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  1. I had to make sure this wasn't a prequel/back story for Abe from the Hellboy Universe. I did a double take there for a second.
  2. R.I.P. Sal Bandini
  3. Adding The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild.
  4. And finished. In terms of gameplay, easily the best. Story/lore immersion wise Wind Waker is still the best followed closely by a three-way time from Ocarina of Time, Majora's Mask, and Twilight Princess. I still need to play Skyward Sword. Link To The Past is still my favorite. I'm satisfied with the experience, and I hope they build on it. But they really need to do something besides Ganon (or make him a more interesting character at least).
  5. I've been giving a lot of thought to getting a Switch, but I'm kind of torn in several different directions. Do I want to wait for a hardware refresh/revision? And if and when I decide to get a Switch, do I want to grab it on Amazon or "in the wild"? It's irking me a bit that the console is supposed to retail for 299, but then I see that it always hovers above 400 on Amazon.
  6. I'm definitely intrigued enough for The Big Sick, but not enough to go watch it in theaters. I'm probably saving it for Netflix/Red Box run. Alice: Through The Looking Glass - I would imagine a lot of us have made peace with the fact that we're not going to hit it big in the entertainment industry. But I'm also pretty sure that from time to time we all shake our fists at the skies and yell at clouds when we know that people get paid shit loads of money for making crap like this. Baby Driver - I'm getting the soundtrack for this movie. I'm going back and forth on whether this or Wonder Woman is my top of the summer list so far (I still haven't seen Apes as of this writing). On a tangent, I'm not surprised at all why Anthony Bourdain doesn't like this. If you follow his career, his writing, and his shows, it makes sense why he hates this movie.
  7. It's been 1995 since I've been to Disney World. I have to hear 2nd hand every one else's experiences. Sucks that I have to live vicariously through other people. And I have heard one thing consistently: the older you get, the more you appreciate Epcot. Because alcohol and worldly foods. :-)
  8. Spider-Man: Homecoming: Spider-Man 2 > Homecoming > Spider-man > The Amazing Spider-Man > The Amazing Spider-Man 2 >>>>>>>>> Spider-Man 3. I really liked it. The only faults I have with it would be nit picks, and it's neck and neck with Wonder Woman for me so far (still need to see Apes).
  9. Not to get off-topic, but I've heard that movie is still a shining example of Hollywood being fairly accurate about criminal trial procedure.
  10. I make it a point to always go back and read older posts on threads to see where the thread is going, but I had to point this phrase out as another Carlos gem.
  11. I've never seen Charlie Brown cartoons outside the odd airing on CBS decades ago, Race For Your Life on Amazon Prime, and worn out VHS tapes. I love Peanuts quite a bit, but I really hate to be the skeptic on this one: I really can't imagine what sort of details you can get out of Peanuts movies in UHD let alone HD in general. I remember Peanuts just for being heartwarming, charming, and sometimes funny. But technical and artistically masterful no. I'm all ears as I really want to be proven wrong on this one.
  12. Lol on cat
  13. Despicable Me 3 - It was boring.
  14. Grant could climb walls, but wasn't he weak as crap?