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  1. No definitive release date, footage, or screenshots yet, but a tentative 2021 release was mentioned today by Megapixel (or whoever handles Panzer Dragoon Remake's Twitter). Just when Romier thought he was done...!
  2. I've had terrific luck ordering from Arrow directly (and I have Oldboy and the Demons set in today's mail from them, coincidentally!), although because shipping ain't cheap, it might be worth waiting for a sale and/or until you can stack it with some other titles you're interested in.
  3. Yes! When the first of my XB1 controllers started to suffer drift, that was the telltale sign: opening up a game like Overwatch and struggling to start the game because it'd just start cycling through all the menu options. 😛
  4. If you stop using Quick Resume for Immortals, you shouldn't have any more corrupted/disappearing saves.
  5. There's also an in-game cloud upload (for cross-platform play, I assume?). After I lost a couple hours of progress, I got in the habit of: Manual save Upload manual save to the cloud Hard-quit the game I stopped using rest mode completely, and I would definitely recommend doing the Ubi cloud saves as a sanity check.
  6. SexWorld is officially (errr...I think?) the first porn flick on Ultra HD Blu-ray, from Vinegar Syndrome/Peekarama. I bought the BD at a VinSyn popup this time last year (at the rep’s recommendation), and while I don’t see myself ever watching this one again at any resolution, I’m always glad to see labels get adventurous with the format. And for anyone who’s not familiar with the movie but is intrigued by the title, yes, it was inspired by Westworld (though without all that pesky carnage!).
  7. Something similar happened to me as well on the Series X. Very early on, so I only lost a couple hours of progress. The bizarre thing is that I manually saved before going into rest mode, and my save — as well as recent autosaves — just vanished when I quit the game and started it back up. It’s not that I got an error message that my saves were corrupted; just a whole lotta nothin’. This was with the most recent patch as well.
  8. I’m sure it will. Despite having been announced a good while back, Django doesn’t seem to be up for preorder at some of the usual suspects either, so I’m guessing it’ll pop up when the other April titles do.
  9. Battle Royale, Donnie Darko, and Django all in the same month...!
  10. It took three attempts, but I did eventually get the corrected Psycho discs. 😛 First, Universal just sent me the faulty Blu-ray disc (loose in an envelope!). Then they sent me the corrected Blu-ray disc. Third time being the charm and all that, they sent me the corrected UHD BD and the BD. The especially annoying thing on these shores is that Universal added a signature requirement. I didn't actually have to sign, but I had to be physically present to receive it or FedEx would leave a note saying they'd try again later -- which happened at least twice. FedEx left a PS5 on my
  11. They backpedaled and left it to a Facebook poll, which went in favor of the theatrical version. From Friday:
  12. Second Sight is releasing The Babadook on UHD BD. No release date listed in their tweet.
  13. Super 8 is following shortly thereafter on May 25th.
  14. Jodorowsky in UHD! Severin's 4-disc release of Santa Sangre is coming on April 27th.
  15. Completed 1/5 - Watch_Dogs: Legion (Xbox Series X) 1/21 - 13 Sentinels: Aegis Rim (PS5; platinum!) 2/3 - Immortals: Fenyx Rising (Xbox Series X) [2/4 - Immortals: Fenyx Rising (Xbox Series X; 1000/1000!)] Currently Playing Solo Nothing at the moment. On Hiatus Overcooked! 2 (Xbox Series X) River City Girls (Switch) Haven't Started Yet Sega Genesis Classics (Switch) Starlink: Battle for Atlas (Switch) Cyberpunk 2077 (Xbox Series X) CrossCode (Switch) Bowser's Fury (Switch) I've Been Playing with My Wife (o
  16. If you missed out on Cthulhu Saves Christmas for the PS5, it's up for preorder on Amazon for $29.99. Release date is listed as February 23rd. I'm glad it's getting wider distribution, although if I'd known then what I know now, I wouldn't have ordered it from LRG.
  17. I did! I was thoroughly impressed. Errr, once I put in the correct disc, anyway. I was disappointed for the first few minutes and then realized I'd put in the BD instead. This was an especially appreciated release since I haven't owned Mad Max since the DVD era.
  18. No HDR, in case that influences anyone's purchasing decisions. And I'm with you about Tremors. I'm very excited to pick it up, but I don't need all the physical bells and whistles. I'll wait for a plain-jane release.
  19. Severin’s first two UHD releases are coming on March 30th: Álex de la Iglesia‘s Perdita Durango and The Day of the Beast.
  20. Very glad to see that this update is live now.
  21. Bryan Lee O'Malley mentioned that he's pushing for a physical release of some sort, but anything that happens will be after the digital launch.
  22. I’m really looking forward to replaying it. Since the raytracing update is still a little ways off, I might wait for that.
  23. You have to fire up the PS4 version, but you can do it on the PS5. (That's what I did, anyway.)
  24. Yeah, it happened three times to me. I’d read enough warnings beforehand about Miles + rest mode that I completely closed the game whenever I’d finish a session, but I had one hard freeze (the OS was still responsive, but the game was locked up) and two blue screen crashes. Two of those were in enemy bases; the last blue screen crash was when I was clearing out the enemies outside the museum near the very end.
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