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  1. UK Collector's Edition version of Mulholland Drive (from Studio Canal) arrives on Nov 22nd: Once again we're in the dark about who's doing the compression. Fidelity in Motion did the previous UK Blu-ray which was superior to Criterion's Blu, but that's no guarantee that they'll automatically be the ones hired to do the UHD of course.
  2. I'm not even sure MK8 should count since it's a port of a Wii U game. It's brilliant. Arguably my favourite Mario Kart since the GBA game, but it's truly like GTA which never had a new entry on PS4. "Why bother when this port is selling so well?" At least in Mario Kart 8's case it got a second life given lacklustre Wii U sales. GTAV really didn't need a second life... and certainly not a third.
  3. I get hot fast when I run (or should I say "ran." I'm trying to find the motivation to run regularly again but struggling). Camp's right on the money though. Fewer layers than you think you need, and not as thick or heavy as you think you might need. That week where I was running in blizzard conditions back when I was marathon training, unable to see three feet in front of me, was the most fun I have ever had running (it was true Rocky IV training montage conditions). I wish it would snow here more often. My body was a furnace keeping me warm, and the cold conditions were the motivation to just keep moving or else risk my temperature taking a hit. If you are facing the likelihood of running in rain and snow this winter just be sure your running shoes will give you a good grip. I think most of the best shoes by their nature are designed quite well for varying conditions these days.
  4. My bookmarks are my mind palace. Folders within folders within folders...
  5. In November this package is getting a BIG update/re-release that will see the inclusion of Capcom's SNES Aladdin game, as well as both SNES and Megadrive/Genesis editions of The Jungle Book! I had not got round to buying the previous compilation of Aladdin and Lion King so this is very pleasing as I remember lamenting the absence of Jungle Book the last time, and the Capcom version of Aladdin is terrific. Those who did already purchase the previous release will be able to purchase a DLC upgrade for $10. The full release will retail for $30:
  6. Ohhh. Right. Yes on iPadOS they've made Safari pretty much mimic how it's set out in MacOS where you access bookmarks via the side bar. On Mac OS you can add a star shaped bookmarks button when you go into the menu for customising the Safari toolbar, but it's a really weird implementation as all it does is open your bookmarks in a tabbed bar rather than just presenting you with a quick access pop up/drop down menu.
  7. There's not much I find myself wishing I can customise with the iPhone anymore, at least not as far as the UI layout is concerned. Being able to delete some default apps, hide apps you use less by dumping them into the library, and now Focus Modes, have done a lot to ease my frustration with the layout. I hate visual clutter, but things are cleaner and simpler now and I have a better sense of where things are. I really do love the new Focus Modes (though I assume Android's probably had something like that for years? That's usually the way it is with OS changes with Apple I find. Anyone coming over from Google had best be OK with Apple's OS not always leading the way when it comes to features). I still think Apple do a really poor job teaching people just what you can do with iOS devices, whether it's with the settings, or touch gestures...etc. It's true of MacOS too in a lot of ways. I still feel like I am discovering little tips and tricks that have been around for years on a regular basis. I'm having to learn a lot about accessibility options lately to aid a family member with failing eyesight and hearing and it's quite remarkable finding stuff I never knew was there, and I've even found use for a couple of things myself in the process. What are you seeing? Regardless of whether I have the search bar at the top of the page or the bottom, at the very bottom I still have a grey bar with the < > arrows, share icon, bookmarks icon and the tabs icon (I love the new tabs view in iOS 15 incidentally. Much nicer than what we had before).
  8. I've seen it so many times now, but it always makes me laugh. That's honestly such a good looking game too. Great lighting and animation work. I wish MK8 wasn't Nintendo's sales equivalent to GTAV so we could actually have a sequel though.
  9. Well.... I did say. I was surprised having had 120hz on your iPad Pro that you were willing to take the loss with the Mini. It's absurd Apple make 120hz a premium though. As I understand it there are reasonably cheap Android phones that have had 120hz for ages. This should be standard by now on most of Apple's higher end mobile products (the iPad Pros already have it of course, but the Mini and the Air could honestly have it too). What don't you like about the Galaxy (or Android OS in general)?
  10. Yes, while I don't intend to ever go as long as I did from upgrading a 6 to a XS (and I got the XS when it was almost a year old already), I find a three/four year cycle is best for me with phone upgrades. I'm witnessing no noticeable performance drawbacks on my XS, but the battery improvements and introduction of 120hz on more recent models are definitely something I'm keener to benefit from sooner rather than later. I've every expectation that an iPhone 14 would leave me happy for a long time.
  11. That's a curious turn of events. Good talent there so no bad thing, and while it seems quite bold for a major developer under the wing of a colossus like Microsoft to openly seek out a development partnership with another company it hopefully means that The Initiative were not willing to put so much pressure on their teams to deliver their debut game alone. Any reason that news was posted in this thread and not the Perfect Dark one by the way?
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