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  1. Hey guys, A couple of buddies of mine are looking for options for some occasional PC gaming nights. The three of us are all dads with young kids, so don't get to play together all that often, but we're hoping to set something up for every couple of weeks or so. We've tried Diablo 3 and two of us tried Divinity: Original Sin together, but neither have been perfect fits. Diablo 3 The other two guys have played a lot of it so don't just want to plod through the campaign. They want to power-grind seasonal characters. Because of that, my issues with my Diablo 3 experience: - Not an even playing field for the 3 of us (not central to the discussion here I suppose) - Combat isn't very interesting. I mean, everything just melts. - I spend most of my time trying to figure out what gear to keep. (Why the heck is there SO much stuff to wade through?) - My little progress gets wiped every few months and non-seasonal characters don't seem to interest the other guys much since the seasonal gear sets seem to be the whole point... DOS There is a *great* game in here and I'm hoping to play though it myself (along with DOS2 maybe) at some point, but as a multi player game we only played every month or two: - Too much dialogue to combat ratio, and played multiplayer you miss a chunk of the dialogue if you split up in town. Playing infrequently made it tough to maintain momentum. - Given how much time you wait for combat the pace of combat (turn-based) is too slow. If the game was mostly combat this wouldn't be such a big deal. At the end of the day, I guess you could say I'm looking for the following: - Online Co-op that supports 3 players - I wouldn't mind games you play though once, get to the end and move onto something else. I personally would rather a cool 60 hour game than getting on a 1000 hour treadmill. - Pace of combat significantly slower than Diablo 3 (power-grinding) and more interesting, keeping in mind that turn-based isn't likely a good fit for 3 players. BTW, I'm not trying to insult any D3 fans out there. It looks like D3 theory crafting looks awesome, I just found the fights themselves for what we were doing to be so trivial, in part because I never had the prereqs to move up the difficulty. - Low ratio of 'time in town' to fighting. It'd be nice if there's a bit of a story/point to everything but without having to investigate a murder for three hours before I fight something. - Reasonable amount of gear, customization. It's nice to have some interesting gear/talents ect. I just don't want to wade through a mountain of gear every play session. So, any ideas? I'd be open to totally different types of games that are fun with 3. Payday 2 looks interesting. Other games I'm trying to figure out for fit are Magicka, Path of Exile and Dawn of War 2. Thanks in advance, Roy
  2. https://www.esquire.com/entertainment/movies/a20127101/star-wars-ron-howard-arrested-development/ This cracked me up. Anyone know if they've done more of these?
  3. Tylenol4

    Avengers: Infinity War Spoiler Thread

    I can't stop thinking about this. It makes way too much sense if you get everyone to trade places for the franchise moving forward and for the past couple of hours I've been convinced that is going to be how it largely ends up. I have no idea how it would go down, but can't you just see the remaining heroes working together to flip the mirror around (or whatever you want to call it) as the only way to kill Thanos, but knowing that they all end up turning into dust? They also get to do it for their dead friends too? You can certainly see Stark being willing to trade his life for Spidey, Rocket for his whole crew, the Original Avengers being "f it, I'm tired anyways". Can't wait to see more of what they have up their sleeves here.
  4. Tylenol4

    Films - Watched and thoughts 2018

    Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri - Absolutely fantastic. I knew nothing about this going in to this one, aside from it being nominated for an Oscar (the reason my wife wanted to see it). The characters are so well written and acted, everything just felt incredibly authentic. The movie would have been basically perfect anyways, but it was sneaky-hilarious in a few spots too. Four Peter Dinklage porn staches out of four.
  5. I saw it while on vacation (thus the much delayed post) and loved it. I enjoyed the theme of The Force being for everyone, that the Jedi order itself needed to be torn down. I certainly raised an eyebrow at many of the same places as others, but there is just waaaay too much to love in this film. Funny, endearing, hard to predict, turns the universe on it's ear. Watching Kylo and Rey fight side by side (what a scene) and then end up as enemies again. I can't wait to see what they end up doing with all of these new characters. I'm amazed how much I care about them already and the gradual passing of the torch has been very successful to me. Obviously Carrie Fisher's death (and boy does that bring some emotional weight to her scenes) will force them to finish the hand-off earlier than perhaps they would have liked in episode IX, but the new characters are ready to stand on their own even more than they already have. Great movie, can't wait to watch it again.
  6. Has anyone else watched The Handmaid's Tale? I'd heard about the book, but never read it. Margaret Atwood has created a world with so much detail and the show does a great job of revealing it one disturbing and painful layer at a time. My wife and I just finished it and both loved it. It gives you a similar feeling to a good episode of Black Mirror, (minus the tech angle) where the insanity of it doesn't really feel that impossible given certain conditions. Great acting performances all around, including Elizabeth Moss in the lead role. Yvonne Strahovski (yum) ended up playing a much more interesting character than I ever would have guessed and nailed it.
  7. Tylenol4

    Netflix Original Series - Ozark

    I really enjoyed the first season of this series. Not All Time Great, tell everyone they have to watch it territory, but very good. I loved episode 8, though it sure made me wonder how Marty's chatty business partner could see the last money launderer get his eyes cut out and still later steal from the drug cartel. Other than that I thought the writing was very good, I'll definitely check out the next season. And yeah, Linney is outstanding.
  8. Yup, that's the only major takeaway from that episode That was one of the funniest episodes of the series, you know, for the first half at least. My favourite line had to be: That’s whinging, (Beric has been) killed six times you don’t hear him complaining about it.” Just an epic episode. I mean zombie dragon, damn! I was so pumped after that episode it took forever to fall asleep last night.
  9. Almost lost my breakfast all over my keyboard.
  10. Great episode. N-1 episode coming up next week, so you know a good chunk of that super group can't make it out alive. I really don't think Cersei is pregnant and the lengths she'll go to manipulate even Jamie are impressive and horrifying. The upcoming break between seasons is going to be brutal.
  11. I've loved the season so far and that was one heck of an episode. I bet they make us wait an episode to find out what happened to Jamie and Bronn. Good call on the plot armor Romier, no real reason they should survive after pissing off a dragon.
  12. Tylenol4

    Films - Watched and thoughts 2017

    Haha, yeah. Forgettable, but reasonably entertaining.
  13. Tylenol4

    Films - Watched and thoughts 2017

    Guess you can't delete posts eh? See below.
  14. Tylenol4

    Gas Prices

    Congrats man, always scary stuff.