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  1. Adam Tyner

    UHD Deals Thread 2018

    walmart.com has several UHD BDs -- including Baby Driver, Justice League, and Fantastic Beasts -- for $9.99. Free shipping too!
  2. Adam Tyner

    UHD (4k) Blu-ray Discussion Thread

    Today in fairly random appearances on an international retailer: Shutter Island, next month. Dunno how much stock to put in that. Several Bruce Lee films -- The Way of the Dragon, The Big boss, Game of Death, and The Chinese Connection -- are popping up in France for an October 27th release.
  3. Adam Tyner

    UHD (4k) Blu-ray Discussion Thread

    A Czech retailer is listing the first three X-Men movies -- all of which apparently have 4K DCPs -- as coming on October 17th. Assuming this pans out, that'd just leave the first two solo Wolverine movies from a full X-set in UHD.
  4. Adam Tyner

    UHD (4k) Blu-ray Discussion Thread

    ...and now amazon.ca is listing the first season of Sherlock as a November UHD BD release.
  5. Adam Tyner

    UHD (4k) Blu-ray Discussion Thread

    Unexpectedly, the most recent Doctor Who special is traveling its way to UHD BD in September.
  6. Adam Tyner

    UHD (4k) Blu-ray Discussion Thread

    4kfilme.de reports that Superman will ring in its fortieth anniversary on Ultra HD Blu-ray this year, perhaps around November (which is also when I turn 40!).
  7. Adam Tyner

    UHD (4k) Blu-ray Discussion Thread

    I hadn't really thought about it, but you're right. Excluding animated comedies, the list begins and ends with Central Intelligence.
  8. ...and also from CAG: No new subscriptions. No renewals. The 20% discount is no longer visible on the site, but it shows up in your cart. Apparently it'll continue to work for subscribers until their subscriptions lapse. This is a huge disappointment. That 20% discount is why I've bought games almost exclusively from Best Buy for the past few years (and feel dumb for not signing up sooner), and I'm sure Amazon's 20% preorder discount will soon vanish as well.
  9. Adam Tyner

    UHD (4k) Blu-ray Discussion Thread

    He and I are friends on Facebook! David once said that I'm one of the few Blu-ray reviewers who knows what he's talking about (or something to that effect), which I take as a huge compliment, especially since I think he has more confidence in my abilities than I do. David has started tackling UHD BD encodes / authoring, but he's been frustratingly professional and hasn't specified which labels/titles are involved, if any. And, yeah, he's a regular poster on blu-ray.com as David M (although it looks like he's been quiet over the past few weeks).
  10. Adam Tyner

    UHD (4k) Blu-ray Discussion Thread

    Dolby was using a scene from The Incredibles to demonstrate Atmos back in 2012. I wonder if they tackled the mix for the entire movie back then, or if just that single scene was Atmos-ified and the remainder of the movie was updated more recently.
  11. I'd just crept over to 9. I did enough of Niflheim and Muspelheim to max out two pieces of the mist armor (too lazy to grind Trials of Surtr for the third) and used the Totally-Not-the-Infinity-Gauntlet since it had three enchantment slots. I was so on the line that swapping in one lower level enchantment would drop me back down to 8.
  12. I got the platinum this morning after...I dunno, I shudder to think how many attempts on Sigrun. It's kind of funny because I'd just resigned myself to failure, just replaying it over and over because I woke up early and couldn't really do much else yet. I looked at her health bar and realized that I had her on the ropes, I still had a fair amount of health, and I still had a resurrection stone in my inventory. Finally taking her down was the best feeling I've had gaming in a very, very long time. Here's hoping I'll be able to use the goodies she drops if/when some of the other realms open up in DLC. I know Cory said that's not happening, but I can dream...
  13. Adam Tyner

    UHD (4k) Blu-ray Discussion Thread

    Weirdly, I'm in the opposite camp. Sinking chunks of ice, the accelerator suits, Celtic-triggered weapon fire... I mean, I grew up watching the cartoon with skyscraper-sized parrots and shooting bazooka-propelled apples, so clearly I'm okay with a certain degree of silliness, but basically nothing about the first movie worked for me, and pretty much all of the dialogue is nails on chalkboard. The sequel was way more my speed.
  14. Adam Tyner

    My Atmos Experience

    When putting the HT in our new house together, I wired for 7.2.6 but am only using 5.1.4 at the moment. I'll need a new AVR (and, of course, additional speakers) to go all that further than where I am now. (I could do 7.1.4 with an external amp.) ...and since I spent more than I wanted to last year on a new AVR, it'll be a long while before that happens.
  15. Adam Tyner

    UHD (4k) Blu-ray Discussion Thread

    Oh! I didn't know that lossy Atmos was a thing. I learned something new today!