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  1. I bought a PSP and love it. I still like my DS, and plan on playing it a great deal. Here are cumulative sales stats from Japan. The trends have flattened out, and are, for now, predictable: If the trend continues, the PSP will have higher marketshare in Japan 39 weeks from now. But what happens when a Pokemon game comes out? Or when Christmas comes? Either way, Nintendo in 'second place' doesn't mean failure. I'm certain they are making money from the DS. And don't forget the SP. The PSP can take the most marketshare at some point, but that doesn't make the DS a failure, and it doesn't make Nintendo a failure. Why do so may people care which sells the most? Or what system other people think is 'best' (a wholly subjective assessment). Just play what you like and enjoy it!
  2. Guys, Meteos just got a whopping 38 of 40 score and pick-of-the-week in Famitsu. 10, 10, 9, and 9.
  3. Guys, The last thing we at TehBias.com want is any kind of 'forum war' with LCVG. There is room for lots of forums on the internet, and I'm sure I'm not the only person here who belongs to multiple gaming forums. Why don't we all try to get along and not take classless shots at each other? I think they call it 'the high road'? We extend the hand of friendship to all here. Can't we all just get along? Thanks, Michael ps Our only goal is quality of discussion, not volume of members. I'm sure the LCVG owners feel the same; otherwise we'd all just hang out at the Gamespot or Gamefaqs forums instead of starting our own boards, right?
  4. All of my observations are based on trends over a period of time. Believe me, I've been biting my tongue for quite a while. Why is it so hard for you (guys) to acknowledge that this forum is in a downward spiral? Why are virtually all of your reponses so defensive? I'm sure shortly you guys will all be patting each other on the back and rationalizing everything. Oh, wait, that's already started. So predictable.
  5. You know, every time I think the camel's back has been broken around here, I still find myself posting...though my posts at LCVG are becoming increasingly few. Maybe it's time to finally call it quits. So now we are looking at this whole editing/deleting posts 'thing'? Do you guys have any idea how much that pisses people off? Lots of folks really loathe having their comments edited/deleted to make it look like their thoughts were never really expressed, and often allowing people to assume that their comments were much less appropriate than they really were. Most people would probably rather be chastised and/or suspended than to have their words removed. One of the few things that I admire HTF for is their reluctance to participate in revisionism; only deleting posts when things get extremely contentious. The whole Bryan blowup probably would have never happened if it weren't for editing his posts; that sent him over the top and frankly I don't blame him. This forum is overmoderated and some of the mods are either on a power trip or are just misguided (too politically correct). 'Tony Danza' is an adult and can stand up for himself; Jeff's post read as constructive criticism to me and we should all be able to take it. Hank Scorpio can stand up for himself if he feels his idol is being insulted. We are adults, not children. Let the conversation breathe, and let people debate and disagree; lay off the hair trigger! And is there anything wrong with having some guidelines for spelling/grammar/composition? That's not moderation, it's just having standards. Tony Danza's post was damned hard to read so I skipped over it. Do we really want a forum where members don't bother reading certain posts due to readibility? Hell, n-sider doesn't even allow such posts. They require not perfection, but a reasonable effort in spelling and grammar. And it's a Nintendo forum, for gosh sakes! The amount of quality discussion continues to decline around here due to the best non-moderator members of the forum being alienated. Good discourse doesn't have to suffer just because cliques are fragmenting the discussion; we'd be in fine shape if the forum was growing and attracting the right people. Instead, the right people are leaving. Good grief. I remember when I thought this forum was up-and-coming.
  6. Well, Best Buy has already put this on special twice (once for $20, once for $30), so maybe they'll have another special next week.
  7. Paintball may outlive most Live games. Look at some 'hits' like Battlefront where the first night we had 21 players, and then for the next 2 weeks I couldn't get more then 3 or 4 people to play (unplayable!) so I eventually traded the game in for $5 less than I paid. I think with paintball we'll at least get several hours of play in over the next few weeks. For $20 or $30, that's easily cheaper entertainment than a movie. It also seems that a lot of these niche titles have a low asshat factor, which is great. I haven't seen "Erik Estrada" or his ilk trying to join my paintball game.
  8. I've got no problem with the 'cheating'. I like it, even though it's cost me more than once.
  9. Great time playing paintball last night...what a fantastic game. I'd definitely put it in the top five competitive Live FPS. On MechAssault, whenever we try to host more than six people, we have players who can't successfully join the game. Very frustrating, and it didn't matter who was hosting.
  10. I'll be on at 10 for MechAssault 2 (we had eight different people last night, though only six at any one time...usually just five at once). I might make it on earlier, hard to say.
  11. I had an app that gave me this ability on ReplayTV years ago. Replay had show sharing and there was an app that let your PC pretend to be a replay and join in on the sharing. Also, one could do the same thing with a MythTV and not have all of the DRM restrictions that Tivo will have. (I have two Tivos and like them, but they sure are the imitator and not the innovator these days)
  12. There seems to be a LOT of people who watched pirated BitTorrent episodes like you did. This looks to be one of the biggest downloads on the internet. I have to wonder if Sci-Fi has made a mistake by airing this months after the UK version, I think their ratings will certainly take a hit because of it.
  13. It's $30 at Bestbuy.com, probably the same in stores (might be able to do store pickup on a web order). Some of us picked it up for $20 on sale a few weeks ago but I'd happily pay $30 or more.
  14. I was one of the five playing the other night, had a great time, if we would have had six or eight players it would have been a real hoot. This is a great game.
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