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  1. How to be a badass in Skyrim (contains footage from main quests, but he doesn't talk about the details, so not too spoilery)
  2. Whelp. I'm a cannibal now. Never thought I'd see that in a game. I don't see any disadvantages yet, so it may be worth it.
  3. I have the PS3 version, my save file is over 5.5 MB (~25 hours of gameplay) and it's laggy (not as bad as the vid) in really open areas, but fine in dungeons, homes or other small areas. It's crazy how much time I've put into this. I have noticed that as the save file is going up, the lag is more and more noticeable.
  4. "Am I interrupting something?" [stolen from reddit]
  5. I dunno if it has anything to do with the new patch, or just somehting that needs to be patched in general, but I was unable to complete a quest last night. It was the beginning of the Thieves Guild quest where I have to shake down three shopowners for cash. I tried to take the diplomatic way, but one person didn't want to talk to me. Their assistant offered me a solution of finding items to blackmail her. When I returned with those items....she still wouldn't talk and the assistant is looking at me like I raped her. I never used Lydia. I got in a bar fight with someone in Whiterun (?) and used her. She's pretty tough and hasn't died yet. I leave it to her to do most of my dragon slaying, while I find a giant boulder to hide behind...only popping out to take the final strike
  6. A spoiler Easter egg that appears near the end of the game
  7. I thought Year One was one of the least memorable Batman titles and the Year One comic arc is my fave all-time story. Maybe if it was a bit longer, I would have enjoyed it more, but it's a lot of the little details that they left out that didn't really do the characters justice. Gordon/Cranston was the only standout. It was nice that Gordon played more than just the typical Gordon we're used to seeing on the screen. I also couldn't get past the voice of Batman. It was almost like he was trying too hard to imitate Christian Bale.
  8. Nightwing! http://www.comicbookmovie.com/fansites/Wolvie09/news/?a=47555
  9. I never saw that pic before, but I haven't been keeping up to date with the current books. I think I kinda like it with the yellow belt. Not sure how I feel about the lack of briefs. On one hand, it's less goofy if you look at it from the real-world perspective. On the other hand, it's a comic book and there is no real world perspective.
  10. It's Earth One Batman and not Batman Inc.
  11. This movie exceeded my expectations. I read the positive reviews, but I didn't expect it to be this good. It's definitely my fave out of the series. I loved the little tie-ins to the previous movies too.
  12. What happened with MGS1? I'd still buy it since MGS3 is one of my all-time fave games and I haven't tried Peace Walker yet.
  13. Thanks Brian! Perfect timeing for my move. Idenitity theft might be a little bit more difficult with an incorrect adderss. I guess it's still a safe idea to change my credit card as well, since it was on the PSN at one point...
  14. Can anyone copy/paste the email? Or at least post the Cliff's. My PSN email addy was my ISP, but I disconnected that about a month back. I also deleted my credit card from the system in Feb(?) b/c I didn't know how to cancel the Justice League subscription after the first free month, so I think I'm safe there.
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