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  1. This is coming to PS4, XB1 and Switch later this year (specific date currently unknown):
  2. In terms of the colour palettes and grading though? I'm desperate for them to move away from the flat look all of their digitally shot movies have suffered from (it's by no means fault of them being shot digitally, but how they treat those images in post).
  3. Tower of Terror in Paris is due to get some permanent new effects and storyline tweaks in late September. https://d.adroll.com/consent/write?_l=en&_c=1&_v=4&_e=bounced_consent&_d=https%3A%2F%2Fattractionsmagazine.com%2Ftower-of-terror-updates-disneyland-paris%2F&_s=f2d581f5167c6cb513ab280812e70b07&_b=626d9f6089ce68&_a=L442OGJPNFBODKPLVHOMHV It's interesting as I had wondered about the long-term fate of the ride in Paris as it sits in front of what will eventually be the Marvel-land, so my assumption was that it might have ended up with the Guardians re-skin since the Paris Tower of Terror is a clone of the California version. Glad to hear it doesn't appear to be going away anytime soon. I wonder if any of these additions will make it over to Florida (the ride celebrates its 25th anniversary this week with no changes, but perhaps for the WDW 50th?).
  4. I would really love it if they shifted gear visually with this next era and allowed the films to look more unique and interesting.
  5. I'd be considering one purely for health and fitness really (I genuinely hate the idea of being connected 24/7 for web, phone, social media prompts...etc), but not until later in the year if I choose to replace my Garmin. If i feel like getting Powerbeats Pro earphones or the rumoured 3rd gen Airpods then the Apple watch with my running/workout music on, allowing me to head out without the phone, starts to become quite appealing.
  6. Question for Apple Watch users. What improvements do you want/expect to see on future hardware revisions?
  7. It helps, sure, but when you’re as wealthy as Hopkins and Portman, and likely have no interest in repeating the experience of Dark World’s troubled production, they can probably afford to be selective.
  8. Unless the offer is to come back but get to do something different, which I suspect is what helped win Hopkins round (and Portman too).
  9. That mighty chunk of Pixar catalogue titles (Brave, Cars, Cars 2, Finding Nemo, Finding Dory, The Good Dinosaur, Inside Out and Ratatouille) looks to be dropping on the 10th of September in the US.
  10. I love Yoshi so that makes me happy. Not sure it’s a good idea for the ride to go outside though, at least in Florida, as it’ll mean shutdowns in the rain. Good luck telling me to abandon the queue for a Yoshi ride, Universal.
  11. Very interested to know how Daniel Brühl fits into Bucky and Falcon Hit the Road.
  12. Can Blade and Black Panther team up? Has that been a thing? I want that to be a thing. Thank you.
  13. The goofiness of that Doctor Strange title is adorable, and Thor’s title reads like a trashy erotic novel. I love it. Blade with Ali is TERRIFIC, but are they going to PG-13 that though?
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