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  1. The LA Galaxy won the MLS Cup a couple weeks back but I was waiting for something before sharing some stories (that, and my work blocked LCVG so I don't get on nearly as much as I used to). I took my girls and a friend to practice the Saturday before our home game in the Western Conference final against Seattle. The team moved their practice from the usual field to inside the stadium so we didn't get to catch them going to practice. We did hang around though and caught pretty much everyone (except Landon Donovan) as they were going home. My daughter got a pair of cleats signed and we go
  2. Passed on Forza (either one) for now. I was able to get Mordor and my dad ordered me Diablo and FIFA. My sister has something coming to me as well, probably Rocksmith. On top of the AC games that come with it, I think I am set for now. Now, I know 360 games are not compatible. Did that hold true for Arcade games as well?
  3. After a couple of false starts i did finally get an Xbox one, the assassin's creed bundle. Hoping my family gets me fifa and Diablo, maybe shadow of mordor. If i was to go after a racing game, is forza horizon the better choice or is forza 5 on sale worth it?
  4. More from the Q&A after the reveals: - Dr Strange casting - if it was confirmed it would have been announced - Panther will be in costume in Civil War - Writer & Director announcements for Capt Marvel will come before casting news - Civil War of the cinematic universe - No plans at the moment for Hulk solo; will be in other movies (aside - could just be Avengers movies) - No confirmation on writer/director of Civil War or availability of Spider-Man - Civil War is beginning of Phase 3 (aside - what about Ant Man?) - They were misdirecting fans by putting rumors of Cap 3 title
  5. From the Marvel LiveBlog: 5/6/16 - Cap 3:CIVIL WAR 11/4/16 - DR STRANGE 5/5/17 - Guardians 2 7/28/17 - THOR:RAGNAROK 11/3/17 - BLACK PANTHER (Chadwick Boseman) 7/6/18 - CAPTAIN MARVEL (this will be Carol Danvers) 11/2/18 - INHUMANS 5/4/18 - AVENGERS:INFINITY WAR PART 1 5/3/19 - AVENGERS:INFINITY WAR PART 2
  6. $349 puts me $50 closer to getting one. I have $30 in Best Buy credit saved up and should be able to get about $100 on my PS3 (hmm, I think I swapped the hard drive so BB might not take it from me actually...). It's possible...
  7. Dean may have been referring to the guy who had the Terminus people in the box car. I have read that someone from the show (maybe on Talking Dead?) has said that was not Negan.
  8. Anyone else pick up that Bob may have been bitten when he went under water? When he left the church to go cry it may have been because he knew his time was limited and he just seemed to find love/happiness/acceptance. I won't be surprised if he gets to tell the hunters a little surprise next week...
  9. But then backed off that statement. So, at this point, it is still up in the air. I won't be surprised if it happens (though I am less certain Mel will direct) but it is basically 50-50 for me.
  10. I haven't yet but positive reviews and the bit I have seen are tempting me. $20 on Steam. I have heard it is a bit short (3 hours?) but I'm not sure if that is an accurate description of the length.
  11. It did not happen. Still, I wonder if I should go ahead and trade in my PS3 before it goes down more in value. I could move the blu-ray player from the back tv to the main one so we could still watch movies. With Christmas and my birthday in February, I bet I could get it around then. As much as Destiny intrigues me, I think if I was to go with a game that is out now it would be Diablo 3. I'd also have to consider getting FIFA 15. I would not be able to trade in Madden if I got a bundle, right? I believe that is a download version, not a disc version.
  12. Aston Villa for the win!!! I even picked them in the predictor league, though I got the final score wrong. I did get the Arsenal vs Man City score exactly right.
  13. I highly doubt my wife will let me do this, but if there was ever a time to get an Xbox One now would seem to be the time. The Best Buy near me appears to have the Madden bundle in stock and then I could get a free game (Destiny or Diablo???). I would be willing to trade in my PS3 for $120 as it is solely used for blu-ray viewing which the Bone would take over. A new console and two games for $280, and I could even try trading in some 360 games to knock that down even more... Argh, even bringing it up could get me in trouble (we're spending over $300 on a brake job, though at one point we
  14. Hope you don't mind, but I have another LA Galaxy story to share with you. The team played on Friday. The atmosphere was...odd, but ultimately great. One of their stars, Gyasi Zardes, had a birthday so I made a birthday poster for him earlier in the week. Then the tragedy happened. Luca de la Garza, the 1 week old son of our defender AJ de la Garza, passed away due to complications after a surgery for a heart condition he was born with. At the game you could just feel something was different. Before the start of the match, the stadium observed a moment of silence and during the match we
  15. Did I miss this for this year? I don't think there was a last minute movie moved from summer to next year so I could actually have had all of my movies count for once!
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