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  1. I think it was somewhat inevitable given that Murdoch continues broadcast and news operations under the Fox name. So, in part, blame him for claiming the name when he did and dragging it into the mud. I doubt they’d drop the Newman fanfare on future films, but again I fear for the classic logo on older titles. Universal and Warner have the decency to retain old Paramount and MGM logos at the head of older films they since came to own respectively, but I don’t 100% trust Disney to do the same since, again, they are constantly refreshing the logos at the start of many of their own movies out of desire to modernise them. This has often come to damage the original opening of films like Toy Story where the score had now been cut out at the very start. What might become of, say, the snowy 20th Century Fox logo at the start of Edward Scissorhands for example, or X Men movies where the X of “Fox” lingered on screen for slightly longer than the rest of the logo?
  2. I'm going with Huber's multi-disc changer stacked PS5 design from the Easy Allies 2020 predictions.
  3. Talk of Dreams going PC at a later date is also doing the rounds again and that's an even smarter move. I really hope that happens. I still wonder if they will ever make good on early chatter on potentially making PSVR compatible with PC. Perhaps a future hardware revision.
  4. Disney have formally killed the ‘Fox’ brand. I hope that doesn’t extend to erasing and replacing the Fox logo on catalogue releases where it once featured. Disney seem to have an allergy to even their own legacy logos when it comes to re-issuing films.
  5. So that's what triggered the bizarre comments I'd seen abut Sony being anti-consumer for having PS5 exclusives? For the life of me I could not understand where that was coming from. It was as if people had never purchased a console before. Ugh. The internet.
  6. Microsoft fascinate me right now. I don't expect to be all that surprised by whatever Sony unveil in the coming months, which isn't necessarily a bad thing, but Microsoft have more to prove and are genuinely capturing my interest with their services. While I don't really intend to buy any next-gen systems until late next year, there's a chance that if any were to woo me this side of 2021 it would be what Microsoft will be offering. I'm certainly wary of how potentially having two next-gen Xboxes of differing performance will affect their sales though and am still unsure if that's a good idea. I'm also extremely curious as to how the approach of scaling their first party games to play on XB1 through to Series X is achievable without hampering games being able to run at their very best on the highest end hardware, but I'm sure there's an argument to be made for PC games effectively being similarly developed for multiple tiers of performance, with the benefit here being that at least with the "xbox family" of consoles developers know precisely the specs every tier of hardware players would be using whereas PC's can be built will all number of configurations of ram, CPU and GPU types/performance. Richard at DF's thought about whether this approach could be a platform wide mandate extending to third-party development it also a remarkably interesting thought.
  7. Byleth, male and female, from Three Houses will round off the fighter DLC pack. The next DLC pack will consist of six fighters.
  8. Interesting turn of events. Warner and Universal will be forming a ten year join venture to distribute content on physical media in the hope of making their operations more efficient in the dwindling market. https://variety.com/2020/film/news/universal-warner-bros-dvd-joint-venture-home-entertainment-1203467934/
  9. Lynch's Elephant Man has surfaced with an April listing with European retailers. More black and white UHD! This will be a Studio Canal disc here. I'm not sure if Lionsgate have the US rights to share this one. I really hope this is one of Studio Canal's better encoded discs.
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