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  1. Amazon has this for $60, in stock, for the next 1.5 hours. For the few of you holding out for sticker price, like me
  2. Very likely Black Panther 2. Three year window between the first and sequel, and BP killed in that Feb spot this year.
  3. But that upside is enough for me. They owe him a solid, since he showed up and effing DELIVERED in the PT, whilst surrounded by bad performances, mediocre writing, and not much help. I would like new as well, but I also want Ewan to get to play OW in a film worthy of his performance.
  4. dienekes96

    4K for life......for now.

    Thank you for the clarification. Is there any quality drop in the audio? I’ve been eyeballing some on-sale receivers from 2017, so I may just snag one on a credit card. See some deals around $400 for a decent Pioneer. I only have 5.1 speakers, and no interest in adding any.
  5. dienekes96

    4K for life......for now.

    Need advice, caballeros. After having a lovely 1080p Sony 60” since 2006, she has finally gone a bit too green in her colors for me. I bit the bullet and upgraded. Got myself my first non-Sony television, a LG OLED 65C8, which will be delivered next weekend. My receiver is also old, and incapable of passing 4K signals through. I’m not in a position to get a new receiver in the next few months (having just blown my wad on this damn television). So I’m going to send my video signals (PS4 Pro and a 4K Player to be named later) to the television directly, and then send the audio through my old receiver to the speakers. I’ve been HDMIing it for some time (and god willing, will be again soon), so is this as easy as using HDMI for the video and ye old optical cables for audio? It’s been a while, so my skills are rusty. Any advice from those having recently transitioned would be very appreciated.
  6. Well, I tried my second one in the Foothiils at Level 4. No Resurrection Stone. Only half a Rage meter. Beat her first try, no damage, bare hands only, no dodging. Just kidding. Except about being Level 4. Got reKt. Decided to get another level or so before trying again. Maybe find another Horn and Apple as well, and maybe maximize health and rage. Spent a lot of quality time with the game this weekend. Love it.
  7. I thought about grabbing that GoW Pro bundle earlier this week. No luck, except for eBay mark-ups 😢 Combat is is finally starting to work, though I still feel overwhelmed with upgrade options.
  8. Well, it was only two Favors. But I saw a bunch of stuff I couldn't do yet, so I'm assuming I'll get back there soon. I'm basically right where you are in the story. And the story is pretty rad so far.
  9. Me too, but I remain quite happy. I'm sitting on a load of XP (did a few Lake favors), and trying to figure out all of the upgrade paths. I have the same sense of option paralysis, but this game is working. My only gripe is that I am opening a shit-ton of chests. Honestly...too many of these things.
  10. I'd be happy to get some combat tips. I'm still feeling my way, and I can't keep flinging Leviathan and chipping away fight after fight. I need to balance ranged and melee attacks a bit more effectively. I'm struggling with trying to melee stun some of the double bars. I'm feel like I need to dodge a lot. Got to some small Island with a Thor statue (doing a favor), and got wrecked. One shotted by some fools. Now don't get me wrong...my boy Kratos eventually laid them out, but it took a fair number of tries. I'm all ears, players.
  11. Finally opened this one and dove in. I've made no bones that I was a little skeptical about this one. Not that it wouldn't be an exceptionally well-made game, mind you, but that I wasn't sure I wanted the third person view and locked combat view. The reviews calmed me down, and I am thrilled so far. I'm still struggling with the combat a bit. I'm used to just being more mobile, and I no doubt have some Bloodborne controls hangover. But as I start to get the hang of it, I'm finding a lot of depth. I miss my GoWII and III speed a bit, though I'm certain I'll come around. Starting it on the 3rd difficulty (my usual MO) is beating my behind a bit, but I figure it'll help me learn the combat more effectively. Story wise, the game is working on all cylinders...not much to say there, I'm only a few hours in. But I'm happy to have Kratos back.
  12. dienekes96

    Avengers: Infinity War Spoiler Thread

    It's just rando speculation, but I'm relatively certain Thanos didn't control (or care) which half disappeared...just that half went. So my Strange theory would only work if he deduced that Strange is gone from the other heroes. Who knows. As as I said earlier, this felt like a no-shit Marvel comic event (from back when they were awesome). They just dove in, and then Iron Man and Spider-Man were on an alien ship a few. Inured later. Thor and Rocket Rabbit just went to Nidavellir. Groot's arm became the haft. Red Skull just appeared on a new alien world to drop some exposition. Anyways, just unreal. While I think the Russos are talented visual directors, their real gift is balancing all of these characters and getting the flow right. It's downright incredible. I never fully believed the idea that Avnegers 4 would be something different. About 20 minutes into the film it was pretty obvious. Besides, the Gauntlet is the ultimate Chekhov's Gun. There is no way it doesn't get competed and used. Once it became clear that the film would be about completing the Gauntlet, it made sense that next years film would be a second half. How good was Brolin here? This is Thanos movie...the narrative is entirely his, even while the character beats are the heroes.
  13. dienekes96

    Avengers: Infinity War Spoiler Thread

    Two thoughts: 1) The Banner thing is because Hulk is scared. He got his ass beat, so he isn't too keen on coming out for this fight. Clearly setting up a meaningful triumphant return in the next film. 2) I'm not certain Dr. Strange didn't disappear himself. Not to fool Tony, mind you, but perhaps to fool Thanos. I've already bought tickets for a second viewing in a few days. I don't remember the last film I saw twice. It's been a while. But there was a lot to digest and take in, and I'd like to get a second round to pay attention.
  14. dienekes96

    Avengers: Infinity War Spoiler Thread

    The U.K. screwing everything up again. Lets be real, folks. This movie should have been called Avengers: Legend of the Axe. Because it ripped off that last King Arthur movie coming and going. Blond hero, chasing a special medieval weapon. Check. Villain...sacrifices family members for evil plan/power. Check. This is a fact. Now tell me...am I lying?
  15. Platinum, bitches. Those Chalice Dungeons almost broke me. I had to power through there at the end. Magnificent experience. I can finally start God of War, with a clear conscience, and no worry that my skills will atrophy before I close it out.