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  1. Xbox One X - Available November 7th 2017 - $499.99

    Well, so much for me getting lucky and preordering a Scorpio Edition. My fucking credit union went and automatically declined the credit card order because they were "protecting" me from fraud. Immediately called them back, got the card unlocked, called Target... and sorry sir, but that item is sold out. You can't reorder it. I know now it's great and all to have such an active fraud prevention department in my credit union but, boy did they fuck me over!!! I wanna break something......
  2. Xbox One X - Available November 7th 2017 - $499.99

    Don't know how I lucked out but, just dumb luck I guess. Got in on the Project Scorpio edition. Never bought the current Xbox. Last one for me was the 360. I'm hoping this console doesn't collect dust. Don't know of any must have exclusive games yet.
  3. Destiny 2

    Got to level 20 yesterday, and got my first few legendary items. Loving the game game so far! Playing on PS4 Pro. Runs great. So far the campaign, and story telling in general, are much improved over the original game. The levels are huge! Personally, though, on the technical side of the coin, this feels much more like Destiny 1.5, imho. Notice nicer particle effects, and as stated, the gargantuan levels but, I can't tell much else that improved visually. Its going to suck many many hours away from me, just like the first game.
  4. Elite Dangerous (PC/Mac/XB1. Coming to PS4 Q2 2017)

    I remember playing a Jurassic Park sim, where you built a park, just like in other theme park building games, many years ago. I can't remember what console it was on. Was a fun-ish game. Im curious to find out what info they're going to have on future Elite Dangerous expansions/additions. Damn...mining sure as hell is boring. Just installed a limpet. I'm hoping that'll help make it go a little faster, anyhow. Gotta get 6 units of Bromellite by Monday. I don't know if I can handle the boredom, and may just tell my faction to shove it up their arse.
  5. Elite Dangerous (PC/Mac/XB1. Coming to PS4 Q2 2017)

    So, I'm doing fairly decent. Haven't died much, building up my rep with my fave faction, and working towards my anaconda purchase. I do do have a question though: my services are needed to kill a few people that my faction wants dead. The enemy is supposed to be at a certain place between certain hours. Well, the game, at least mine anyhow, seems to run off of gmt time...aka universal time. No problem. But, the time frame it mentions in the game just didn't work. I thought I had hours left. Even set my alarm to remind me to jump back into the game to be at the right place at the right time. Well, I receive a message saying I only had a few min to get where I needed to be, HOURS before the scheduled time. Couldn't get there. Lost some rep with the faction. Am am I missing something? What time is it going off of when it tells you that your target is going to be somewhere at a certain time?
  6. Elite Dangerous (PC/Mac/XB1. Coming to PS4 Q2 2017)

    I shelved the Sidewinder. Kept it only because it was my very first ship. Maybe it'll mean something to me one day. Being sentimental and all. LOL. I saw on a Reddit post, that someone recommended the Cobra MKIII so...I bough the Viper MKIII by accident, and was using it for the past week, slowly upgrading it and improving it, all the while thinking to my self that this really isn't all that great of an all around ship. Mostly a fighter. Was just scolling through some of the ships avail and some station somewhere, and noticed that the Cobra seemed better, then realized that it WAS the Cobra, in fact, that was on the Reddit post. DOH!!!!!! My stupid mistake. So, outright sold the Viper, and got the Cobra, and about 800,000cr back. Now I'm upgrading this much better ship. Maxed out the cargo space, put the best powerplant in it that I could, beefed up the shields, and next I'm going to put in the best FSD that I can. Slowly but surely leaning the ropes as I go. Still, it seems as thought I just bounce around from system to system, station to station, moving stuff from here to there, without really getting involved in all the political drama that I read about from different factions, as I get my rewards for moving their crap. How do you align with a certain group you find that you like, and do missions for them, to make some sort of difference in their current situation? I'm making tiny improvements to my rep to numerous groups, and not any in particular. Did any of you experienced guys ever try to influence any political situations in this game? Oh yeah, off topic sort of: what's the purpose of all the downloaded data, and firmware, I find?? Definitely enjoying the vastly increased depth/detail/difficulty this game has over the simplistic No Man's Sky. The sound effects are outstanding!!! Love the crackle of my ships engines as I power down, and all the sounds of flying, even the stress on the ships structure as it twists and bends.
  7. Elite Dangerous (PC/Mac/XB1. Coming to PS4 Q2 2017)

