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  1. I would definitely buy Titan Quest on the Switch (assuming it's a decent port).
  2. My favorite comic book growing up was the Fantastic Four (John Byrne's run). After 3 disappointing attempts, let's hope Marvel (with full creative control) will be able to do them some justice! It will be interesting to see if Marvel had a contingency plan for getting so many characters available for the MCU or if everything is already too planned out through 2019.
  3. I just picked up one of these covers for $12.99 on Amazon: It greatly improves comfort playing in handheld mode. Obviously, it's too thick to fit in the dock with the cover on so if you switch between handheld and docked mode a lot, it may not be worth the effort. Edit: I forgot to mention that the Switch with the cover on still fits in the slim Nintendo case.
  4. I've played about 10 hours of Skyrim so far, about 50/50 split between handheld and TV mode. The text is much easier to read in TV mode but the game doesn't look as good as in handheld mode (it looks like a 360 game in TV mode to me). It was kind of distracting at first, but after I got into the game, I quickly forgot about it. I'm glad the developers prioritized a smooth framerate over a higher resolution. The game wouldn't be as immersive if it looked better but was stuttery. It's amazing being able to play Skyrim wherever I want. Gonna be putting a lot of hours into this one!
  5. Now that I have more apps than fit on the home screen, the only way to access the rest of them seems to be to scroll all the way right to open up a 6-across grid of all the software. I really hope Nintendo adds an option like the 3DS has where you can set how many rows you want displayed on your home screen. I've played about an hour of Skyrim in handheld/tabletop modes and it's really impressive. Even the motion controls are a fun addition (not sure I'd use them long-term at this point though). The text is kind of small in Skyrim for my old eyes. I wish there was a way to make it bigger.
  6. I bought a USB A to C cable to use with a battery pack or an extra Apple AC charger plug I had lying around. EDIT: When I want to travel light, I just bring the USB A to C cable since USB port access is pretty ubiquitous.
  7. I've played about 10 Rocket League local play matches with bots to get my feet wet before I play online with real people and it's been a lot of fun. I appreciate being able to play with bots offline for when I don't have a WiFi connection and also the fact that the local play matches unlock the different cars and whatnot. I can see why people are so into the game.
  8. I started playing WoW in it's first week of release and my interest kind of waned around Mists of Panderia. I have played some vanilla WoW on Elysium (non-Blizzard-run vanilla WoW servers) and the quality of life additions that Blizzard made over the years is really missed. It did run super fast on my Surface Pro 4 compared to current WoW so there's that.
  9. Doom is 21.3GB and NBA Playgrounds is 9.6GB. The rest range from 6.8GB to 905MB (excluding Hulu which is 37.5MB). Other than Skyrim, I probably won't get anything else this year. EDIT: FYI, the digital download of Breath of the Wild is 13.6GB.
  10. I have a 128GB micro SD card in my Switch with the following digital games/apps: Rocket League Hulu Super Mario Odyssey Doom Rayman Legends Arms Mario Kart 8 Minecraft NBA Playgrounds Fast RMX Splatoon 2 Snipperclips Ultra Street Fighter 2 And I still have 54.6GB free. The only physical game I've bought so far was Breath of the Wild and it has never left my Switch.
  11. There was a sale around Halloween but not on Nintendo first party titles. I imagine there will be a similar sale around Black Friday.
  12. Downloaded it this morning and just played about an hour. Amazing fun so far! The cap throwing/capturing mechanic is so good!
  13. Someone gave me a SNES Classic last night for helping them with a project. Haven't had a chance to hook it up yet but I look forward to playing it and eventually adding more games to it!
  14. The 4.0 update also makes compatible the Nintendo GameCube Adapter for Wii U so you can now use GameCube controllers on the Switch: http://comicbook.com/gaming/2017/10/24/nintendo-switch-gamecube-controller/
  15. Don't give up hope! I won my Switch in an online contest by thrifter.com. Amazon had the set of gray joy-cons for $66 a few weeks ago so I picked those up to play some multiplayer games.
