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  1. Scream Factory’s steelbook from a couple years back was sourced from the same master as Arrow’s (unlike the 2K scan Scream released on BD in 2016), so I’m sure that won’t be a problem.
  2. A whole bunch of Paramount titles -- Collateral, War of the Worlds (1953), Coming to America, and Beverly Hills Cop -- are listed on dvd-store.it as being coming to Ultra HD Blu-ray courtesy of Universal. They also just posted a listing for John Carpenter's The Thing.
  3. The summer update is live now! It wasn’t automatic; we had to trigger it manually. I’m seeing other people report the same on Twitter.
  4. dvdfr.com lists the complete Game of Thrones collection arriving on Ultra HD Blu-ray on the first week of November.
  5. And if you were waffling like I was, Midsommar has already sold out.
  6. A24 is releasing a collector's edition of Midsommar's director's cut directly.
  7. It might not be a worldwide thing, but Kino Lorber Insider posted on blu-ray.com a long while back that Robocop and Terminator were acquired by two separate labels. And since Arrow already released Robocop... 😕 At least in the U.S., Shout Factory and Criterion look to be the most viable options. Apparently The Terminator already has a 4K master ready to go, but it reportedly hasn't been graded for HDR.
  8. I don't know if the two are related -- I hope they are! -- but one recent Arrow release included a Dune postcard. I can understand if Universal might hold back Dune for its own UHD release while Arrow just puts out a plain ol' BD a la Waterworld, but with the new film so close to release, I'd have to think that someone will put it out.
  9. No more wondering if I’ll get a Mixpot for streaming a Microsoft showcase. No more letting mixer.com run in the background 24/7 so my wife could get 400,000 wheelspins in Forza Horizon 4! Tragic! I didn’t use it very much, but I did tend to have better experiences on Mixer than on Twitch. It’s a shame it never caught on.
  10. If anyone else here in the U.S. hasn’t imported The Elephant Man, you can get Studiocanal’s UHD BD for right at $20 shipped from Australia. It won’t get here for an incredibly long time, but the estimated delivery date is still before Criterion’s BD hits.
  11. Ditto! I haven't seen any rumors or leaks about what Ubisoft Milan has been up to.
  12. The only rumors I remember hearing is that we’ll see something about Far Cry 6 for the first time, and that Ubi recently registered princeofpersia6.com. I’m not expecting much in the way of seismic reveals, but they have so many games we know are coming and haven’t really seen much of that there’s still a lot to look forward to.
  13. Arrow Academy is releasing Cinema Paradiso on Ultra HD Blu-ray. Slated for September 21st in the UK; the domestic release will presumably be somewhere around there:
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