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  1. OK, some changes are afoot. I probably won't have very many codes to give away in future. I'm STILL in dispute with Deep Discount over the missing discs I was expecting in May. They've told me this week to expect a refund within the next seven days. While I don't blame them for the order clearly being stolen (I ordered the Toy Story discs at the same time, and they shipped later due to being pre-orders and still arrived safely and on time), the wait for a refund has left me a little cold and I've been scratching my head over where to turn for US disc purchases. I've since been recommended a US based seller on eBay and just received Finding Nemo and Cars from him in only four-days, packaged so well it would make most major retailers blush. The catch is he removes the MoviesAnywhere codes ahead of his sales, which is fine for me as the US codes are irrelevant, but obviously means that whenever I use him I won't have any to pass on. I am having to order the first two How to Train Your Dragon movies, that were supposed to be part of that missing May order, from Amazon however. So I will have codes for those in the coming weeks (neither disc is in stock right now, but they are super cheap). Why they never got a UK release when we got a disc of the third movie I don't know.
  2. I keep forgetting the rewind option is there on the Switch apps and Classic Mini consoles. I'd love to 100% Yoshi too.
  3. There is now indeed a UHD disc listing for Easy Rider in December (via Amazon Italy for now) https://www.amazon.it/Easy-Rider-Ultra-Blu-Ray/dp/B07XQBTTGG
  4. Yeah, they make the most sense as I don't listen to music while walking around town anymore. Will think it all over. Want to see what comes of Mac/iPad news in October.
  5. Nov 4th for Universal Soldier in the UK: NEW 4K REMASTER OF THE FILM DOLBY VISION/HDR PRESENTATION OF THE FILM Audio Commentary featuring Roland Emmerich, Jean-Claude van Damme, Dolph Lundgren and Dean Devlin A tale of two titans - Featurette Guns, Genes and Fighting Machines - Featurette Behind The Scenes - Featurette Alternate Ending Original Trailer Optional English SDH subtitles for the main feature Still hoping they will announce the one Emmerich movie I DO want (Stargate).
  6. 1967 Jungle Book has shown up with a German retailer for January. Good news if true. It’s due a Signature Collection Blu-ray release at some stage, so this would likely arrive alongside that. Would imagine the Favreau version would get a UHD as well.
  7. I think that’s a little different as Disney has no online digital store of its own for downloadable purchases/rentals, and also supplies its films to competing services like VUDU (and with 4k options that they withhold from Apple no less). With ATV+ and Disney+ you have two very similar/competing streaming services.
  8. Bob Iger’s stepped down from Apple’s board of directors after eight years, presumably due to potential conflicts of interest with Disney+ and AppleTV+.
  9. Did they re-cast Will Smith or is the character not in the film?
  10. Universal? I thought Lionsgate swallowed up the Miramax library? (Studio Canal would handle it in Europe).
  11. Amazon just delivered the Marc Davis imagineering book(s). I am absolutely knocked out and left giddy like a child trying to take it all in (I went right to vol2’s section on World of Motion first as we so rarely see work from that, but even for the attractions we have seen work from there’s just an overwhelming amount of unseen photos and sketches throughout). The Western River Expedition chapter is immense. Worth every damn penny.
  12. They need to add a playlist function so we can create our own Disney Afternoons. 😀 Seen a good suggestion on Twitter that they should let you pick the show lineup and then the service can randomise the episodes. I wonder if stuff like Boy Meets World will be on there at launch.
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