  16. With the Switch selling out, it's very unlikely there would be a price drop like the 3DS had in its first year. Nintendo first party games like Mario Kart and Zelda rarely go on sale. Controllers (joy-cons or pro) and micro SD cards may go on sale during Black Friday. So you could do something like buy the Switch/Mario Kart/Zelda now and pick up the rest later when you find a good deal. Before you buy pro controllers, I'd recommend playing some games with one joy-con (horizontally), with 2 joy-cons (one in each hand) and with 2 joy-cons in the included grip. If you're ok with playing in these configurations, you could save some cash by buying another set of joy-cons (and another grip if needed) and then you'd have controllers for 4 people (or 2 people with or without grips).
  17. I played a little of the demo last night. The text is really small for my old eyes (on the Switch's screen)! I couldn't even make it to battle.
  18. When I first got the Switch, I didn't even hook the dock up to my TV. The dock was just a glorified charging station. The Switch's screen is really nice (I recently tried to play a game on the New 3DS and it was painful to go back to such a low-res screen) and there was no need to interrupt someone already using the TV to play. Eventually I did hook up the dock to the TV in my bedroom and I found I much prefer games like BOTW on the bigger screen. When I'm away from the house, being able to play multiplayer games with the 2 joy-cons in tabletop mode has worked really well. The Switch's screen is just big enough where games are playable when in split-screen. I think my breakdown is something like 50%/35%/15% between handheld/docked/tabletop modes. The fact that the Switch seamlessly moves between modes while still playing the same game is a great feature that I never thought I'd use until I got a Switch. Maybe the usage isn't exactly like Nintendo touted in their launch trailer but it's close enough to me that I could see and experience what it was designed for. I've never sold any of my old games before so going digital had no impact for me there. Losing the 20% off physical games through things like Best Buy's Gamer's Club is tough but partially mitigated by the 9% off I get on digital purchases having no sales tax. I figure the difference is the cost of the convenience of having all my games with me. I really wish Nintendo would allow digital games to be regularly priced lower than physical games since there is no cost associated with cartridges, physical packaging, shipping, B&M middle-men, etc.) though (yeah right!).
  19. I have 1 physical game (BOTW), 8 digital games and 6 digital demos. The convenience of not having to switch/keep track of/carry game carts is the best (even if you're just moving from one room to another in your house to play the Switch). Plus some games, like NBA 2K18, will require a microSD card even when you purchase the physical game cart. I was pleasantly surprised by the Doom/Wolfenstein II announcements. The Swtich definitely needs more mature AAA FPS games.
  20. Some physical Nintendo Switch games will require a MicroSD card: http://www.nintendolife.com/news/2017/09/some_retail_nintendo_switch_games_will_require_you_to_own_a_microsd_card
  21. I'm currently at 79 shrines, 3 divine beasts, and I have the master sword. I just got some fire resistance armor so I'm about to take on the last divine beast (some kind of lizard). How many more shrines would you recommend I beat before I try to take on Ganon?
  22. I brought the Switch with me on a family trip last weekend. It really highlighted the versatility of its handheld and tabletop modes (I didn't feel like hauling around the big dock to hook it up to a TV) especially for multiplayer. I also picked up the Hori Compact Playstand for $13. It has 3 angles, folds flat into a shape just a little smaller than the Switch itself (without joy-cons), and has rubber feet on the bottom and on the arms holding the Switch so it doesn't slide around. And of course, the main reason I got it was so that I can charge and play the Switch in tabletop mode at the same time. I highly recommend it.
  23. It would've been nice if Nintendo had made it so that if a player drops out of a Splatoon 2 multiplayer match, his/her character becomes a bot so that their team isn't totally crippled. I was playing some local multiplayer Mario Kart last night and I got disconnected but the CPU took over my character to finish the race so although I lost that race, I was still able to win the overall cup.
  24. I got to play a few matches of Splatoon 2's Salmon Run. It's a lot of fun teaming up with 3 other people and fighting off waves of salmonids and bosses. I'm not sure why the mode is only available at certain times though.
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