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  1. Yeah, that's an egregious oversight. The comparison tool is clunky enough as it is, but then you can't even compare items from a vendor with what you have on/in your inventory? WTF?
  2. Confirmed no cross-save. I'm using the opportunity to play as I normally would on the Xbox and play as a complete asshole on my PC and see how differently it all plays out. I love the game, but I've been stuck doing 12hr work days (until tonight at 6pm) so I've been restricted to about an hour before and after work. I may pull an all-nighter tonight on it, though. Haven't run into any bugs, but I get kind of annoyed (from an RP perspective) that I can't initiate a conversation with anyone without pulling my weapon.
  3. I used one of those until I got my gaming chair, they're awesome.
  4. I doubt we've seen the last of Mysterio, so I expect he'll be involved in some fashion. As a main villain, though, I dunno.
  5. It was "Apocalypse Now" in space, but I really liked "Ad Astra" (surprise!)
  6. Evans seems to be enjoying playing a non-squeaky-clean character...
  7. Happy to see Drew Dreschel take home the million bucks. He deserves it. I think he had an advantage of being more rested than Gill, who was probably still gassed from Stage 3 when they did the climb-off. Going into Stage 3 I predicted Gill and Dreschel would be the only ones to make it to Stage 4, so I look like a genius. lol
  8. After I vented, I went back and decided to try it again lowering the difficulty back to beginner. I completed the fight on the first try, in about 2 minutes. Now, I'm back in Act III and past a checkpoint. When I try to put the difficulty back to Intermediate it warns me that changing the difficulty will overwrite my save game. What the fuck does that mean? I start over from the beginning? Why would it even do that if you're ramping the difficulty UP? I would have liked such a warning before I lowered it. Grrr.... I'm afraid to put it back to Intermediate again.
  9. I. am. ENRAGED. I've been playing the game back and forth between my PC and Xbox with the game save always syncing between the two devices (ie. picking up where I left off no matter which platform I'm on.) On my PC yesterday morning before work, after dying probably 30 times on the fucking Matriarch fight, I finally defeated her and moved on to Act III. Watched the whole opening cutscene and got to where I had control of Kait. Then I had to shut down and leave for the office. This morning, I sit down on the couch and fire the game up on the Xbox and when I choose to continue the campaign, it says I'm still on Act II Chapter 5. I'm horrified. I figure maybe the saves didn't sync. So I shut the game down and go back to my PC and start it up. Same. Fucking. Thing. Then I think maybe it just says that because I hadn't done anything in Act III yet. So I continue the game. I'm back at the motherfucking boss fight again! I'm not doing that shit again. I have the fucking achievement! Fuck you, Gears 5. You were fun while it lasted, I guess...
  10. I got a Corsair K63 a month or two ago and love it. https://www.amazon.co.uk/dp/B0791CG2J2/ref=cm_sw_r_tw_dp_U_x_BQ5CDb4VN0TTQ It's pretty pricey, but I was able to get a "Renewed" one from Corsair on Amazon for about half the new price. I went from an old SteelSeries and it feels very similar. The only thing I really miss is the number pad.
  11. That's awesome! We've been fans of ANW since they "filmed" in what was essentially my backyard when I was living in downtown Kansas City four or five years ago.
  12. I was told you couldn't see or hear me as I fiddled about! Outrageous!
  13. My biggest mistake was forgetting about Aladdin. I doubt it would have improved me that much. Having one of my picks get moved from Summer to November wasn't great, either.
  14. High Praise from DF. Haven't had a chance to fire it up since it went live last night, but I'm hoping to put in at least a little time tonight...
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