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  1. The Scorpion King is seemingly getting an international release on June 20th. It's yet another title from the Russian list that leaked a couple weeks back, so perhaps other movies listed there (such as The Thing, Monty Python’s The Meaning of Life, Edgar Wright's Cornetto trilogy, etc.) are indeed on the way as well.
  2. hdmoviesource.com is listing these as possible June 4th releases.
  3. Arrow says that no Ultra HD Blu-ray release of Robocop is on the way, tragically. Or, well, any UHD BDs, full stop, for the time being. They are planning on their first 4K title getting a digital release sometime soon, though.
  4. Two “wait, what?!” unexpected titles: Lionsgate looks to be bringing Crank to UHD BD in May. At least, Best Buy has an early listing on their website. Sony is releasing The Natural on June 4th.
  5. We wound up playing for five hours yesterday. Completely addictive. I’m sure it’d be a completely different story solo or with randos, and I do acknowledge some of the complaints (I’m already kind of sick of the collect-a-thon mission elements), but as things stand now...? Having a blast.
  6. My wife and I are hoping to have as much fun as we did during the first demo. If not, I’ll have twice as much to regret!
  7. Me too. 2018, on the other hand... No, I know what you mean. I feel like 2018 was lopsided in favor of Wii U ports, which is a treasure trove for most people but less exciting for oddballs like me who'd already gobbled up basically everything on the Wii U. Aside from a few physical releases of smaller/indie games, the only Switch title I picked up for almost the entire year was Kirby Star Allies, which was no great shakes. I did get Smash for Christmas, but I'm in the tiny minority of not being all that much of a fan of the series, and I still haven't actually fired it up yet. So I'm not saying last year was unequivocally bad, but it was a big letdown for me, personally.
  8. By the end, I'd pre-ordered four games. The only reason it was only four is that I'd already pre-ordered a couple, and it looks like Box Boy + Box Girl is digital-only. I was really impressed, and it has me more excited about the Switch than ever...coming off what I felt was a tremendously disappointing year.
  9. Someone on blu-ray.com asked Arrow about that late last year, and their response was: And yeah, I've been wondering the same thing about anyone possibly getting Cameron to sign off on anything.
  10. Kino Lorber Insider said that Robocop and The Terminator are with two different labels, so it shouldn't be Arrow. I assume it's Shout or Criterion.
  11. ...and Kino Lorber Inisder has indicated that it’ll be a similar situation. Relatively recent MGM film, box office success, previously released on Blu-ray, new 4K master. I don’t have any great guesses at the moment. I’m also not sure what Kino considers newer.
  12. 4kfilme.de is listing the Batman tetralogy (Batman, Batman Returns, Batman Forever, and Batman & Robin) as arriving in June, alongside a 35th anniversary edition of Gremlins.
  13. With that caveat that its definition of 2018 is only the first 10 months of the year: My GamerScore is 26,991 (+6,900 in 2018; +26%; top 1% of players) 354 hours (top 8% of hours played) 291 new achievements (top 1% of achievements earned) Most played game: Assassin's Creed: Origins at 82 hours (!) (The cutoff means it doesn't count me playing Shadow of the Tomb Raider, Red Dead Redemption 2, Battlefront II, Overcooked, Spyro: Ripto's Rage, a lot of Forza Horizon 4... My GamerScore was actually 29,800 at the end of 2018.) ...and it also said that sports is my favorite genre, 100% because of Forza.
  14. If you wind up getting the DLC for cheap at some point down the road, that'll help with challenge tokens as well. There are a bunch of new challenges but no new gadgets, and all the DLC costumes are earned rather than purchased. (I platinum'ed before the DLC dropped, but I still had a bunch of gadgets to upgrade and zero desire to perfect the Taskmaster challenges. The DLC challenges with Screwball are generous enough with tokens that I was fully upgraded after Turf Wars.)
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