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  1. The twirly swordplay and Momoa's just-out-of-the-salon hair are hilarious. This movie wants to be 300 and Clash of the Titans and the original Conan movie and LOTR and every other fantasy movie made in the last 10 years all at once instead of being its own thing. It's very timidly produced, doing just enough to keep the brand name out there but not risking anything for a second.
  2. Sid Meier's Pirates! Much like Civilization, this is a game I'm almost afraid to play, because once I start I know I won't be able to stop until it's like 3 a.m. Mount & Blade. I just got into this one. It's basically Pirates except you're a medieval knight that does most of his fighting from horseback. I love it. Also has a very active modding community. The Witcher (enhanced edition). Arguably the best major PC RPG in recent memory. Hyped up sequel is imminent and no console ports in sight Spelunky. It's free! If you're into retro-style platforming games, it's hard to get more addictive than this.
  3. Damn... http://www.destructoid.com/ea-sneaks-securom-drm-onto-dragon-age-ii-disc-196185.phtml Damn... http://www.eurogamer.net/articles/2011-03-11-bioware-forum-ban-locks-out-daii
  4. I'm hoping Dead State might scratch that itch a little if/when it comes out.
  5. As problematic as Blinx was, I do remember a peculiar amount of negative hype on it, to the point that people were complaining about stuff that wasn't even in the game. I remember at least one review that screeched about the character never shutting up and having stupid Mario-wanna-be catchphrases, yet I don't recall him actually saying much at all in the game. Maybe my memory is playing tricks on me.
  6. Looks like Wiebe has taken the record (at least for the time being): http://www.twingalaxies.com/index.aspx?c=19&id=2264
  7. I thought Cera was fine, but then I've mostly avoided seeing him in stuff because his movies tend to look pretty dumb. I went to see Scott Pilgrim because I loved Shaun of the Dead and Hot Fuzz. If I have a complaint about Scott Pilgrim, it's that they probably should have stuck with their original ending instead of caving in with what O'Malley was doing in his comics. The film's ending might be more faithful to the comics but it sounds like their original ending makes more sense with what they'd actually filmed.
  8. I liked what I saw from Thor. And for what it's worth, my wife, who isn't a comics fan and knows nothing of Thor beyond what she saw in Adventures in Babysitting, watched the trailer with me and loved it, especially when Anthony Hopkins appeared. I think she's probably more looking forward to the movie than I am.
  9. I saw Iron Maiden last Tuesday with Dream Theater opening. Outstanding concert! Bruce is the best frontman I've ever seen.
  10. Yeah but the point is that while good writing won't save a game with sucky gameplay, game developers will at some point have to start getting serious about that stuff if they want to be taken seriously as a legitimate storytelling medium (whether that's even a wise approach to game design is probably a whole other discussion). I totally know what you mean about skipping the cutscenes, though. One of my old friends used to push the start button and as soon as a cut-scene came up, he'd start hammering every button he could until the gameplay started, then he'd throw a fit because the cutscene usually had important information on what he was supposed to be doing in the game. He also used to play the Hitman and Splinter Cell games by running at full speed through every situation, shooting at everything in sight and then getting frustrated when that approach failed him a couple of levels in
  11. Same here. While I think E3 has been deeply unexciting I can't say I'm having more or less fun with games than I ever have. The fixation on motion controls is irritating as hell but the games look basically the same as always, for better or worse. Maybe a down year but the industry has had those before. This reminds me of something I read by an author awhile back in which he discussed his experiences writing for video game developers. He was helping out on one game and the developer very enthusiastically described what he believed was the game story's highpoint. The writer pointed out that that was one of the hoariest cliches of all time and that if the developers maybe just changed one or two plot points they'd have the start of a genuinely interesting story that didn't just replicate bad action movies. That advice was shot down. The writer also pointed out that a problem with game developers is that they frequently overestimate the expense of hiring good writers - the reality is that lots of writers, even relatively big names, are actually pretty affordable and might love the challenge of writing for a video game. But the developers too often don't go to the effort of researching the matter and go with someone with virtually no writing experience.