    I gave up on the training missions. I think mine are bugged. The first combat training, I waste the first guy, get attacked by the second one, switch to lasers,like I'm told, kill the guy, and all the thing ever shows is to press X to select target. Never ever advanced beyond that. Gave up on the training where you land your ship and deploy the SRV. There is never a waypoint shown, like it states, and it never advances beyond that either. Oh well, There's far more info on Youtube, and just playing the game. Been slowly figuring things out. Bought a fuel scoop, as was recommended here. Currently only have about 120K in cash. Is it even worth it to upgrade the Sidewinder much? I had to remove some scanner to make room for the fuel scoop. Cargo space is extremely limited, as I only have 2 units of space, and I can't seem to install a bigger cargo bay. Guess that kind of makes sense. Buying a hauler is the way to go? Saw some system security ships attacking a wanted guy so, I jumped in and started attacking him to. Was an easy bounty. Currently trying to find a black box by scanning all unusual signals. It's definitely taking a while but, I've scooped up lots of junk from different wrecks. Just have to find somewhere to sell it all. Getting a grip on just the basic flying, which hasn't been hard...even docking, is certainly only the tip of the proverbial iceberg. So much info... Just for shits, I zoomed around the galaxy map. HUGE!!!! Spent most of this past year playing No Mans Sky. Knew that when this game finally was avail I'd never touch that game again. I was right. This is definitely more my speed. No more simplistic gameplay, or Doctor Seuss- like graphics. There are a few things that game does better though. Elite needs planets with atmosphere, the ability to walk around, and maybe some life forms on the odd planet, here/there. I realize that Elite has so much else going on that these items really didn't have time to be implemented but, I hope they are eventually. Great game so far.
  8. Elite Dangerous (PC/Mac/XB1. Coming to PS4 Q2 2017)

    Lol. I meant to say training. Stupid iPhone changed it to trading, which I haven't even done yet. Lol Going to have to just keep messing around with the training, and definitely listen to what you guys have to say. Tips very much welcome.
  9. Elite Dangerous (PC/Mac/XB1. Coming to PS4 Q2 2017)

    Downloaded/installed the other day. Haven't had much time to play much other than trying to get through the training missions. Certainly is one hell of a learning curve, and I gotta say that the training leaves a bit to be desired. Lots of things not explained at all, and forcing me to figure out on my own. When trying the training mission where where you land on the planet, and deploy the srv, I inadvertently put on the parking brake. Had no clue why I couldn't move. Finally saw that I had it on. When I get it moving, I'm told tat there's been a waypoint dropped for me to go to. Really? Where? Looking everywhere for one. Without finding it, the training never updates to the next step. The combat mission never updates after I kill the enemy with pulse guns. Just says to hit X for target. There are no targets to be found. I like it it so far but, I'm underwhelmed in the trading.
  10. I never got around to playing the original, and it was out of boredom that I watched this video but, after seeing all that, I'm definitely interested. I thought the chimp's language was pretty bad too. Gotta swear a lot because you gotta be edgy.
  11. Games Finished in 2017

    Finished No Mans Sky, last week. Didn't make it to the center but, I got the platinum for finishing all the accomplishments of the main game. As soon as Elite Dangerous comes out, I'll never touch this game again.
  12. I'm wondering if we'll be able to seamlessly travel to the Banuk territory, or if it'll have some sort of load screen. Would kinda stink if they didn't continue with the no loading screens.
  13. Shadow of the Colossus [PS4 Remake] - February 6th, 2018

    Definitely a purchase for me! Was surprised too. A very so-so conference from Sony, if you ask me. Wasn't all that great. Hopefully, they're working on an update for Ico, and that would make this complete!