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  1. I bought a PS4 and the early access to this game yesterday. PSN name is PetrosXL and my character name on the Ultros server is Evyta Storm. Anyone else?
  2. How do you approach the question of "new body or new lens?"
  3. I have an XTi too. I looked at the EOS M and the NEX-6. I only have the kit lens for the Canon which I've read isn't the greatest, so that's not keeping me tied to their line. The main thing I didn't like about the EOS is the lack of a viewfinder. Is that crazy? For some reason I feel like I prefer a viewfinder to a display but I can't put into words why. Anyway, check out this glowing review of the NEX-6 to add confusion to your decision making process. What I would like to do is see these cameras in person just to see how my hands feel around the bodies and fiddling with the lenses. How comfortable the camera is in my hands is a big part of getting me out and taking pictures.
  4. I'm bluerhythmstorm. I really like my U so far. I've only played Mario and Netflix, but they're both great with two big exceptions. With Mario I don't like that I HAVE to play Boost mode with the GamePad if I'm playing with others. You can play the game solo with the GamePad, so there's no reason that option shouldn't be available. And with Netflix, everything is in 2.0 so far and surround modes are disabled over HDMI to my receiver. So you have to put the U in stereo mode if you want your receiver to process some pseudo-surround audio. I'm optimistic that this could be fixed with an update. Not sure about the Mario situation. Probably could be, but not sure it will be. For the future I'm excited about digital versions of retail games and continued support for Off-TV Play. I'd also be very interested if VC games come to the GamePad, not just the U itself.
  5. Congratulations! I like the name a lot. I had it on the table for our son, but it was vetoed.
  6. Here's another update on the memory card pricing from 1UP.
  7. Finding Nemo is my #1. Where's my Blu-Ray!
  8. Well that was some short-lived excitement. The rumor has been debunked by Sony and goes back to the some PS3 titles will be supported by Remote Play. Boo! Link
  9. Yes, PSP supported it, but to a small extent. This is saying all PS3 titles will work with the Vita. I know the button layout is different. Do you think they'll map some stuff to the rear touch panel?
  10. Some slightly better news about the memory card pricing from IGN.
  11. Link. The Vita is going to be able to play all PS3 games through Remote Play. Even at 480x272 upscaled to 960x544 or the promised 480p for future titles, I am very interested. I don't even own a PS3, but I would consider getting one if this feature works as rumored. I know I'm lame, but I'm not able to play until the house is asleep. With a portable at my disposal though... imagine the possibilities! I'm excited.
  12. Those are some Dead or Alive Xtreme level boobs there.
  13. I got one for Christmas, but still haven't made it home since then to try it out. We should be back at the house tonight and I'm eager to give it a shot. I have Dance Central and Your Shape. I stuck with the Wii Fit for a few weeks, I wonder if Kinect will keep me exercising for longer...
  14. I had a Cr-48 waiting for me at work after vacation. I'm very pleased. Did anyone else get one? I'm looking to learn some tips and tricks or suggestions for apps and extensions.
  15. Played my game last night and saw my first PAT missed by the opposing team.
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