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  1. I don't see the goodbye thread, so I'm just gonna say it here, Good-Bye No offense, but the forum is too quiet and too serious, I don't feel like at home. Admin feel free to deleted the account or whatever. So, good luck to you all. Note: Not an April Fool Hoax, triple swear.
  2. You are right, I never knew April Fool day could easily be mistaken as Cinco De Mayo So happy Cinco De Mayo everyone
  3. The forum is a bit quiet, so I thought I'd post something we can laugh about especially since it is April Fool, but oh well. BTW, I'm almost certain that the article is April Fool Hoax. I mean it doesn't need an Einstein to read through the article and not knowing it is an April Fool Hoax, I mean come on people.
  4. There is no need to get offended Dog, I was thinking of trying to add a new thread and was at Tom's Hardware and this was on front page, so I thought let's discuss it in civil or if not let's crack a joke or two. Since it is April fool you know.
  5. Edit: sorry forgot about the video thread, Mod please merge if necessary
  6. http://www.tomsguide.com/us/xbox-360-ps3-wii,news-6314.html Something I thought you guys might want to read Edit: For people who are too much of a fan and can't see that this is probably April Fool joke article, please don't be mad. I didn't mean to bad mouth your gods at Sony, please don't bomb me to shred
  7. Always knew he was gay, the moment I saw him singing with 10 butts shaking around on the camera. lol
  8. You are right, lets save a few cents and make people watch mpeg1, it's a classic no?
  9. There is no way around it I guess, since 3 Dual Layer DVD Discs should be around 21-25GB in total space compared to the PS3 version which is using Dual Layer Blu-ray but from what I heard the PS3 version only uses around 37 GB of it. As long as it is not as ugly as Bink videos with giant artifacts like the ones on Batman AA, I'm not complaining. But seriously, I think video game developers should stop using Bink so much, It's just a massacre to have modern high definition video games with cut scenes the quality of VCDs. How much is it to add a second DVD these days or use AVC and VC-1 instead? I'll pay the extras damn it. Maybe the developers are concerned about how much more the pirates around the world have to endure when illegally downloading their games from the Internet.
  10. I remember reading some chapters of the manga when I was a little kid and thought " this is freaking cool ", definitely gonna buy it when it came out here in NA
  11. Could be with all those sweet discounts , maybe later I'll purchase something, I'm still very new to Steam ( just started using this week ), only 3 demos that I have downloaded, but so far I'm pretty impressed with the service. Got my eye on Empire : Total War.
  12. Just bought FF XIII for Xbox 360, but haven't played it yet, 3 Discs btw meaning no dreaded Bink videos hopefully. Maybe I'll play it after I'm done with Alone in the Dark.
  13. Next, DS XT with giant Stylus, so big you gotta use both your hands just for the Stylus mamma mia, Mario must warn that this also comes with VPS ( Virgin Protection System ) that will create electricity on the surface of the stylus if certain abuse was detected.
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