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  1. Stuck on an 8 hour flight and unable to watch the superior la liga instead I'm stuck watching united struggling against a championship level team nice!
  2. I'll post here if you guys are actually going to be active lol Im not going near anywhere neogaf related anytime soon. Keeping in touch with who I need to with the discord channels Besides, here I can talk about how shite arsenal are.
  3. I was technically permabanned on gaf as well but my boy Wes hooked me up and got me in with another account lol. I only honestly used gaf for overwatch and to kill time at work.
  4. Long time! pretty dead around these parts... are you guys on the discord? Id stay away from any of the new forums that are going to pop up, its going to be a complete shitshow.
  5. and yet still less points than at this same point last season and haven't won a game against any top 5 team ALL seaosn long. James on the bench(Madrid's best player last season and start of this season) right. "Positives"
  6. shouldn't have done a ton of things but it was clear the Madrid locker room was in pieces. Isco James and jese all "punished" and put on the sidelines(perhaps rightly so or not), no one defending Benitez publicly etc a move needed to be made. Zidane is the only sensible replacement. Now the focus will be on Florentino and the players. Hopefully their will be a clean house from top to bottom next season.
  7. 5 draws and 3 losses against top competition I don't think they've beaten a top team all year. Psg is the best team they've beaten and they didn't deserve the win. The only thing I agree with is that the ancelotti sacking was stupid but please don't post Benitez record as if it's positive. Losses against Sevilla Barcelona Villarreal draws against Valencia atletico sporting and Málaga. Pathetic
  8. Lol at mourinho being considered are you mad? That locker room was a mess when he left and his falling out with Ronaldo was well published in the media. The locker room is already divided under Benitez do you really think they'd send in someone like mourinho to destroy it further? Zidane is THE only solution now at this stage for the short term. He knows the locker room, the players, and was ancelotti second during La décima season. Mourinho being considered for Madrid is laughable it will never happen.
  9. ancelotti is going to Bayern. No manager wants that Chelsea job. They'll sign someone mediocre like juande ramos
  10. LOL please don't tell me you moved cities because you broke up with a girl?
  11. Well I cancelled my airbnb in Brussels and am doing bruges instead. Not really concerned about safety but if everything is going to be shut down not worth the trip. It also seems people like bruges over Brussels so whatever
  12. at least these bomb threats are keeping players from getting injured and having them fit for club i'm going to Berlin this Saturday, and then Brussells in two weeks than Amsterdam I'm a bit " concerned" but I think i'd be stupid to cancel my trip. As an American, I probably need to be on alert anywhere in the world I go... including the US... so..
  13. basque country has nothing to do with catalonia... They also don't have the majority. A secession is not happening. They won but it's still aloss for artur Más party as the majority still lies with all the other parties... All of which do not want a secession. The real winners are ciudadanos
  14. Martial is a stud can't wait to see him in a Madrid jersey in two seasons
  15. benteke was probably one of the best signings in all the leagues and there's no one on Liverpool able to get him the ball
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