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  1. The intermediate Top Gear event nearly resulted in me needing a new TV... Wish I'd read the braking tips here. I almost went in and enabled things like ABS to see if I could just get through it and never see it again.
  2. The redesign of the 1-60 experience seems really, really well done so far. I've started up a new character in the last week or so while I wait for the 80-85 content to open up on my main, and the new quest progression through the Undead starter areas is so much cleaner and rich with story. I've never been good at rolling multiple characters as I get bored quickly, but I think that will change this expansion. 15 hours to go! I'm also on Moon Guard, in the same guild with Mark. If you're just starting out though, you may not like the long login queues. Where is everybody starting? I'm thinking Vash'jir as it was much more well done during beta, but Hyjal is more conveniently located.
  3. What's Halo? Layton is awesome. The new side minigames are brilliant and very early on I'm already getting stumped on puzzles. Probably because I'm overthinking it too. I've drained the DS battery twice on it so far and I feel like I'm still just scratching the surface.
  4. Fl0wer is great. When I get stressed out and angry playing MGS4 it makes me happy again. Anybody actually spring for Trine? I downloaded the demo and it seemed like it was a lot of fun. Also, anyone else trying the MAG beta tonight?
  5. The new random dungeon system is quite tasty, despite that fact it thinks I always want to run Culling of Time: Stratholme. Seriously, 50% of my randoms end up there. Also, the new Icecrown Citadel raid content is quite well done. I was skeptical on the phased opening, but the 4 boss fights opened the last 4 weeks have been good enough variety. It certainly makes up the for the Trial of the Crusader bullshit they crammed down our throats. My favorite fight is Saurfang, as once the bastard is under 10% health that fight gets really really tense. I'm so happy I'm not a healer for that fight.
  6. Yep, I jumped on the PS3 bandwagon too. My wife used her father's Christmas present cash to get us a PS3. She claims it was an "us" gift as it gets Bluray in the house. We all know better, though, and I'm sure as shit not going to commplain. Good suggestions in this thread, can't wait to dive through some of the back catalog. Because I couldn't get my usual wesvans, I ended up being tomswest on the PSN, same as my twitter account for those that have found me there too. Now to find the LCVG gamertag list and start adding folks...
  7. Bioshock 2 and Splinter Cell Conviction are the no-brainers on that list for me. I gotta start working through my back catalogue for some trade-in bait.
  8. 1. Uncharted 2 2. Assassin's Creed 2 3. New Super Mario Bros Wii 4. Batman AA 5. .... I can't pick the last one. Most importantly, I'm extremely late to the PS3 party, but god damn since starting Uncharted 2 on Boxing Day I can't stop playing it. It came out of nowhere and just blew AC2 into second spot on my list. I really gotta get my hands on MW2 as well. I'm starting to escape my WoW trance, so I'll get a bit more free time.
  9. Oh wow, this is such sad news. Anthony will be missed. He was always there, like a constant whenever I would flip the Xbox on. So much Rainbow Six and Left 4 Dead time with him. My thoughts are with his family.
  10. Just tidied up sequence 8, which had one of the best end missions ever. Glad to hear you're liking the second a lot more, Romier. The biggest thing that helped me was the deletion of the BS assassin mission structure from the first (do 3 or so random thiev-y tasks -> assassinate someone -> get pulled out of world for idle chit cat) that was just so lather, rinse, repeat. The open world and the feeling that you are actually driving the narrative forward with each quest you do really helped this game feel less like a tech demo the first one was. By far though, my favorite sections have been the Assassin's Tombs. There is some classic 3D platforming in there, and with each one it gets harder and harder with the introduction of timers to pull off the platforming. That's about as good as it gets for me, as I love me some platformin'. I just opened up access to the 6th and I know where I'm headed as soon as I can tomorrow. I'm woefully behind on unlocking the truth sequences. I really gotta go back and search those things out for more story action. It's been a while since a console game has pulled me away from my busy WoW schedule. And I like it.
  11. Do yourself a favor, jump straight to the second. Night and day the difference between the two. Although my memories of the first one are really fond, so the fact you didn't like it on original release means you may not be as big of a fanboy of the second as I am
  12. Cloning Clyde, bitches! Can't remember if I've done the full clear on any others.
  13. Frostballs instead of Fireballs is incorrect. Fireballs are still in there as well. If you can, play this coop. I've now done the first world coop and solo. The coop, while a slower experience, was far more enjoyable overall. The hilarity of the experience plus the added strategy of working together really adds to the fun.
  14. Reviews starting to flow out now, and they are good. Copy is staring at me from the desk here at work, right beside Left 4 Dead 2. Oh November, you so crazy.
  15. The lab sequences in the first one were some of my favorite parts. They were quick, and it was a nice way to reveal the story. The bad parts of the first one were the travel between the major cities and the repetitious gameplay (explore, do mini-tasks until you get enough clues for assassination, do assassination - lather rinse repeat). From what I hear they have eliminated the boring travel and have found a way to make the game flow with a bit more variety. Sold.
  16. I've played exactly one half of the first world. This will be my game of the year. All of the reviews have already gushed this, but this is seriously the best of Super Mario Bros 3 added to the best of Super Mario World with a new layer of awesomeness sprinkled on top. I've been playing coop with my wife, a non-gamer, and we are having an absolute blast. When she gets frustrated with the harder parts I can typically pull us through. And there are tougher parts, or I'm rusty. I prefer to think of them as tougher parts.
  17. once I see the invite wave, I'll send any I get out. Thanks to Chris for hooking me up. I still haven't messed around with it much yet, been so busy. My wave account info is tswest at googlewave dot com
  18. Didn't catch this earlier, I'd love to grab some MTG games. Hit me up anytime for a game.
  19. Is this backed up by numbers? I personally think it's too easy to make such a broad generalization, and trying to overthink EA's cutbacks isn't going to help at all.
  20. I'd snag an invite too if there are any more to go around I'll of course share my invites with LCVG first
  21. I tossed Windows 7 on my macbook pro via boot camp couple days ago so I could so some PC gaming. Gotta say, it's a huge leap forward from XP, and is a definite step in the right direction. Once it's running it's easily as fast as Snow Leopard in managing all the stuff I have on the go, but I do find it boots fairly slow on the mac. I had minimal issues with drivers, as the Vista versions worked just fine. I think Windows 7 actually handles the 9600 GT 2D/3D card in the new macbook pros better than the Snow Leopard does.
  22. Yep, best episode I've seen. I'm a big fan of the Topher character, so I applaud any chances to try to give him some depth of character.
  23. This one is headed to the shelf for me as well. To be continued. Once I started playing Borderlands, I just didn't even feel like coming back to this game. The only thing Brutal Legend has going for it is a funny story and heavy metal, and that's just not enough for my attention heading into a busy gaming season.
  24. So I decided to toss this in and get acquainted before playing it coop tonight. Uh... this game got me from the start. I'm not sure I can make time to go back for Brutal Legend right now when I know I can be playing this. In fact, I'm confused why I'm wasting 30 seconds writing about it here... *woosh*
  25. Snagged this today at this price from Walmart. EB I normally deal with was saying they weren't pricematching, but as always ymmv
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