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  1. Did we ever discuss the added S.E.A references being dropped into the new Jungle Cruise queue at Disneyland? That's the Society of Explorers and Adventurers that was conceived by Imagineering to tie backstories of various lands and attractions together when they were working on Disney Sea and has since seen references expand to almost every Disney park in one way or another. There was also talk of it being the basis of a Disney+ show that Ron Moore is supposed to be working on, but whether that's still happening I don't know. I hope so as it's such a neat idea, like a Disney League of Extraordinary Gentlemen. I think it's the most brilliant story concept Imagineering has had (I probably love it as it reminds me of old Adventurers Club). At WDW, something curious happened. There were boxes with the S.E.A logo stamped on them, but they have since been removed and now they only go so far as to have Hightower Industries imprints on boxes in the queue apparently (Harrison Hightower, of Tokyo Tower of Terror fame, is written to be a member of S.E.A). Kevin Lively said there are other new S.E.A references still to be found throughout though. One of the characters on the pole trying to escape the Rhino's is also a S.E.A member.
  2. Substantial performance improvements coming to PC this month: https://www.theverge.com/2021/7/1/22558803/microsoft-flight-simulator-pc-performance-improvements-patch
  3. The Willy Wonka disc is great. I was pleasantly surprised that Warner even restored the Paramount logo to the opening of the film.
  4. Paramount are finally releasing Beavis and Butthead Do America on Blu-ray on October 5th.
  5. There's no Apple One sub just for those interested in Music and TV+ is there? I wish there was. I actually wish there was an al la carte option too where they'd just let you pick the subs you want and apply a discount accordingly.
  6. 1931 Dracula is now 4k/HDR on iTunes which adds further fuel to the fire that Classic Monsters are not far off from receiving a UHD disc release as international retail listings have hinted. I wonder if we'd get the Spanish Dracula in 4k on disc too. I'd be so happy if we did (Universal could probably put both on a 100GB disc).
  7. And continuing the subject of books. I'm looking forward to that. Tom K Morris hyped it up on Twitter this past week as one to look forward to. It's due to be released in October/November. I'm only seeing it listed as a softcover which is a shame. Eat Like Walt was a hardcover (I still need to get that). I need to schedule some finances for another parks related book spending spree. The monorail book from last year is high on my list.
  8. I think it's probably too new for them to want to do a deep dive into it, so doing a little here and there in The Imagineering Story and Behind the Attraction can basically serve as more of a PR function for the land and the rides. It's funny to think that it's a two year old land already but that with COVID restricting access to WDW, and Disneyland being closed for a year, so few people will have experienced any of it. Have you had any interest in getting the Art of Galaxy's Edge book? It's on my list to grab at some point. There seems to be quite a bit in there showing what was abandoned in the concept stages/dropped due to budget. I'm actually surprised they published it so soon rather than waiting until they could incorporate art for the hotel in there too, so I'm wondering whether to hold off to see if a second edition, or an edition sold exclusively at WDW, ever emerges. Speaking of the hotel, it now has its own poster:
  9. It works now. You may find the ATV app needs an update which patches in the 6 month offer. I now have an extension on my existing account through to Jan 26th!
  10. My trial from my iPad purchase ends next week so I'm happy about it too. I just need the offer to actually work as it doesn't quite seem as though it is active yet.
  11. Six months free Apple TV+ (for new and existing subscribers) for PS5 owners: https://www.playstation.com/en-gb/deals/6-months-trial-apple-tv-ps5-offer/#terms
  12. Microsoft and their partners have announced new official flight-sim controller accessories: https://news.xbox.com/en-us/2021/07/22/official-microsoft-flight-sim-accessories/
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