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  1. Good thing we decided to have a pandemic to give them time to do that.
  2. We certainly get our money's worth out of it (the aforementiond procedurals, plus DISCO and Picard, and my wife has started another re-watch of all the older Star Trek content.) YMMV
  3. We watch a LOT of CBS procedurals, so we tend to use it to watch those without having to fast forward thru commercials (they show up on CBSAA the next day) Jordan Peele's "Twilight Zone" is pretty good, and although I haven't watched it, I understand "The Good Fight" is...well...good.
  4. Don't even get me started on that fucking abomination of a remote...
  5. Starting today, we've implemented a Split-Team plan. Our shift has been divided in two, with one half working in the office and the other half working from home, switching every week. I'm in the Work at the Office group this week, along with two other people. When I leave on Saturday (my last day for the week) I won't be back in the office until April 8th. Should be interesting.
  6. I know it should be an option to just turn that off, but I have gotten trained by all of the streaming services to just move the highlight back over to the minimized credit sequence and hit Ok/Enter/Whatever to bring them back to full-size for the duration.
  7. It's sold a shit-ton of VR hardware, that's for sure. Whether that offsets the loss of non-VR users, I dunno. Can't wait to try it on my Quest with Oculus Link.
  8. It's one of my all-time favorites and gets quoted regularly around the house... "What's a little boy like you doing with Big-Boy smut like this?"
  9. Okay, I was not aware that it was something you and your daughter made. That makes it even more awesome! Great work!
  10. Yeah, it's pretty normal to have a half-dozen or so tiny pieces left over. I think they do it to fuck with us.
  11. I needs my ScarJo on the biggest screen possible. Wait a year like F9 if you have to, Disney.
  12. I have not had any issues getting anything from the grocery store that we've needed. The shelves seem to be fairly well-stocked, except for TP and Hand Sanitizer/Disinfectant Wipes. Fortunately for us, we stocked up on both on a Costco run the week before this shit got serious. Still coming into the office for work, which is fine by me. We're a small staff that can spread out. Not everyone here has been able to get their WFH equipment working properly.
  13. Okay, I completely forgot about this. Will investigate further this evening, if possible.
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