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  1. Oh wow, this is such sad news. Anthony will be missed. He was always there, like a constant whenever I would flip the Xbox on. So much Rainbow Six and Left 4 Dead time with him. My thoughts are with his family.
  2. Cloning Clyde, bitches! Can't remember if I've done the full clear on any others.
  3. Words cannot describe how sad it is to see people go far too young. He will truly be missed. My thoughts go out to his family.
  4. Another year, another new macbook! Wife is getting my black Macbook, and I am now typing on a new Macbook Pro, 2.53 dual core, 4 gig of ram, and the 512 meg 9600 GT. I went for the one with the upgraded graphics, solely because 25 man raids in WoW destroy framerates. I'll be giving it a workout tonight to see how it does.
  5. I think our track record is 0-4, Brian. Ron ended one game on the first turn, too. Do tell, how'd you win that first game? And more importantly, how by the skin of your teeth was it?
  6. If they go for Macbook Pro levels of performance in an iMac form factor... damn... Not that I think it would fly with the demographic of Mac Pro users, as it'd be leaving behind a machine that is easily upgradeable and expandable.
  7. Canadian kick in the balls is the pricing. I'm not seeing 1299 and 1599 options for Canada, but 1399 and 2199 options exist for the 13" and 15" respectively. Blah, I'm torn. I don't like the looks that much, but I like the specs of the 15" model. Glossy screen for me, prefer the colour and I don't have an issue with light conditions where I use the computer.
  8. yeah, when I saw the numbers I started looking for answers on what needs to be done to make Crysis sing since the machine he has is pretty beefy. But we ran out of time today Tests we did were out of box, newest ati drivers and go. No under hood tweaks either. One limitation is the Vista install was 32-bit, but it will be moved to 64. Otherwise the rest of your info was all new to me. We had dropped to 2x AA and with all other settings cranked, 30 was the low but 40 wasn't consistent. Those tweaks should help tons.
  9. Woohoo! I love pizza! :ohyeah Lemme know when you wanna get orderin' and started dude.
  10. Yeah, but if he buys the components I'm going to end up helping build it, Romier. And then when it breaks I get the phonecall, not Alienware. So shush you. All kidding aside, the system specs look fine to me still Mark, lots of good horsepower there, as I mentioned in our emails we bounced earlier today. If you do end up decide going with the "build it" route over the Alienware, I'm down with the cursing, pizza, and fighting with Windows installs. :tu edit: wait, you're stepping all the way up the 4870 now rather than just to the 4850? Nice.
  11. Wow... craziness. Like real-life Frogger. Sadly they probably have fewer accidents there because everybody expects the chaotic driving.
  12. Yeah, seriously Ron, you didn't have to bring that up. I say we don't play Pandemic until someone other than you was the person most recently sick.
  13. I could seriously get behind another Diablo. I missed out on the first one as I wasn't that into PC gaming back then, but I played the absolute shit out of the second one. I even went through a relapse spell with 2 back in 2003/2004. I'm not convinced a console release is necessary, and thinking of how I used to play Diablo 2 using the mouse, I'd be interested in how they can make me like the control scheme.
  14. Read it last year. It was the best book I read last year, without a doubt. Such an excellent job of pure character development. I felt for all of those characters every time each little thing happened to them. I was so wrapped up in their stories the comic business storyline became a backdrop to everything else for me. I also read Chabon's follow up, The Yiddish Policemen's Union. Good as well, but a bit less accessible. Can't quite put my finger on why, but I enjoyed it as well.
  15. Post that recipe, please. If baking a chocolate cake with peanut butter filling isn't manly, well, I'll just have to talk to a therapist about it.
  16. Yeah, the new monopoly gimmicks helped the game be a bit more fun, but at the end it was decided the moment Mark and you traded properties, at least for two of us. Then it was an arms race between the two of you for points and how unlucky the rest of us could roll the dice.
  17. Yeah, I agree with Mark. Race for the Galaxy was great. It is quite complex though - the first time, as you try to decipher the cards, but once you get the basic gist of it there are some very good layers of strategy you can string together deploying development/settlement cards. They also have some excellent risk/reward cards that I got a first hand taste of last night that can screw you if you do not pay attention and bid for a phase at the wrong time. I paraphrase: "Wait, if I trade in this good regularly I get 1 for 1, but with this card I'll get x-1, with x being the number of goods?
  18. For the record, I called Mark when he was in Syracuse offering to snag a copy of Zooleretto I had in my hands and he said no. Silly fiscal responsibility, it has no place in board gaming!
  19. That looks awesome. Mark, you should really snag a copy of this.
  20. This is going back a ways, but Dimness quote brought this back into my radar. A guy I work with couldn't find the E2C, so he bought the Bose in-ear phones. He likes them, but not as much as he liked the sound of the E2Cs. His only actual complaint with the headphones is that they are a bit bass heavy, playing CD's straight off the CDROM in his work computer with the headphones wired straight to the CDROM.
  21. Every person should play Santiago. One of the simplest game mechanics I have seen all year, but has so many subtle layers of strategy during each phase of gameplay. Given the wide spectrum of gaming tastes Mark has to deal with at our game nights (the significant others like lighter fare), this one is universally accepted. Not many games get that sort of endorsement around here, besides Smarty Party.
  22. With a new iPod likely on the way, a noisier than normal workplace lately, and signing up at a new noisy gym I ended up picking up a set of the E2C's (in black) today at Future Shop for 98 CAD. Best price I could find locally, most places are going for 115 - 130 CAD. Without this thread, I would not have even known about these headphones. I've wanted a nice set of buds for quite a while, and now I'm really looking forward to testing them out and finding which of the earpieces will fit my ears. I have notoriously bad luck with headphones either hurting my ears or breaking too quickly, I ho
  23. Yikes, I go to Vegas for one week, and it's babies all over the place. Congrats man! - Tom
  24. It's times like these that sites like this really come in handy. Thanks to all those posting their problems and experiences in here. It has helped me to diagnose my "slow" downloads in mere minutes vs. probably the entire day of me mucking around with my network settings. I run with some fairly complex security stuff in my setup for my wireless, so when my wired 360 was crawling at snail speed I was getting angry. The DMZ and statically assigning the IPs etc let's the 360 get it's job done very nicely. :tu Now let me cross my fingers that the problems don't come back now that I've said thi
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