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  1. Especially when the SNES controller was only $29.99! I can’t wrap my head around it. Well, that’s not true; Nintendo just knows people will pay. But that’s disgusting. And not even the 6 button version that changed my life as a kid. I admittedly have barely touched my Switch this year, so I guess I forgot what Switch games look like. As excited as I was in theory to see Bayonetta 3, I felt like I was watching a trailer from 2009 or something.
  2. I’m in the same boat: your company also gave me $100 in recognition of your work. No, but this was one of my most eagerly anticipated games of the year, yet for whatever reason, my enthusiasm has cooled off. It’s not that I’ve seen or read anything that turned me off so much as the absence of really enthused reactions that I’d have expected to hear by now. I know there was that post on the PS blog, but otherwise, everything seems to have gotten awfully quiet leading up to launch, as if they unplugged the hype machine on Labor Day and forgot to plug it back in. If Kena gets really spectacular reviews or terrific word of mouth, I’m sure I’ll have it ordered before the week’s out, but I lost my itch to preorder. And I’ll admit to being a little annoyed at the lack of a physical release (at least for now) too. I’m hoping everything shakes out okay because it’s visually to die for, and its reported length of 8-10 hours is exactly what I’m in the mood for right now.
  3. I finally arrived at a point where I only want to buy movies I’m excited about. Blood for Dracula? Terminal Island? That Scanner Cop double feature? If they were coming out this time last year, I’m sure I would’ve grabbed them without thinking twice, but I just don’t feel motivated now. Even something like Wolf of Wall St., Inglourious Basterds, or I Spit on Your Grave — all movies I’ve watched and enjoyed, although “enjoy” isn’t exactly the right word for ISoYG — I just don’t feel an itch to upgrade. The Shawshank Redemption might be there too…not sure right now. Universal Classic Monsters will depend on reviews. Labyrinth and Almost Famous, sure. Deep Red, without question. Criterion’s opening UHD salvo. Even Scream Factory’s onslaught of Halloween sequels, yeah, those are movies that mean a lot to me. Okay, not 5, but I can’t break myself of completionism that quickly! I knew my “I’ll buy anything a boutique label puts out in UHD to show my support!” had a shelf life, and I guess it’s in the rear view mirror now. And part of it is that, after nearly four years in our current place, I finally have permanent, proper movie storage. The idea is that this big bank of shelves is all I’m allotted for Blu-ray and Ultra HD Blu-ray, and when it’s full, I can’t get anything new without getting rid of something else. And it was overflowing immediately, so I’ve had to cull hundreds and hundreds of movies. (I think the capacity is around 2,700 BDs.) I was already at a point where my interest in buying things out of a sense of obligation or just blindly buying anything that looked compellingly weird was diminishing, but it’s really gone now. Of titles that’ve been announced, I think Black Widow, Misery, Silence of the Lambs, From Dusk Till Dawn, Scream, The Suicide Squad, the four Criterions, Who Framed Roger Rabbit?, and Invasion of the Body Snatchers are my essential UHD pickups. (Although I’m sure there’ll be more, since the windows between announcement and release are almost non-existent anymore.) On the Blu-ray side of things, I’m looking at The Naked Spur, The Snake Girl and the Silver-Haired Witch, Onibaba, Trick or Treats, High Sierra, the complete Superman: TAS, Josie and the Pussycats, Sailor Suit and Machine Gun, Phantom of the Mall, the huge Shawscope collection…it’s a more eclectic list than the relatively safe UHD list, but those are all titles I feel really good about wanting to have in my collection and stand a good chance of being watched more than once. I’ve fallen off gaming to a point. I think more than anything, I’m just not in a place where I want to commit 30-150 hours to any one thing right now. I’ve been sitting on FF7 Intergrade and Tokyo Mirage Sessions for months but can’t feel motivated to get started. I keep looking at P5R and AC: Valhalla on sale but the timesink just makes my stomach turn. I’m sure that’ll change at some point (since I have months’ worth of interesting games coming out in March alone!), but 2021 will not go down as one of my favorite years for gaming.
  4. Yes, there was price parity for both of those games. Sackboy launched at $59.99 on the PS4 and $59.99 on the PS5. Miles Morales was $49.99 on the PS4 and $49.99 on the PS5 (although the Ultimate Edition was pricier).
