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  1. Back from my adventures at the beach. Shot six rolls in six days. All with the Voigtlander 50mm f2 APO and Portra 400. Excited to see what I get back. I did take two photos with the lens cap on. Luckily it was just a landscape so once I fixed my error I still got a shot. Today's question is about sensor size. Every expert will tell you APSC is all you need for Instagram and some printing, full frame for bigger prints, and medium format if you're shooting for billboards or magazines or massive prints. I do print one photo book a year that's usually 14x11 inches and have printed the 8x8 Mixtiles a few times. But where my photos are seen the most are actually on my TV through the Apple TV. I do have a 4K television, but I don't know how that translates to megapixels and sensor size. My XH1 and Q produced 6000x4000 files and 4K is 3840x2160 right? But that's just megapixels, the Q should look better because it's full frame and therefore its pixels are larger than the Fuji's? Bottom line, for a 4K display, you would want the largest sensor you're comfortable using with around 24 megapixels? Everything over that is just future-proofing for 8K or whatever comes next?
  2. Gasp! I incorrectly predicted the outcome of a sporting match. Alert the media! It was 120+ minutes of quality football and Italy deserves the Cup.
  3. Did you see that ludicrous display Wednesday? The thing about Spain is they always try to walk it in. I like England to win it all tomorrow, 2-1.
  4. Once again I am coming to you, humbled by my ineptitude. I already made the mistake of not rewinding my roll before opening the camera. And now in the last 24 hours I've made the other big error... I didn't load the roll properly and spent a day shooting nothing. There are a surprising number of "how to load your film camera" videos on YouTube that I arrogantly ignored. As with my rewind lesson, the loading lesson will hopefully only have to be learned once.
  5. I'll be making this for the wife and me. "Grilled Cajun Flank Steaks & Potato Salad" from Blue Apron. I wish it was burgers and dogs and a party, but it'll just be us this year. Edit: Everything went great until I forgot the whole "cut against the grain" rule and ruined the steak! Never again.
  6. I'll be cheering Belgium on as that's one of the few places where the also spell Peter with an i 🤷‍♂️
  7. If I could go back in time I would tell my past self to keep the Q-P and forget the Q2/Q2M. Such a beauty with IQ I love and reasonably sized files. Somehow I convinced myself that I need weather resistance, a mono sensor, and higher megapixels. Now Q-P's sell for more than they did in 2020.
  8. I sold my M-D and bought an MP. I have been struggling with my Q2M decision. Places like Palm Springs and our beach trip later in the month beg to be shot in color. But then I remember that I bought the monochrom for the challenge and to force me to look at the scene in a different way. That Z fc looks "flippin cool" as Kai said on his YouTube review.
  9. Great news, everyone! I'm leaving the house next week (don't rob me while I'm away). Going to Palm Springs for a few days and I can't wait to take photos. I've got enough Portra 400 to keep me busy and the Q2M for low-light shots. It's our first trip away from home in way over a year so my excitement is through the roof.
  10. Very entertaining football today. I'm so pleasantly surprised to see Spain score early and often the last couple of games. They look even better than they did in 2008-2012.
  11. Pretty good games today. Wales got some tough calls, but I don't know if reversing those would have been enough to stop Denmark. And boy was there a lot of action the last thirty minutes of Italy v Austria.
  12. I was very excited to do so, but then I watched some reviews... I'm interested in the two "normal" courses and not much else. I'd love to hear what a real person thinks of the game.
  13. Very excited, though the Group stage is my favorite. Could have sworn Spain would tie every group stage match and go home, but that game against Slovakia really managed to get my blood pumping. Feels like the last time Spain scored that many goals was the 2012 finals against Italy.
  14. Is there a list of LCVG Instagram accounts I can follow and add myself to? I'd love to see everyone's shots.
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