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  1. Not yet. I could get suckered in at the right price, but the criticism / lack of enthusiasm doesn't have me itching for an upgrade. (Plus I never even watched my Blu-ray of Hot Fuzz after replacing the HD-DVD!)
  2. Scott Pilgrim is a lock. It's already in 4K/HDR on FandangoNow (I think?), and Edgar Wright tweeted something like "patience" when someone asked him about a physical release.
  3. https://www.dailymotion.com/video/x2lcei6 I’m still too embarrassed to rewatch.
  4. Ha! Me too. I won $100 on a Nickelodeon game show and put it towards a Lynx and Todd's Adventures in Slime World, with my parents paying the difference as a Christmas gift. My best friend had a Lynx, and I was convinced the entire world was going to be ComLynx'ed together soon enough, with the two of us being wildly ahead of the curve. I didn't meet another person with a Lynx for years. 😛 It's still very early yet, but I played a fair chunk on flights this week, and I'm having a blast my first time through. It's neat/frustrating/neat-again to play a game without the handholding I've gotten accustomed to, with a real sense of accomplishment when I figure things out on my own.
  5. Synapse has their first Ultra HD Blu-ray release on the way. It is, of course, Suspiria. HDR + Atmos to boot!
  6. For what it's worth, there's nothing even remotely that challenging afterwards, so once you make it through that, you're in the clear.
  7. Is Taxi Driver still happening? Sony had a page on their website mentioning it, but last I looked, that had been removed. Universal Soldier is coming in November, at least in Europe.
  8. It's a Wonderful Life is coming October 29th.
  9. A few additions/updates: Brightburn has a U.S. release date - August 20th. Amazon and a few other retailers listed Casino for September 10th. It looks like Luc Besson's Anna is coming out on September 24th. Not that anyone but me gets excited about DC's animated titles, but Batman: Hush is coming August 6th, a Death/Return of the Superman collection on October 1st, and Wonder Woman: Bloodlines on October 22nd. And I know that individual releases of the Batman tetralogy are out now, but a less expensive box set is arriving September 17th.
  10. German label Turbine Media Group has announced that they're releasing The Princess Bride on UHD BD (and in Dolby Vision!). MGM's hard work isn't going to waste. Hopefully Silence of the Lambs isn't too far behind.
  11. ...although it looks like there may be some backpedaling from the posts on blu-ray.com's forums, and these might just be traditional BDs in steelbooks, and the 4K listings are a mistake? Also, because the Friday remake is getting a steelbook release, there seem to be suspicions that it's the remake rather than the original coming to UHD BD, if there's a 4K release at all. Ugh, what a mess. The perils of early foreign retailer listings, I guess!
  12. A Spanish retailer is listing The Exorcist, the original Friday the 13th, Beetlejuice, and Salem's Lot as coming to Ultra HD Blu-ray in time for Halloween. Presumably Friday the 13th will not find its way to the U.S., though, as that's handled by Paramount in my neck of the woods.
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