  5. So I guess the $64,000 question — or, errr, the $10 question — is will there be price parity between the PS4 and PS5 versions? As I write this: $59.99 - gets you the PS4 edition of H:FW with a free PS5 upgrade $69.99 - gets you the PS5 version of H:FW So unless you’re buying a physical copy and really like that white stripe on the box, what do you get for the $10 premium of buying the native PS5 version?
  6. Good news for Sony's future cross-gen releases (although free would be better!):
  7. Scream Factory is releasing Krampus, and in a never-before-seen cut!
  8. No word yet. These announcements on Twitter rarely consist of more than the title and original poster art.
  9. The biggest reason I think it may be Some Like It Hot is because Kino Lorber have picked up so many other Billy Wilder films (that we know there’s a 4K master sure doesn’t hurt either), but I’d be thrilled with any of the three you’ve mentioned.
  10. KL Studio Classics just announced that In Bruges is coming to UHD BD. They're announcing a late '50s title from MGM tomorrow (Some Like It Hot?).
  11. Thrill to 19 whole seconds worth! I was kind of a latecomer to this franchise (unless you count the boring demo on the 360), only really getting into it with III, but...geez, did I fall in love with that game. I even ponied up for the ridiculous collector's edition of IV with the Dubstep Gun replica and all that stuff. Heck, I even platinum'ed Agents of Mayhem! I'm super, super excited about this.
  12. Okay, I knocked it out without too much trouble. 2 attempts (maybe 3?) to get through the tower-ish defense sequence, and I got through Klaw and company on my first try. The biggest things that helped for me: Familiarizing myself with the revised/terrible UI so I could choose my teammates. Although I could've sworn that I picked Kamala to double as a wrecking ball and a healer, but Cap showed up instead (along with Iron Man, per Dave's suggestion, and Hawkeye as another healer and for range attacks). I'd like to think this wasn't user error, but... It didn't really matter in the end since I was managing my health better Remembering that I could trigger that Quell effect with the Tactigon major artifact I ran through one of the HARM rooms something like 8 times to get some skill points, allocating them towards my specials (with a focus on duration/healing) The final mission went by so quickly that I do feel incredibly dumb that I just banged my head against a wall for hours on Saturday night, but whatever. Although that endless replaying did put me in a better position to just tear through it.
  13. After quitting out to the main menu, it looks like changing the difficulty did actually set the final mission to 'Easy'. I just couldn't feel any difference whatsoever. I'm not sure in the new UI how to choose my teammates the way I could before (it seems like it'll only let me invite players online?), but if I could get a healer in the mix, I think I might be alright. Or maybe I'll try to beef up Black Panther first by playing something other than War for Wakanda. Or I might just drop the idea of finishing since I hate it. 😛
  14. The difficulty spike at the end of the expansion is…oof. I feel like I spent more time on the final two checkpoints than I did the entire rest of the expansion, combined. (I mean, I know that’s not true, but I sincerely don’t think it’s far off.) And that’s without actually having successfully finished that boss battle! Adjusting the campaign difficulty in the settings doesn’t appear to do anything here, so I guess I have to replay the entire mission on Easy or see if I have better luck restarting this checkpoint tomorrow. It’s especially miserable because the checkpoint is before a loooooooong cutscene, and even though you can eventually skip it, it still takes a while to get to that point on the PS5.
  15. I'm pleasantly surprised to see Dolby Vision across the board. I was worried that Criterion might limit HDR to films whose directors / cinematographers are still alive to supervise or approve. Gives me great hope for The Red Shoes!
  16. KL Studio Classics just announced To Live in Die in L.A. — brand new remaster!
  17. Hard Target. I'm guessing the biggest reason some of the newly-announced MGM titles are so far ahead of the previously-announced Universal titles are tied to remastering, since MGM seems to have been more proactive in that department than Universal, making it easier to hit the ground running.
  18. KL Studio Classics also just announced the ‘78 Invasion of the Body Snatchers.
  19. I'm not disappointed either. I would've cheerfully bought a Switch Pro, but that there won't be one this year (and maybe ever) didn't get much more of a reaction than "oh, okay" from me. At the same time, I continue to think there's some basis to Bloomberg's reporting (especially since they got so many details about the OLED model correct except...well, the Pro element), whether it was an idea that was deeply explored but ultimately scuttled, something that was in the works but delayed (due to sales being so strong right now, chip shortages, etc.), or something that was always meant to be just a bit further down the line.
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