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  1. Apparently Roger Rabbit and Black Cauldron are amongst the 4k/HDR titles on Disney+. Damn them to hell for being too lazy to do a Roger Rabbit anniversary disc last year. Black Cauldron is 35 next year but it’s such a bastard child to the company I’d be surprised if that got a disc.
  2. Japanese launch trailer: Really looks great. Looking forward to diving into it this weekend.
  3. My big concern is the land getting sun bleached over time. I hope Universal stay on top of that as when I’ve seen IOA walkthroughs I can’t help but notice the Seuss land needs a re-paint (and they left those Grinch sets on the tram tour in Hollywood out in the sun for years and years before re-painting them).
  4. The shows are at least going to be quite short, right? Like eight episodes or so? Or am I remembering that wrong? I’m sure I’ll get round to watching everything but I won’t be in a hurry as, like you say, there’s destined to be other things I’d sooner watch first instead. Disney+ is a curious beast for me. I’m not clamouring for lots of films I already own and would sooner own on disc if there’s a choice, I’m not really clamouring for the Marvel and Star Wars stuff, but I am extremely interested in the new documentary content. I’m already someone who didn’t see every MCU film theatrically (and I still haven’t seen Far From Home), so it won’t be a sudden change for me to defer to home viewing instead. I’m sure some future films will still make sense outside of the context of the streaming shows (ideally Thor, Black Panther and Captain Marvel sequels which are the future films I’d be most likely to be keenest to see on release).
  5. Received the Phantom Manor Decrypted book today as it was finally made available online via Disney’s UK store this past week. It’s really lovely. Very happy to have this and the Pirates book. Both largely focus on the design and stories of the Paris versions of each ride, but do also delve into the history of the original versions.
  6. That will likely compel me to skip theatrical viewings and just take everything in via Disney+ in future.
  7. The Irishman is a magnificent achievement on so many levels. A truly compelling three and a half hours from beginning to end. Very glad I got to see this in the big screen. I only wish the chances of being able to own it someday were not so slim.
  8. Later than I had hoped, but good to have a date. Guess I should mute Mandalorian chatter on Twitter. Would be nice if we can get discount offers on subscriptions like the US did but I won’t get my hopes up.
  9. Amazing what can be done with the Animation features in the upcoming Procreate 5 update:
  10. I just finished 9 (glad I had a golden bone at the end there) so am ready to do some Boo hunting for a while until Pokemon next week.
  11. This seems completely unnecessary, and yet kind of brilliant... 😆
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