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  1. Gotta get those 4K dollars in advance of Disney+ streaming in Ultra HD!
  2. Are you going to brave V: The Series after The Final Battle? I was so excited for that show after the miniseries. Then I watched it
  3. Does that offer lock in the inaugural Disney+ price for 3 years by any chance?
  4. Can’t be no Bossk in a Mandalorian show. Bossk deserves his OWN show.
  5. Now they both have Jennifer Connelly. Although Rocketeer had her at 20...
  6. Alright, regarding Dan’s staggering cultural myopia. I’ve let it stew for more than 24 hours, but no more. If an alien species communicated with us, querying what it is to be human, asking for a piece of art that defines our species, Tony Scott’s 1986 opus Top Gun is the answer. We would send it hurtling, digitized, through the stars, to trumpet our readiness for the uplift, our fitness for galactic apotheosis. That it has been unseen by a member, a MODERATOR EVEN, of this board, is shameful. I have never been more embarrassed to be a colonial, to know that in the distant past, our peoples were one. Your blithe ignorance of Top Gun is retroactively the reason the United States should have only declared war on Japan in 1941, continuing Lend-Lease for all time. Not seeing Top Gun is akin to never watching the sun rise. I am aghast.
  7. Thanks, Romier. One slot is enough. But I can save ANYWHERE, correct? I’m all about scumming and crutches with these old backbreakers. I beat them when they were new, except Bloodlines, which I’ve never played (!!!). I’m sure the switch will have a similar option. That Contra lineup is fabulous. I still contend that Alien Wars is the greatest thing ever.
  8. What are the save options for the games? I’m in the Switch, and going to methodically go through them. Do the games have formal save options (unlike the OGs) or do I use a microdisk and manually save when I’d like? Total n00b question, but I’m new to the Switch.
  9. Second viewing went down much better. Still a bit shaggy, with a little too much fan service, but a worthy capper to this long journey.
  10. Agree that Infinity War is better. The parts they got right, they got very right. A large portion of the film is tonally discombobulated. Still, considering the degree of difficulty, sufficiently impressive.
  11. I haven’t watched any of the cam footage hoping for a better version myself. I’d rather wait than be introduced to it via low quality phone footage. I’ve grown patient as I’ve gotten old.
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