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  1. Jodorowsky in UHD! Severin's 4-disc release of Santa Sangre is coming on April 27th.
  2. Completed 1/5 - Watch_Dogs: Legion (Xbox Series X) Currently Playing Solo 13 Sentinels: Aegis Rim (PS5) On Hiatus Overcooked! 2 (Xbox Series X) River City Girls (Switch) Haven't Started Yet Sega Genesis Classics (Switch) Starlink: Battle for Atlas (Switch) Cyberpunk 2077 (Xbox Series X) Immortals: Fenyx Rising (Xbox Series X) CrossCode (Switch) I've Been Playing with My Wife (or Just Watching Her Play) Animal Crossing: New Horizons (Switch) The Lion King (Xbox Series X; finished on 1/2) Tetris Effect:
  3. If you missed out on Cthulhu Saves Christmas for the PS5, it's up for preorder on Amazon for $29.99. Release date is listed as February 23rd. I'm glad it's getting wider distribution, although if I'd known then what I know now, I wouldn't have ordered it from LRG.
  4. I did! I was thoroughly impressed. Errr, once I put in the correct disc, anyway. I was disappointed for the first few minutes and then realized I'd put in the BD instead. This was an especially appreciated release since I haven't owned Mad Max since the DVD era.
  5. No HDR, in case that influences anyone's purchasing decisions. And I'm with you about Tremors. I'm very excited to pick it up, but I don't need all the physical bells and whistles. I'll wait for a plain-jane release.
  6. Severin’s first two UHD releases are coming on March 30th: Álex de la Iglesia‘s Perdita Durango and The Day of the Beast.
  7. Very glad to see that this update is live now.
  8. Bryan Lee O'Malley mentioned that he's pushing for a physical release of some sort, but anything that happens will be after the digital launch.
  9. I’m really looking forward to replaying it. Since the raytracing update is still a little ways off, I might wait for that.
  10. You have to fire up the PS4 version, but you can do it on the PS5. (That's what I did, anyway.)
  11. Yeah, it happened three times to me. I’d read enough warnings beforehand about Miles + rest mode that I completely closed the game whenever I’d finish a session, but I had one hard freeze (the OS was still responsive, but the game was locked up) and two blue screen crashes. Two of those were in enemy bases; the last blue screen crash was when I was clearing out the enemies outside the museum near the very end.
  12. It took a few tries, but I got the 100x combo on Combat Training 2.0 (or whatever it's called; the one emphasizing dodging). It's nice since there's no time limit, and it's easy to restart when I'd mess up. I guess if I were feeling really cheesy, I could've just kept dodging the guys with the crowbars, since the combo counter ticks up every time you slide underneath 'em. Another easy path would be to dial down the difficulty all the way, which ensures that getting hit doesn't reset the combo counter. So when you've finished one of the Crimes, can you select it again in the app
  13. Same here. I tried Performance mode in New Game+, and -- to my eyes, anyway -- it just looked wrong, and I changed back after a couple of missions. It's not an aversion to 60fps or anything (not for someone who plays this many platformers and character action games!), but it almost looked like someone was pressing fast-forward. Maybe it was just a different experience during the cinematic-heavy early stretches of the game -- it did feel nice when I was just swinging around -- but it just wasn't for me.
  14. As much as I loved Insomniac’s first pass at my lifelong favorite superhero, this is the Spider-Man game I want to play going forward. The setting and supporting cast feel so much richer and more alive than in the previous game. I felt a much deeper emotional connection to Miles than I ever did with Peter the last go-around, the emphasis on community has a tremendous impact. That, heightened by a more concentrated focus and consistently spectacular performances, kept me better invested in the story. The length is perfect; short enough to leave me wanting more, meaty enou
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