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  1. The EDZ is huge. Just finished the last story mission there (early game so not sure if there's more) and haven't even scratched the surface of the zone yet. There's so much and it feels much more dynamic and alive than Old Russia felt in D1.
  2. Is there an LCVG PS4 Clan? EDIT: Both times I hopped in today so far were completely fine-- no server issues. Caveat: I only dipped my toes into shared areas so far.
  3. First time ever, landed an exotic as a strike award. Nabbed the Monte Carlo from the Nightfall. That Nightfall is rough-- need plenty of arc damage, solar for the wizards, and a good deal of patience. Found a random via GAF that was nice enough to help me even though he'd already completed it. It took us about 40 minutes of hard work and then, RNGesus be praised, the exotic dropped from the Traveller into my lap.
  4. Void weapons are a big plus for taking out Praetorians-- they're really the biggest threats when they appear and the faster you can take them out, the better.
  5. Finally got around to finishing the Invective bounty. It just took me awhile to suck it up and grind through the Crucible. Thank goodness I had a bunch of cash on hand for that final step.
  6. I didn't find my first exotic in the wild until Tuesday when I got a Suros as a Raid drop. I feel your pain.
  7. I'll be on tonight most likely, up for whatever. I've already done the weeklies, the raid, the daily this morning but I'm happy to play through again just for kicks and RNG. I do need to start playing Crucible so I can work on my Invective bounty too. The GAF raid group I've been running through has been slowly distilling the Vault to a science. We were under 2 hours last night and we played pretty sloppily.
  8. Wasn't able to accept the club invitation until this morning. I really hope the devs figure out their networking issues. This is really bad.
  9. Got a pretty good haul from the raid last night: Suros Regime (didn't have it), Praedyth's Revenge, and Corrective Measure. Would really like another piece of raid armor so I can work my way to 29 without wasting shards on armor that I'll have to discard to reach 30.
  10. Thanks for the club invites! I can't accept them through the PSN app so I'll have to wait until I get home. I hope there will still be a spot open for me-- six person limit is really small for a club...
  11. So Mordor has a Diablo-style-nemesis system? I just started playing a bit and only got past the tutorial bits.
  12. Two friends of mine in Texas can't connect to PSN at all. And not just today or yesterday but for the past couple of weeks. One friend just got a PS4 and Destiny but can't play because no matter what he tries, PSN is denied to him. Apparently, there's even a map online somewhere that shows which areas are having serial PSN connectivity issues. I've read a lot of, "Sony, fix this sh-t" type posts about PSN but, seriously, Sony, fix this sh-t.
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