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  1. Still playing. Still enjoying it. Been spending a lot of time building up the road system. VASTLY improves hauling cargo. Surprised that with all the attention to detail, that there isn’t a day/night cycle. Seems like it would be quite a bit more tense hunting BT’s, at night.
  2. I’m liking it, so far. Very early as well. Basically on my very first mission, to the very first “knot”. I think the desolation of the gorgeous environment is going to keep me drawn in. It was one of the main things I loved about SotC. The loneliness and isolation, for some reason, draws me into games that have it. Probably will see this through to the end. ...and it’s damn weird, so far.
  3. Reviews are out. Sounds like it’s ranging from great, to seriously “meh. I’m off on launch day, and I had planned to get it. I may wait a bit to see what you guys think. I’m not a yuuuuuge Hideo fan. I’ve liked some of the MGS’s I’ve played but, I may wait this one out a bit.
  4. If they ever get the iwatch to read blood sugar amounts, I’ll be buying one.
  5. Loved the first 2. I’ve had this preordered for a while for Xbox One X. Can’t wait!! Romier, do you know if 2033/Last Light run on the One X at 60fps? I did them on the pc back then. Still the same pc, ie it sucks now. Lol Would repurchase them on Xbox if they run at 60 like the ps4.
  6. Can’t believe we’ve all been here that long already. Seemed like yesterday the “Free Romier” event was happening, back in our days at the Home Theatre Forum. Lol. Anyone ever visit the old video game forum over there? I can count on 1 hand the amount of times I’ve been there over these years.
  7. I’m hoping that they’re working on a PSVR 2.0, that works great with the ps5. I want it to be wireless, and not need a damn camera to detect movement.
  8. Ill be on ps4 as well. Miss seeing you on Destiny!! I’m still playing it. I have a feeling I’m going to stop during the next “season”. It’s going to be all about Gambit, and I’ve played enough of that. Been enjoying the Anthem demo, mostly. One thing Destiny definitely has over Anthem, is better gunplay. They just feel superior in pretty much every way, so far. Im waiting to see how the reviews go before I buy this game.
  9. Very true words!! I thought I was pretty badass after beating the main game on the hardest difficulty. That very first machine you face in the DLC, handed me my ass on a platter.
  10. Holy crap: the install is real!!!! Just opened up the game box, put the data disc in, (not the game disc), and after an hour of sitting here watching it load, I’m now on the game disc, with another 58 minutes showing on the install time. Kind of wishing I would’ve bought the digital version, and had it preload. Loved John Marston’s story, and the whole world of RDR1. Greatly looking forward to playing this, one day, after it finally loads from disc....
  11. Anyways, just finally watched the 1 hour gameplay demo of this game, and DAMN: am I in!!!! Any of you fat, fucking, dickheads, going to be buying this?? 😉
  12. The “Next” update brought me back. Was a bit of a learning curve since they redid pretty much the whole way I used to make money: mining emeril. Definitely an an improved game. And definitely still with it’s share of bugs. Need performance improvements. Runs kind of crappy on my ps4 Pro. Wonder how how it is on the Xbox One X?
  13. Can’t believe how freaking sensitive people are these days!!!! They didn’t need to apologize for that at all, imho. Ridiculous.
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