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  1. Still Looking forward to seeing this, you should have those posters up by now lol
  2. Looking forward to seeing what you've done
  3. I have to get some, the light washes out my screen if I don't cover the damn thing with a blanket or something.... Is it me or do these Dual shock 4 controllers eat through batteries like crazy and don't connect as well as the PS3 ones, I find myself having to restart the controller a number of times to keep it from lagging in response and am lucky if I get about 4 or 5 hours per charge. Beginning to think I have a bum controller...
  4. Solitice

    HT build

    Yay! I have an update for this thread, well news of one coming anyway and I'm too excited to wait. I have just pulled the trigger to upgrade my processor to a Bryston SP3!!!!, bluray player has been upgraded to a Cambridge 751BD, I've also added a XBMC HTPC and a PS4 to the rack as well as their custom rack shelves. So the theater is taking a serious step up from what it was, can't wait to get everything put together and post pictures of that sexy beast.
  5. I use Zoltac machines running XBMC / openelec. They're cheap, come with a remote, and have no moving parts as everything runs off of a SD card. One thing I found though is that a really fast SD card makes a HUGE difference when you have a large movie collection. movies are stored as main movie only in bluray folders format for a perfect "no compromise" playback without the added fluff. Very few complaints with it besides the way it handles multiple disk movies.
  6. I use DVE on bluray quite a bit when I calibrate my client's TVs/ Projectors, should be able to pick that up for less than 20 bucks for sure.
  7. Solitice

    HT build

    Well life has really kicked me in the ass lately. After spending months of time and 20K upgrading the kitchen the wife has decided to upgrade from me to a younger guy instead... I've managed to hold on to the house (with the new kitchen and my theater!) but after paying out the ex I have no funds to finish this sucker, sigh so close yet so far! I guess one positive thing is that I have one hell of a bachelor pad now! lol
  8. Solitice

    HT build

    Lol yeah not much happening in there at the moment. The wife derailed it when she decided that my skills would be better put to use by ripping the kitchen out to the studs and starting from scratch. Now that I have that 90% done I'll finally be able to get back to business on my room.
  9. Congrats, it's always a blessing to find something you actually enjoy doing. Doesn't feel like work when you're having fun at it
  10. And after watching horrible bosses I have found a new love for Jen...damn shes fine
  11. Solitice


    Twit is another one that is pretty good to get the latest on tech it's like watching tech tv before it went to crap...
  12. Solitice


    I rather enjoy the APOD app for my daily dose of astronomy to explore with my kids. Usually always an interesting conversation starter. I've found the zinio is usually a few bucks cheaper than subscribing to a mag using the news stand apps.
  13. +1 for Machinarium...awesome game if you have an ipad 2
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