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  1. ...although it looks like there may be some backpedaling from the posts on blu-ray.com's forums, and these might just be traditional BDs in steelbooks, and the 4K listings are a mistake? Also, because the Friday remake is getting a steelbook release, there seem to be suspicions that it's the remake rather than the original coming to UHD BD, if there's a 4K release at all. Ugh, what a mess. The perils of early foreign retailer listings, I guess!
  2. A Spanish retailer is listing The Exorcist, the original Friday the 13th, Beetlejuice, and Salem's Lot as coming to Ultra HD Blu-ray in time for Halloween. Presumably Friday the 13th will not find its way to the U.S., though, as that's handled by Paramount in my neck of the woods.
  3. A flood of Pixar titles is on the way: Brave, Cars, Cars 2, The Good Dinosaur, Finding Dory, Finding Nemo, and Inside Out. Best Buy is getting exclusive steelbooks. Being released in early-to-mid November alongside Toy Story 4. That just leaves Up, WALL-E, A Bug's Life, and the two Monsters Inc. flicks.
  4. I put The 7th Voyage of Sinbad as my write-in.
  5. Sony has a poll going so that folks like us can help guide their Ultra HD Blu-ray release slate: https://secure.sonypictures.com/movies/sweepstakes/ui/sphe/polls/4k/?hs308=4KU003D
  6. The remaining MCU titles -- Ant-Man, Doctor Strange, and Guardians of the Galaxy -- are showing up as pre-orders from at least one German retailer for October 10th. I'd imagine we'll see 'em over here around the same time. Maleficent is arriving on the same day.
  7. Kino Lorber is moving forward with an Ultra HD Blu-ray release of the Dollars trilogy (although it'll be a while):
  8. Not that I’ve heard. Paramount hasn’t shown any interest in releasing titles from this era on the format. Heck, I believe they only have 2 pre-‘90s titles, and they’re the usual sequel/remake/anniversary tie-ins.
  9. It’s gonna be in one of those cardboard promo things, so I’d imagine there’ll be a couple of copies even in the all-but-de-media-fied stores. The Best Buy near me still had a huge home video section the last time I went, but the one by my family back home has been gutted to near-nothing, and it definitely sucks.
  10. Update on Hannibal's performance and what the near-future of UHD BD (or, well, lack of it) looks to hold for KLSC:
  11. I don't really have any fascinating updates to share, alas. I was hired by an online travel guide startup out of college. Eighteen and a half years later (!), I'm still here, although we've changed hands a few times, so now I get to say that I'm a senior software engineer for USA TODAY. Still live in the Upstate of South Carolina.
  12. If you do the Disney Movie Rewards thing, you can get Age of Ultron and Guardians of the Galaxy, Vol. 2 for 2000 points. (And they still have Thor: Ragnarok. The first Avengers remains out of stock.)
  13. Amazon is listing Pan’s Labyrinth, complete with cover art, as a future UHD BD release.
  14. I was wondering the exact same thing. Although I'm not sure how often that happens. Universal seems to be reserving Ultra HD Blu-ray releases for themselves, at least if The Thing and Waterworld are any indication. Warner seems to be keen on 2K masters from interpositives for the titles that they've been licensing. Creepshow was among those with a 4K scan, but I'm not sure if Warner actually finished it in 4K. (I see many references to "4K scan" with a quick search, but nothing about the final master. I don't actually have the disc yet, so I'm not sure if that's clarified in the remastering featurette.) So it might be a case of the most compelling titles aren't actually in 4K, and the titles that are in 4K aren't all that compelling. I'm not sure what the story was with Hannibal, but at least based on the MGM titles available to Kino, it was probably the best of a lousy lot. I'm sure it'll be a stunner, and it looks as if KLSC pulled out all the stops, but I kind of had to pinch my nose to order it. (Should be here early next week!) It's important to me to support an indie label that's testing these waters, but I could cheerfully go the rest of my life without ever suffering through Hannibal again.
  15. My biggest gripe with the game at the moment is the number of missions where you drive all the way across the map, talk a bit, and...that's it. Especially when there are several of those in a row. I'm enjoying it a lot more than the indifferent shrugs of the previews had me expecting.
  16. Scream Factory on the feasibility of Ultra HD Blu-ray releases (around the 1:40:00 mark in the podcast):
  17. Good Lord. I'm struggling to beat the secret boss. (I can get to the last sequence of the last phase, but the pattern is more than I can handle.) I cannot comprehend a world in which I'd be able to defeat him without taking any damage. Edit! I replayed it with my wife, and that made the final section a cakewalk. Got it on our first try. Still don’t think 100% is in the cards, thanks to the boss battles, but I think we might do everything else.
  18. Looking like we'll get the three Iron Man movies in August as well. That'd just leave Thor, Thor: The Dark World, Guardians of the Galaxy, Doctor Strange, and -- still annoyed that they didn't release this to tie into the sequel -- Ant-Man.
  19. Glory has popped up on a few Scandinavian sites as an early August release. We might hear something about a U.S. release soon.
  20. Best Buy is offering $10 in rewards with preorders.
  21. Looks like Well Go is releasing their first Ultra HD Blu-ray title: Shadow, on August 13th.
  22. It looks like the live-action remake of Cinderella is coming to UHD BD, with a tentative release date of June 25th. The specs on hdmoviesource indicate Atmos.
  23. I’m sure the Bryan Singer thing doesn’t help either.
  24. Kino Lorber isn’t going through with their summer Ultra HD Blu-ray release. Turns out it was going to be Valkyrie.
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