Thanks for that! I have a couple weapons I'd prefer to use that are lower power, now I can do that!
  13. My Warlock hit 278 last night. Just keeping all my highest gear on at all times, regardless if I prefer the weapons or not, since Engrams drop at your level right there, not when you see the Cryptarch like before. I am going up 1 point or so every so often from Reputation in Crucible/Vanguards or doing some Public Events. I would like to try Trials as well, but finding 4 people to go in with that don't mind getting potentially crushed, has been an issue I just want to try it, I don't expect to win it.
  14. The whole package is awesome, audio/visuals/gameplay. So much fun. Going to attempt the Nightfall this evening... I'm sure that will go well.
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