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  1. I’ll give you Horner’s score, stupid peck.
  2. Watched the sixth final episode of The Imagineering Story (hopefully with more seasons to come). This one focused (hard) on Shanghai Disney. Technically and artistically , it’s pretty amazing. While the show sort of just glides around the issues, knowing that the Chinese government dictates terms to American corporations, be it the NBA or the jacket Maverick will wear in a film about the U.S. military (co-funded by Tencent Pictures), it makes seize of the park feel like a real concession (especially some of the key Walt Disney items). Still, their Park looks amazing (except the castle). I’d love to ride their Pirates experience. Second half of the episode focused on the new hotness, Pandora and Galaxy’s Edge. They go more into Rise than I’d like, since I hoped to go in a bit more blind next month, but the technology is just amazing these days. All in all, a great series. Very informative, relatively in-depth, and you know you are only scratching the surface. Gave me a real appreciation for their international efforts.
  3. I watched it start to finish. Capital “T” Terrible, except for how gorgeous Joanne Whalley was. My nostalgia died early. Although the tavern wench throwing lettuce at Willow and calling him a peck when he asked for some milk for the baby made me happy for a moment.
  4. That soft spot must be your head, then, Angry!
  5. It would be hard to go back after Beastmaster.
  6. Haven’t seen it in years, but Disney+ has Willow, Disney’s true goal in the $4B Lucasfilm acquisition. My wife has never seen it, and I’m making her watch it. This shit is TERRIBLE.
  7. Watched the first episode of The Imagineering Story. Quite liked it. Some exceptional footage.
  8. Tried to watch a few minutes on PS4. Nope, getting hammered. Couldn’t even get the home screen to load.
  9. Season 3 starts with Episode 2, Lisa Goes to Washington.
  10. That Ashman doc may be the first thing I watch.
  11. Gotta get those 4K dollars in advance of Disney+ streaming in Ultra HD!
  12. Are you going to brave V: The Series after The Final Battle? I was so excited for that show after the miniseries. Then I watched it
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