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  1. The game was released today. I'm installing it now, I was a backer so I had my Steam code already. I probably won't have time to boot it up until later this weekend.
  2. XBL: DCA ORD NRT PSN: DCA-ORD-NRT Steam: dcaordnrt
  3. Just a head's up, July 1st is the kill date. If you log into Reader through Feedly on all your devices, everything will automatically migrate over to their cloud service. It seems to be working perfectly for me and syncs read articles on my iPhone, iPad and computer. http://cloud.feedly.com/
  4. Terry, I think it was me that told James about LCVG. We met back in the late 90s on IRC and played a lot of Interstate '76 and Outlaws together back in the day. It went from there to various other PC multiplayer games (Moonbase Commander!!) and then to Xbox Live (the big one being Rainbow Six Three). Peter
  5. I'm not too happy about them killing off Reader. According to the stats page, I've read over 300,000 articles with it. I guess I'll give Feedly a try.
  6. New album from How to Destroy Angels (Trent Reznor), streaming here: https://soundcloud.com/howtodestroyangels/sets/welcome-oblivion-2013
  7. I'm excited for The Cave! That one was on my list to buy when I work through my backlog or it went on sale. 100% off is a very agreeable sale.
  8. 1. The Walking Dead 2. XCOM: Enemy Unknown 3. Journey 4. Halo 4 5. Borderlands 2
  9. Yea.. I'm enjoying the slight upgrade from the 3GS.
  10. No issues updating my 3rd gen iPad. I'm not updating my 3GS since I have a 5 coming (hopefully) on Friday.
  11. Thanks for the heads-up, I grabbed my copy today. I printed out the coupon but it wasn't needed. The $30 was taken off automatically after scanning my BB card and finalizing the transaction.
  12. Dead Can Dance is back together for their first new album in twelve years. It can be streamed free in its entirety here.
  13. Apple TV is on sale at Amazon for $89.99 shipped. I finally pulled the trigger on one.
  14. I need a new hard drive I had to delete a bunch of stuff to make room for InFamous 2, a 15 GB download.
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