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  1. I preordered Little Women from amazon.de in the remote hopes that it'll pan out or at least relay my interest even if it is cancelled. It does have art, but the text on the bottom -- "vorläufiges cover" -- basically translates to "provisional art", which doesn't inspire a whole lotta optimism. Apparently a similar situation happened with another Sony title, Roman J. Israel, Esq., a while back -- listed for preorder on amazon.de (not sure if it had cover art), was cancelled, but lingered on Amazon for a while afterwards anyway. I'm hoping this isn't an oversight and that Little Women will actually come out, but I'm not holding my breath. 😕 I know I'm writing this from a U.S.-centric point of view, but Little Women is among the very highest grossing movies at the domestic box office to bypass Ultra HD Blu-ray since the format's inception. (The only movies that've grossed more in the United States since March 2016 without a UHD BD release are The Upside -- by just a couple million -- and Bad Moms. And neither of those movies are available in 4K on Vudu or Amazon the way that Little Women is, so there may not have been UHD masters to put on-disc anyway.)
  2. I did get all 200 coins and all 48 bees, but my platformer skills have atrophied in my advanced age :p, so I’m still just shy of 50% after 11 attempts. I want to finish it, and I do find it enormously satisfying when I improve upon previous runs, but there’s just too much else I want to play and watch to really dedicate myself to the Lair itself. I wish the loading transitions acted as checkpoints so that I could restart there with however many bees I had at the time: still incentivizing cleaner runs early on without having to start all over if things go south. It’s also a bit puzzling to put so much emphasis on collecting tonics only for them to be excluded from the Lair itself. By the time you unlock the fourth tonic slot, you’ve done basically everything but the Lair anyway!
  3. HD Movie Source lists The Goonies with a tentative release date of June 9th.
  4. It’s a mix of MGM and Universal. Unless I’m misremembering, Scream Factory has released every one of Studiocanal’s Carpenter films on Blu-ray.
  5. I’m hoping this leads to domestic UHD releases of the Carpenter titles too. That would make me feel less guilty for only having imported They Live so far.
  6. This isn't Shout Factory's first Ultra HD Blu-ray release, but it's the first narrative (or not-a-documentary, or whatever terminology I'm supposed to be using right now) film: May 26th. I'm genuinely shocked. Hopefully it's the first of many.
  7. discshop.se also lists a June 1st date for Jaws, with Inglorious Basterds and Spartacus following a week later (!).
  8. Alas... I don’t think there are any blanket aspect ratio changes, though. Like, it’ll change if it was shot a certain way, but they aren’t manipulating films that weren’t. I don’t like it, though.
  9. The scuttlebutt is that the current arrangement (effective from the start of 2019) is that only A24 films with a U.S. box office gross over $1 million get the full Blu-ray treatment. A24 productions that fall short of that mark -- and most, but not all, DirecTV Cinema co-productions -- are relegated to either BD-R via Amazon or go DVD only. I'm not sure if there's something similar regarding UHD. There isn't any definitive rhyme or reason. The 4 films that have been released on UHD BD are among A24's most successful, but the very top performers (Lady Bird and Uncut Gems) skipped/are skipping past it, and Midsommar (no domestic 4K release) grossed slightly more than The Witch (which did, eventually).
  10. Lionsgate has only brought 4 of A24's films to UHD BD. The last new release was Hereditary back in 2018, although they did revive The Witch last April. They can be stingy enough with Blu-ray for A24 titles; In Fabric is being saddled with a BD-R release, ditto for Climax and The Souvenir, Low Tide and Slice were DVD only in the States, etc. I guess they consider UHD for A24 to be a failed experiment. I'm still hopeful for an Asian release of Parasite with English subtitles. A domestic UHD BD would be neat, but Neon/Universal's 0.000 batting average in that department leaves me pessimistic.
  11. I desperately need a worthwhile edition of Flash Gordon. The excessively DNRed release out now (at least in the U.S.) is horrifying. In other news, if this French site is accurate, we're looking sometime around June for a 45th anniversary edition of Jaws.
  12. Definitely. It seems like they've been on a winning streak lately with Don't Look Now and Angel Heart, so hopefully they're able to keep that going (or, in other words, keep paying David Mackenzie).
  13. Completed 1/8 - Concrete Genie (PS4 Pro) [1/9 - Concrete Genie (PS4 Pro; platinum!)] 1/26 - Star Wars: Jedi Fallen Order (Xbox One X) 2/17 - Dreams - Art’s Dream (PS4 Pro) Currently Playing Solo Dreams (PS4 Pro) On Hiatus Overcooked! 2 (Xbox One X) Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3 (Switch) River City Girls (Switch) Yooka-Laylee: The Impossible Lair (Xbox One X; got all 200 TWIT coins but giving up on the Impossible Lair itself for now) Haven't Started Yet Sega Genesis Classics (Switch) Halo Wars 2: Ultimate Edition (Xbox One X) Starlink: Battle for Atlas (Switch) Astral Chain (Switch) The Outer Worlds (Xbox One X) I've Been Playing with My Wife (or Just Watching Her Play) Pokemon Shield (Switch; beat on 1/18)
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