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  1. I had written the game off after that E3 presentation, but this is big improvement. Interested again.
  2. Games I see come and go on Steam sales and never buy, always showing up on Game Pass. Yes.
  3. I thought "Far From Home" was way better than "Homecoming," and I loved "Homecoming."
  4. They nailed this movie and stuck the landing. Loved seeing JK Simmons back as JJJ doing an Alex Jones impersonation. Fantastic. The theater went absolutely bonkers. The stuff with Talos and Soren had a lot of people (admittedly, myself included) scratching their heads. I'm not enough into the books to know about SWORD, etc. Interested to see where we go from here...
  5. Speaking of the Steam Summer Seal, I've been playing a game called "Heat Signature" from the devs that made "Gunpoint" and it's a ton of fun. An absolute steal at just over $5.
  6. That was...underwhelming. Of course, there wasn't any gameplay, either, but still....underwhelming.
  7. I got the last one, I think. Sorry, my friend. I'm set on Ultimate through June, 2022.
  8. I've still got a Fallout 76 code that came with my One X that I'll sell for $15, if anyone is interested.
  9. My reaction was something similar. I was watching with headphones on, and my wife thought I'd lost my mind. Which I had.
  10. Rocketman - Holy shit, this is a great movie. Elton fans should adore it, non-Elton fans might become Elton fans. Taron Egerton just kills it and there are times when you're not sure if it's still him singing and playing or if they've intercut actual footage Elton. IF he's not rewarded with an Oscar, it will be a tragedy. How weird would that be to have two Best Actors in a row playing gay music icons? I liked "Bohemian Rhapsody" quite a bit, but this is a far, far, better film.
  11. Fair enough, I will admit I have not had a chance yet to try MGSV, so that's on me.
  12. Looks fantastic! I just hope it's more gameplay than cutscene. Don't get me wrong, I like a good cutscene but the MGS games (for me) were unplayable because I had to spend too much time waiting around watching characters screw up eggs. 😛
  13. Linky I've purchased from them a couple of times. Trustworthy.
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