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  1. A fun trick I saw on ResetERA if you preordered from Amazon...! My Xbox Series X preorder has been saying "Order received" from word one, leaving me wondering if it'd actually be here at launch. Tonight, I clicked 'Change shipping speed', didn't actually change anything, clicked 'Confirm', and...voila!
  2. Preorders directly through Nintendo are up now! Mario | Luigi
  3. It's not just you! I also found myself struggling with the way Mario's feet seem to be coated in WD-40. I finished up Sunshine very early this morning (admittedly doing little beyond the required 50 episodes) and mostly enjoyed it, despite its many shortcomings. The only stretches I really disliked were the FLUDD-less hellscape gauntlets. I've regretted giving this one away without finishing it back in the GameCube days, and it's a great feeling to finally be able to cross this one off my list.
  4. Bad news - Scream Factory pushed They Live back to January 19th Good news - they're making January 19th a UHD Carpenter double feature, releasing Prince of Darkness alongside They Live (Based on Amazon listings, anyway)
  5. I'm a bit surprised that they don't expressly list the PlayLink games as being incompatible. They mentioned that you can't use second screen-type apps, but games like That's You and Knowledge Is Power are unplayable without them. Unless those are an exception?
  6. I haven't been keeping up; will the Hobbit movies be presented with any kind of HFR? I know Ultra HD Blu-ray doesn't natively support 48fps, but I didn't know if there'd be some kind of adjustment or if it'd be straight-up 24fps.
  7. I know the feeling. I'd never played Super Mario 64 until this collection, and...while it'd be an exaggeration to describe it as a miserable experience start to finish or anything like that, I can't honestly say I ever really had a great time. Exhausting fighting the camera and the controls. I didn't have that feeling that I knew exactly where I was going to land when I jumped. Goals so opaque at times that I'm not sure how anyone could finish some of them without referencing a guide. But I did get 70 stars and, after far more attempts than I'd ever want to admit to, defeated Bowser in th
  8. Destruction AllStars is being showcased on the PS Blog today. Microtransactions confirmed, which is a drag for a $70 multiplayer title. It’s still nuts to me that the game comes out in 44 days and there still isn’t any meaningful gameplay footage. There’s quite a bit about Sony’s marketing approach that I just don’t really get. But still, it’s the only next-gen title that’s really caught my wife’s eye. Since she’s been addicted to both Forza and Overwatch, and this seems like kinda a mix of both, I might have to get it for her.
  9. Army of Darkness is coming! Confirmed by Scream Factory in the September issue of Media Play News. I don’t seem to be able to copy/paste this text from my phone, but...!
  10. Vinegar Syndrome is launching a dedicated UHD sub-label. And while all VSU releases will be in Ultra HD, not all of Vinegar Syndrome’s UHD titles will be branded as VSU.
  11. I find it mildly annoying, especially with so many other companies offering free upgrades, but I'm not opposed to paying. I'm more annoyed by the precedent this sets. Will the Last of Us II upgrade be gated behind Factions for $40 (or whatever)? Or require another $20 on top of buying Factions? And I realize there's still time before launch, but could they show us the upgrades instead of just telling us about them?
  12. Sony confirmed that there's no upgrade path to Remastered for owners of the current PS4 release except to buy Miles Morales (either the deluxe edition or paying to upgrade the standard edition):
  13. Next-gen expenditures thus far! PS5 - $529.00 Miles Morales Deluxe - $66.77 (after a 10% coupon at Best Buy) Xbox Series X - $0.00 (thanks to a stockpile of Amazon gift cards and Discover rewards) Xbox Play & Charge Kit - $26.49 And maybe I should count Watch Dogs: Legion and Cyberpunk 2077, although I preordered them with the expectation of just playing 'em on the Xbox One X, so they weren't intentionally next-gen purchases. 😛 I am waiting until the Series X is in-hand before starting Watch Dogs, though. I might get my wife Destruction AllStars, d
  14. The huge new patch that went up last night includes a bonus 22 challenge points for each character. I think they expire on the 25th, so if you select each character and look at your Challenge Card, you'll almost certainly unlock some nameplates, resources, skins, etc.
  15. Miles Morales is a lock for me. Waiting to hear more about the Spider-Man remaster -- including any upgrade path for those of us who already have the first game -- before pre-ordering. Since my birthday is 5 days after the PS5 launch, I thought I'd use that as an opportunity to get Sackboy without having to crack open my wallet. My wife was intrigued by the trailer for Destruction AllStars -- her addictions in recent years have been Overwatch and racing games, and this seems like it might offer a healthy mix of both -- even if Sony has made damned near nothing about it clear at t
  16. Yeah, the announcement for the one in June said pretty much the same thing about being a game showcase and didn't mention hardware/accessories, but the actual event wound up delivering on that end as well. I feel pretty good about this one giving us the last key bits of information we've been waiting for. Although I am more curious about the launch lineup at this point than price / preorder date / release date. I definitely need to know that other stuff , but I'd really like to know what I'll be playing.
  17. And on the opposite end of the spectrum...! Coming October 27th-ish:
  18. And still no news on that front (other than that if there is a physical release, it won’t be from Limited Run or Super Rare). I’d re-buy it for the Switch in a heartbeat.
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