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  1. When I actually get time to play, it's a blast! Hopefully later this weekend, my work will wrap up and there will be fewer server crashes.
  2. I figured it out. I needed to log back on to the PS4 and export the save. We're all good, now.
  3. I dunno what happened. All of my progress is gone. This is after doing the data migration, too. I'd completed the main game but hadn't done any of the DLC stuff yet, and hadn't played in a few months. I can't do that all again...
  4. I just finished the game earlier this week. What a great game. Brian, you haven't seen anything, yet.
  5. Tried it. It stopped the cycling between Normal and UHD, but I still need to go to another input before the Playstation one to see a picture.
  6. Okay, I figured out what's triggering my issue, but not sure how to fix it. What's happening is that if I play Xbox and then switch to PS5, it goes thru the cycling. The way to fix it is to choose something like my Roku (which doesn't engage the HDR mode by default,) first. Then I can choose the PS5 without any issues. Anyone have any ideas? It's not a huge deal to switch to Roku first, but it's seems kind of dumb.
  7. Is nobody else playing the demo? I'm having a blast with it. The writing is a little wonky, but it's a lot of fun. Very much a TPP Diablo-esque experience, with a Gears of War feel, mixed in. I'll be picking it up for sure.
  8. I was wrong...the problem still exists, even when I don't have an external drive attached. When I come back from Rest mode, it sits and cycles between HDR and Normal mode. I have to unplug and replug the HDMI cable to recover. Frustrating as it doesn't happen every time. I can't find any pattern for it.
  9. Rogue! My favorite! I hope it's early 2022...
  10. So far, so good. So is there anything I can do with that HDD or is it just borked? It's a WD Elements 2TB drive.
  11. This is a pretty good Beginner's guide: https://techraptor.net/gaming/guides/valheim-guide-for-beginners I wonder if we shoudn't start a shared world...
  12. I do have an external drive, but I was thinking it was doing that before I hooked it up. Is there a known issue?
  13. I have a weird problem. Occasionally when turninng the PS5 back on from Rest mode, it sits and cycles and doesn't come back up until I unplug and replug the HDMI cable. If I turn the PS5 off, it comes back perfect every time, but you can't do anything like save states or anything on games. Any ideas?
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