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  1. I did UV as well, and I did get frustrated plenty. But I usually progressed fast enough to not click down. I’m not a gifted gamer, but I am a determined one. I’ve grinded the God Of War games on Very Hard. I only played Doom 2016 on Hurt Me Plenty. But I thought I’d enjoy this game more on Hard (just having played GoW 2018 on VH, I was in the zone). Saying that, there is nothing, NOTHING, to be gained playing on a harder difficulty than you enjoy. You can click difficulty up or down how you see fit. You can take advantage of Sentinel Armor on the boss fights. No effect on rewards or progression or achievements/trophies. Doom Eternal wants you to play and have fun, your way, with no judgment or e-peen bullshit. Romier is correct about the last two bosses, and the associated levels that precede them, which pile on the enemies (fuck all Cyber Mancubi) in extended waves. Got to be comfortable using the Crucible and BFG every now and then. And don’t worry about the bosses later. I had trouble plenty of times early and plenty of times later. I admit to having to watch a video to get the rhythm for the next to last boss. And I admit to taking a while on a bunch of them. It’s not a job, so make sure to have fun.
  2. A few more thoughts. One of the things I really loved about the gameplay is that it punishes you pretty severely for making a series of bad or unlucky decisions, but it rewards you equally for a string of good moves...often in the same big fight. I spent quite a few tense moments (minutes) trying to reposition or maneuver to make the right kill to save a run by the skin of my teeth. The combat can make you go from full armor and full health to a sliver of health in seconds. On the flip side, you can recover from that same sliver of health to win a scrum and come out loaded for bear. I always felt in it, even when I was low on everything. I didn’t use it until late in the game, but the rune that allows you to survive a deathblow with 001 Health and some time at slo-mo saved my ass a few times. I think I went through that 2-3 times during the final boss fight. It’s really cool to come back from nothing, I haven’t mentioned the soundtrack, but it’s obviously a huge part of the game. It works with the visual and narrative atmosphere to create a aggressive mood and keep you on edge. I also really enjoyed the cutscenes, so much so I don’t even skip them on my few replays of certain missions. The variety of locations went a long way to keeping everything fresh, since for the most part, you are fighting the same enemies over and over and over. Now, if only they make those little Doom toys that you collect, I’d be all good.
  3. Foogle, I’m sorry. The good news is that every door takes two batteries, so this only cost you a single crystal. You’ll have two more batteries in no time. i got the Unmaykr, but never fired it once on the last few missions. After finally completing the game (last two bosses were quite frustrating), I finally had to go back and get some toys in the Taras Nabad mission. Used the Infinite Ammo cheat code and fired the Unmakyr A LOT. I did finish the campaign yesterday (on UV difficulty). Just a beautiful game and a singular experience. Yes, there were moments of significant frustration. But I love the neural overstimulation. I probably used the dash and grenade buttons the most, and I was always switching to the wrong thing at the wrong time, but I muscled through. Console life.
  4. Early game recommendation. Use the first four batteries on the two Sentinel crystals (which increases ammo, health, and armor) in the Fortress. The crystals are the most important upgrades in the game.
  5. After replaying the levels again to catch up on secrets and weapon points and collect Slayer Keys, finally caught up fully and played (new) the Mars mission today. Absolutely spectacular, probably one of the best videogame levels I’ve ever played. I even managed to deal with that particular Slayer Gate during the play through as well...had a hell of a time with that Marauder, which was only in the first wave. Still, stick and move, stick and move. Played Sentinel Prime as well, and that boss just had my number. Over an hour, all on the second phase, since I actually got through his first stage on my initial attempt. i think there is a purity to Doom 2016 that this game can’t (and doesn’t try to) replicate. But there is an energy and flow to combat in Eternal that is its own thing, and I’m very much a fan of it. Design-wise, I really applaud the improvements made in terms of Fast Travel and Sentinel Armor (although I’ve scorned the latter) to make it continuously accessible at all skill levels and keep you willing to try a harder level. Sometimes I am in the flow, and sometimes I get lost in the combat options, but it’s always fun playing the game. The lore is earnest (and silly), but very consistent and in keeping with the heavy metal album covers concept. I really dig it. Strikes an appropriate balance. i figure I’m into the third act, can’t wait to keep playing.
  6. Watched the first, which was basically a puff piece for new content. But the Onward piece had some depth to it. Will check out the second to see the DARL part.
  7. To align with Romier here, playing this game is exhausting. I’ve toyed with lowering the difficulty (to whatever they call Normal) from Ultra Violence. But then I have a smooth run through one of the arenas and decide, Nah! I’m good. Until I start the next arena. I’d like to say there are too many combat mechanics, but I’m not certain there are. Combat in this game is an exercise in lethal juggling. Balancing ammo and flame sprays and grenades and weapon AND weapon mods and dashes, balancing attacks against varying (and complementing) enemy types, waiting for replenishing ice or flame, etc...it’s a very complex and occasionally overwhelming balancing act, especially when all of the enemies do tons of damage and relentlessly come after you. But it is frequently exhilarating. I haven’t had a marathon session yet, with telework and my kids homework and my wife’s TV shows. But I’m not even sure I can handle it. Haven’t even tried a Slayer Gate yet I’m playing on a PS4 Pro, and it looks gorgeous. It feels both refreshingly old school in the animations and level design, but still looks amazing. The Fortress of Doom is a fantastic way to both track and incentivize chasing the secrets. Anyways, I’m lagging Romier, getting chased around some huge, lava filled, multi-level arena with multiple Arachnotrons and Mancubi...somewhere in Chapter 5 (Super Gore Nest). The game is a rare case when too much is exactly right.
  8. Yes, 6 episodes is very breezy, and they fly by almost everything. But it is still eminently interesting and a marvel to see. I hope they do some “drill down” seasons.
  9. I’m excited to see your thoughts on The Imagineering Story. By far my favorite content.
  10. Booger is the best ski instructor ever.
  11. In the second mission myself. Still trying to get into the rhythm of the gameplay and combat, but having a blast. The art direction is sublime, as is the music. Doom Eternal plays as a perfect of fusion of old school game structure and new school visual panache. Once all of the tools are unlocked, I have a feeling this will be really special.
  12. Mines been downloaded since Wednesday. But with a countdown timer :{
  13. If I was Bethesda, I’d sneak release Doom Eternal tomorrow. The opposite of all these big movies, take advantage of the quarantine.
  14. Chris, I’m sorry. If it is any consolation, I liked Smugglers Run much more. Having ridden RotR the one time, I can confidently say I’ll probably never ride it again. Technically interesting, but narratively inert. I’m jealous of your Hagrids experience, I’m really looking forward to trying that in a few years.
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