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  1. I'm not cool because I've never used back button focus. I learned focus and recompose and never graduated beyond that. I will give it a go with the SL after I check out your video. As you mentioned, I too hope to go outside this weekend for an hour or two and get some time in with the new kit. Stay focused!
  2. The last few things I've sold have been on Fred Miranda. It's also where I buy most of my gear. I haven't had any bad experiences (yet) on eBay, but I try to stay off of there as best I can. I'm going to look into MPB. I've sold some Fuji stuff to KEH in the past and it was certainly easier and faster than listing and selling on FM, with a healthy percentage of what I could have gotten privately.
  3. How exciting that you got an SL lens. I find 50mm on crop bodies to be a wonderful focal length in the right conditions so I bet you'll come to really like the 75mm. You are going to have a unique focal length that will set your photos apart from the crowd. That can be a very good thing. I bet you're right too about that unique focal length being a reason for the price you were able to find.
  4. Yes, a 601 for me. Ideally I would get the 35 & 90, but I can only justify one so I'm glad I have the 50 as a middle of the road option.
  5. Sold my MP; bought an SL. I still have six rolls of film so I’m considering one of the famous and inexpensive SLRs like Canon A1 and Nikon FM2. Any recommendations for something along those lines?
  6. Not to mention Jack & Rose minifigs.
  7. Yes! I will see if anyone wants to buy my Falcon and then this is taking it's place at the top of the bookcase.
  8. Same! So tell me, which lenses from any brand do you think have character? I did think the usual Fuji suspects have character. The 16/1.4, the 35/1.4, the 56/1.2, and maybe the 90/2. Most of the M lenses I've used have character. The 50/1.4, the 50/2 DR, the 35/2 "Bokeh King," the VM 50/1.2, and the 28/1.7 on the Q.
  9. I'm really loving the SL 50 on my CL. I really want to try an SL 601 as I remember how my 50/1.4 came alive when I went from my crop Canon to a full frame 5D. Now you've got me thinking that won't be enough and I'll have to get an SL2-S! I'm going to hold off as long as I can because I love the compactness of the CL, but some day I'm going to run across an SL/SL2/SL2S deal I can't pass up.
  10. Congrats! Did you buy any SL lenses to go with it or just adapting M glass? Those marathon photos were right nice.
  11. No, no, no! I meant the VOIGTLANDER 50 APO isn't attractive! Leica's APO is stunning to look at.
  12. You're going to make me say it, eh? It's all about the looks. The Nikon version looks so cool! The Voigtlander M mount lenses are looking uglier and uglier with each release. I'll even include the 50 APO in that. It's almost perfect in IQ and ergonomics, but it doesn't look cool.
  13. I don't know what the Nikon F mount is, but look how cool this new Voigtlander lens is! Any chance it will come to M mount? I don't love 28mm, but this would get to me to give that focal length another go.
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