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  1. Hardly seems worth it for such a tiny proportion of users who might have the Move and PS Camera. I'd have thought that a port for PS VR would make the most sense. As for Xbox, I agree I don't know what the hell the plan would be there.
  2. I can't keep up with that series but I got a good giggle at how that trailer just gets sillier, and sillier, and sillier.
  3. I've been meaning to raise this issue for a while but it's remarkable how bad Studio Canal screw up when they do not defer their compression duties to Fidelity in Motion. I hadn't bought Total Recall due to the bad reviews about the compression, and here's an example: https://screenshotcomparison.com/comparison/12569 What you're looking at there is the HDR10 layer compared to the Dolby Vision layer (actually it's using some trickery to convert the DV to HDR-10 for the purposes of capture). True of most badly compressed Studio Canal discs, a lot of problems are reduced i
  4. Good stuff. I'm not going to applaud the patches when it really should have launched in a better state to begin with, but it's nevertheless good to see them addressing the problems so quickly.
  5. If any of you are interested in the Chinese Oppo clones, the most current models carry the following model numbers: M9201 - Oppo 203 Clone M9203 - As above but with a VFD front panel display M9205 - Oppo 205 Clone The earliest clone went by the model M9702. It had inferior internal hardware boards and some shutdown bugs which all appear to have been rectified with the new units. The M9201 generally gets priced at around $470. The Spanish forum AV Pasion (and makers of the video above) have regular group buys for anyone anywhere in the world to ge
  6. And wouldn't you know it, Saturday Night Fever is now 4k/Dolby Vision on the UK store and updated with iTunes extras. It references the Director's Cut so whether it also includes the theatrical I don't know (I've no issue with the director's cut). It's £7.99 so I'll wait on it a little while and still hope for a disc to surface eventually.
  7. In The Line of Fire coming from Sony on June 15th in the US:
  8. Not going to watch it all so as not to spoil the disc release next month, but my iTunes copy of Speed is now 4k/Dolby Vision. What I sampled looks very pleasing. Apparently in some territories Saturday Night Fever has switched to 4k/DV. It's one I'd really like Paramount to bring to disc but second to a physical release I'd buy it on iTunes if it upgrades in the UK. I don't know what version has been made available in 4k elsewhere, or whether both theatrical and director's cuts are 4k. So far all the UK store seems to have is the HD theatrical cut.
  9. There's jailbreak software for my Oppo 203 floating around that's...interesting. It effectively opens up unfettered access to being able to play MKV, BDMV, ISO backups from a server, and of course there's no concerns with Dolby Vision...etc since the player is effectively going to be playing back those files just as it would were there a disc in the drive. The hack of course also runs on the Chinese Oppo clones that can be acquired which are, for the most part, Oppo players without the drives (possibly with slightly inferior a/v output on a account of some internal differences to the original
  10. I've seen the Sofabaton mentioned on various forums since the Logitech news broken and I began researching alternatives. http://www.sofabaton.com It's only IR based as far as I can tell, by which I mean no hub, which doesn't bother me as my components are not hidden in a cabinet, and it does allow for macro inputs which is of more interest to me. They don't seem to be easily available in the UK tough one can be imported via Amazon Global for around £70. That would probably do me for now, and if I can get the the point of having a receiver and proper ho
  11. Thanks for the heads up. That might be a big red flag. I don't have Windows access (though in theory could if I kept hold of my current MacBook Pro whenever I get a Mac desktop and just run bootcamp off that, but ughhh. Hassle to keep it around just for such a minor reason). Writing must have been on the wall for some time if they couldn't even bother to do a 64bit version. Seems to kill any chance of native M based version dead at this point too since 32bit apps don't run under Rosetta. God damn it, Logitech.
  12. The Roomie Remote seems to be very sophisticated for those who aren't against mobile/tablet control: http://roomieremote.com It's effectively a poor man's Crestron if you wanted to surrender an iPad mini or something to act exclusively as your controller (and easier to program since one of the main ways Crestron can continue revenue with their customers is by making their software locked out to dealers and requiring training to configure anything, so any time a new component gets added or an existing one needs changing you've got to pay an accredited installer to do it.
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