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  1. It's not too big. I'd guess 6" big. The prop site I go on, there's a few people that have molds of the screen used version and it's the same size. The screen accuracy difference is with the headband and frown, but I can't see the difference with my eyes. Oh, and the Sideshow Idol is heeavy. It's prob. 15 pounds. Which makes you think about that scene in Raiders when Indy not only uses sand as the counterbalance, but dumps a little of it out. I was thinking of weathering the idol stand and add moss to make it seem closer to the movie. How'd you arrange that visit to Skywalker Ra
  2. 11"(w) x 15.5" (l) x 15.5" (h) The width can technically be 12" as there's a gap in the back (assuming your display piece is large enough not to fall through the gap).
  3. I got the display case from IKEA http://www.ikea.com/us/en/catalog/products/10011055 It was a bitch to put together. The cuts were so precise, but some of the pieces wouldn't fit so precisely, so I spent half the time jamming corners together. The thing with the Viggo display, and I'm not kidding, is that the eyes look like they're always staring at you. Even if you walk by and have a staring contest, I swear, you could watch the eyes follow you.
  4. I actually got lucky with the Angel doll. I never meant to pick it up, but years ago when it just came out, I was at the comic store and they had it out there. I asked about it and they said it was an order where the customer changed their mind. Of course, I picked it up The Indiana Jones stuff is all correct. The middle right shelf is a little hard to see, so kuodos on correctly guessing the PKE meter from Ghostbusters. The black blob is the spear gun (grappling hook) from the Burton Batman flicks. The orange blob is the mosquito in amber from Jurassic Park. The helmet is from
  5. Here's my humble collection. It's actually a hobby of mine to collect movie replicas, so bonus points if you can name all the movies/games/shows where I got my props from... And as a bonus, what I use to play my games on.
  6. Yup, I couldn't even finish the movie. But that video is great. Apparently it took 2.5 months to make that. Here's my contribution to the thread. After watching this, I suddenly like Nic Cage a lot more http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xP1-oquwoL8
  7. I know I'm a little late, but that book was amazing. I read it during my first year history course at University and including textbooks, it is the only book I ended up reading from start to finish there, lol.
  8. From the Madden game, Greg Jennings running with a broken leg NSFW (language) I think I could listen to this guy do commentary for NFL games all day long.
  9. I preferred 28 Weeks Later. It's a much more faster pace when the shit hits the fan. It just doesn't stop. I would go into more details as to why I like it, but then I'd be treading huge spoiler territory. And thinking about Robert Carlye at the start of the movie still cracks me up.
  10. Great interactive music vid for Arcade Fire's We used to Wait http://thewildernessdowntown.com/ I've tried it in Firefox and it doesn't line up properly, but had someone else try it and it wouldn't even load, so it's probably safer to follow the site's lead and use Chrome if you have it installed.
  11. *cough* http://www.imdb.com/title/tt1640459/ *cough* I want to see Eli Roth's Thanksgiving made now!
  12. For running, I always drink about a cup or two of water before I go for a short run (30 mins). If it's longer, then I'll drink a little bit more the night before. Being hydrated will actually make your mucles less tired when you hit that first wall. And a little advice for your iPod playlist, just b/c you like the song, doesn't mean it belongs on the playlist. I pulled my calf at my last half-marathon run, but decided to "Terry Fox" it to the finish line. Big mistake as I ended up hurting it even more. But the funny thing was that I started noticing the lyrics to the songs, so I had th
  13. I actually liked Superman Returns and Routh (minus the stalker Superman and Super kid). I'd be happy if they kept him, but it'll be hard case since they plan on it being a reboot. Joblo.com had a poll asking who they wanted as Supes. Here are the top three choices: Brandon Routh (24%) 2. Jon Hamm (18%) 3. Henry Cavill (4%)
  14. I bailed on the last (?) Hitman book - the Lawerence Block series, not the game. I loved the first book, thought the second was ok, but just could n't get into it and gave up after 100 pages. As for standalone books, the most recent book I balied was The Road. I just found it too boring and I really just wanted to slap the kid in the face so many times. I reached past the "basement" scene and I thought it was goign to pick up, but then it slowed down again. I'm not that far from the finish, but I just can't get myself to finish the book. I did watch the movie not too long ago, so it's
  15. Funny you mention Bond, in the second book, he is looked up to as a Bond like figure with the public (and the woman's eyes). And the other two books go deeper into Lisabeth's past, so it might help explain some of the actions she's done.
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