  12. After looking at the Gametrailers footage of the "real guitar" controller, I think I like Power Gig's implementation better. If you're going to try and use a video game as a teaching tool like this, better to actually have a guitar with real strings and frets to learn on than a half-way controller that has a hundred tiny buttons lining where the strings and frets would be. But otherwise the new Rock Band looks very cool.
  13. When I first glimpsed the title, I thought for a second the game was called FuBAR.
  14. I'm waiting very impatiently for my copy from Amazon to arrive...
  15. In the Spectre short, does he do that thing where he turns his hands into scissors and cuts bad guys in half? I'm just curious I haven't seen too many of these. I guess because New Frontier was so disappointingly squished into the 90 minute run time and Superman/Doomsday just wasn't very good.
  16. It was the Twin Peaks connection that initially got the game on my radar. You're probably already aware that the game was even closer to the show earlier in its development:
  17. Review: http://destructoid.com/review-deadly-premonition-165168.phtmldestructoid.com/review-deadly-premonition-165168.phtml Destructoid antagonizes kids who don't like the review: http://www.destructoid.com/deadly-premonition-is-blatantly-better-than-heavy-rain-165288.phtml For $20? I'm sold.
  18. I think for the first two I was still working an 8-4 shift at work and there was a movie theater across the street from my house, so I checked them out early on opening day. That was nice - no crowds. For the third one, I remember that one very well because I took the woman I'd marry to it after dinner on our second date. We usually watch the extended edition each year. At this point I don't even think of them as separate movies anymore but rather as more of a long miniseries, like Lonesome Dove. It holds up very nicely. Certainly I'll always think that there are things Jackson did that I'm not crazy about but on the whole I think it's an amazing achievement. I'm pretty stoked for The Hobbit to come out. I'm starting to get that itch for it like I did when I was following the development of the LOTR movies, when it felt like something really huge was coming over the horizon.
  19. The impression I had was that he was definitely insane but after being cured he chose in the end to become lobotomized rather than live sanely with the reality of his life. Maybe I missed something but that was the most direct and obvious reading for me.
  20. I saw Wolfman the other day and thought it was a lot of fun. It's sort of a mish-mash of the original Universal films, Hammer's Curse of the Werewolf, and Paul Naschy's El Hombre Lobo movies. I've seen some extremely negative reviews but I don't know what planet those folks are living on.
  21. Hasn't EA's marketing so far for this game been begging people to do this?
  22. ...70 hours later my human noble warrior made the world safe for democracy. Started a new game this morning with an elf mage and since I now know my way around I'm assuming it won't take quite as long and I'll hopefully be able to finish some of the side missions I screwed up the first time around. I generally liked the story and characters although I have to say that Duncan murdering Ser Jory just because the poor guy had second thoughts about the Joining made me laugh a long time.
  23. Finally caught this on Saturday (in 3D) and it met my expectations - nothing especially noteworthy beyond the special effects but pretty good entertainment, a trite story that was well told. I was surprised at how bad Sam Worthington's American accent was and how flat the dialogue was (can't remember a single line from the film now beyond stuff like "Yeah that's right, bitch!"). Stephen Lang was a lot of fun. Hard to believe he used to be that annoying tabloid reporter that got torched in Manhunter and piggish Ike Clanton. As much of a prick as he was in Avatar, I think I'd have liked to have seen a whole movie with him as the protagonist
  24. I think it was Tomb of Dracula volume 2 back in December (was supposed to be October but it was late). I believe Iron Man volume 2 is on deck for April as the next one.
  25. Yeah, the DVD-ROM sets are just .pdf's of the original comics. The earliest issues are yellowed with a lot of worn pages, but if you just want to be able to read the stories and don't mind doing it on a computer, they're okay. Only problem is the company that made lost the rights, so the sets are out of print and rapidly getting more expensive. There are also some frustrating omissions, like no annuals in some of them or Giant Size issues. About the Masterworks, while they are expensive, Marvel over this past year has begun reprinting them one a month in softcover for half the price. That's a good deal. I love the Omnibus line but Marvel mostly ever releases them as special editions to tie in with new movies, time of year (Tomb of Dracula for Halloween), or big comics events.
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