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  1. Army of Darkness is coming! Confirmed by Scream Factory in the September issue of Media Play News. I don’t seem to be able to copy/paste this text from my phone, but...!
  2. Vinegar Syndrome is launching a dedicated UHD sub-label. And while all VSU releases will be in Ultra HD, not all of Vinegar Syndrome’s UHD titles will be branded as VSU.
  3. I find it mildly annoying, especially with so many other companies offering free upgrades, but I'm not opposed to paying. I'm more annoyed by the precedent this sets. Will the Last of Us II upgrade be gated behind Factions for $40 (or whatever)? Or require another $20 on top of buying Factions? And I realize there's still time before launch, but could they show us the upgrades instead of just telling us about them?
  4. Sony confirmed that there's no upgrade path to Remastered for owners of the current PS4 release except to buy Miles Morales (either the deluxe edition or paying to upgrade the standard edition):
  5. Next-gen expenditures thus far! PS5 - $529.00 Miles Morales Deluxe - $66.77 (after a 10% coupon at Best Buy) Xbox Series X - $0.00 (thanks to a stockpile of Amazon gift cards and Discover rewards) Xbox Play & Charge Kit - $26.49 And maybe I should count Watch Dogs: Legion and Cyberpunk 2077, although I preordered them with the expectation of just playing 'em on the Xbox One X, so they weren't intentionally next-gen purchases. 😛 I am waiting until the Series X is in-hand before starting Watch Dogs, though. I might get my wife Destruction AllStars, d
  6. The huge new patch that went up last night includes a bonus 22 challenge points for each character. I think they expire on the 25th, so if you select each character and look at your Challenge Card, you'll almost certainly unlock some nameplates, resources, skins, etc.
  7. Miles Morales is a lock for me. Waiting to hear more about the Spider-Man remaster -- including any upgrade path for those of us who already have the first game -- before pre-ordering. Since my birthday is 5 days after the PS5 launch, I thought I'd use that as an opportunity to get Sackboy without having to crack open my wallet. My wife was intrigued by the trailer for Destruction AllStars -- her addictions in recent years have been Overwatch and racing games, and this seems like it might offer a healthy mix of both -- even if Sony has made damned near nothing about it clear at t
  8. Yeah, the announcement for the one in June said pretty much the same thing about being a game showcase and didn't mention hardware/accessories, but the actual event wound up delivering on that end as well. I feel pretty good about this one giving us the last key bits of information we've been waiting for. Although I am more curious about the launch lineup at this point than price / preorder date / release date. I definitely need to know that other stuff , but I'd really like to know what I'll be playing.
  9. And on the opposite end of the spectrum...! Coming October 27th-ish:
  10. And still no news on that front (other than that if there is a physical release, it won’t be from Limited Run or Super Rare). I’d re-buy it for the Switch in a heartbeat.
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