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  1. This is a great thread. Here's my boy Nathan, 2 1/2 celebrating 2010 opening day!
  2. After test driving about 5 differnet vehicles, I settled on this last night. Its my first ever Truck. I've always been a car guy, but I just loved the ride of this so much. Plus I only work about 3 miles from home, so gas isn't too much of an issue. 2010 Dodge Ram 1500 TRX 4x4
  3. I so totally agree with the Jennifer Connelly assesment, I saw her in little children and honestly didn't recognize her, and I've been in love with her forever....Her in The Rocketeer = yummy
  4. Nice selection I test drove the 3 this weekend myself, well 5 door versions. Test drove the Speed 3 and and a S grand touring. Both really really fun to drive. The Speed 3 is wicked fast, but the s was no slouch either, both stuck to the road.
  5. I've had the Driod for about a week now and absolutely love it. I bought the multimedia station for it as well. That along with Pandora makes a great little radio for my desk at work. The Verizon Where App is pretty slick as well. Local gas prices, traffic, news, movies, all in one little place.
  6. 1/3/10 Wii - $199 1/3/10 Wii Sports Resorts - $49.99 All paid with gift cards however!
  7. Saw your post in the other thread...everything you said is exactly what happened to mine. Totally pisses me off. From what I read on the net and other boards, Sony doesn't even admit there's a problem. I never had any issues at all with the unit until I did that update about two weeks ago. The first movie I played after the update was Up, right in the middle it froze, now that happens to anything I put in it, BRs DVDs Games, I have the 80gb b/c model that came with Motorstorm bought it late in 2007...and it wasn't a heavily used system, Mostly BR movies Probably about 20 over the past two years, and I only bought about 10 games for it in those two years. This generation of Systems is a pain in the A$$ my 360 went twice, and now my PS3.
  8. Ever since firmware update 3.0 through 3.1 there were people stating it bricked their systems. 3.0 was fine for me, but 3.1 got me. Last Friday I was watching Up and it froze in the middle and won't read BR discs anymore. I'm not sure about games as I haven't tried to play one since. But really that shouldn't influence his decision has he said Blu Ray isn't an issue for him.
  9. The only games I love to play on the PS3 that won't ever be on the 360 are the Ratchet and Clank games. They are very fun games that your boy might like. Otherwise most of the games are very similar now. I mostly use it for Blu-Ray, well that was until the recent firm-ware update rendered it totally useless. It won't read any discs from now on. But if your not into that don't worry about it at all.
  10. With regards to the fountains, Go inside the casino level of the belagio, along the wall facing the fountains there is a little cafe/jazz bar I forget the name. Go have a meal in there and the whole time you'll overlook the fountains, and listen to some good music. Its a nice place to bring the wife.
  11. Sorry, I got on shortly after 10pm est.
  12. want me to start one, I can at least get the hang of the game, I've never played it.
  13. Will you guys be doing this again? I've had my PS3 for almost a year and haven't played one online game. I was hoping to join in last night but my son wouldn't goto bed.
  14. I didn't think the drive would be reformated withhout me being asked, but I know I didn't type that so sorry. I'm more interested to know if I can hook up the HD to the mac, pull the pictures into the mac, then reformat the HD for the mac so I can use the Time Machine Backup seems like I can from what you guys have said.
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