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  1. Lego have begun manufacturing safety visors for medical staff.
  2. I’d love to hold one. Maybe we were all wrong and it feels amazing. 😆
  3. Good point on the naming. Something added to the game as free dlc during a new window to promote the game again next year does seem like a good idea. Add more retro gameplay options I say. That’d perhaps be the cheapest thing they could do, but those were terrific in the demo.
  4. That design has a magical ability to actually look worse every time you see it.
  5. Missed the controller reveal because they simply tweeted it out there (🤷‍♂️) and it got lost in my feed. Literally only just saw it some 20hrs later. Looks nice. Translucent buttons and d-pad is an interesting design choice. Also:
  6. There doesn’t seem to be much in the way of rumour claiming that Galaxy 2 will be part of this collection of remasters unfortunately (perhaps due to time/money).
  7. That’s a really interesting thought. You’d think at the very least they’d re-issue it next year with a new in game title screen and box art (could make the 2020 version something of a collector’s item in years to come), and patch out the title screen for downloaded purchases.
  8. Boris Johnson is now in intensive care. I am not a fan but do not wish this on him or his fiancé one bit.
  9. I was thinking about how the hell you even possibly begin to ease lockdowns and Germany perhaps has the most pragmatic approach: But that surely only stands a chance if you’re a county that’s handled this as fastidiously as Germany has (and have the healthcare system Germany has)... so not the UK or US then. Mortality rates in Italy and Spain might FINALLY be beginning to plateau, even drop, consistently. I truly hope so. UK’s peak is expected to be this weekend and I desperately hope that’s not being over confident (I fear it may be).
  10. It made away for even more Animal Crossing Twitter humour though. I’m happy for that at least.
  11. Anything Murnau is great really. Pabst’s Diary of a Lost Girl is worth seeking out.
  12. Those are all wonderful. Do you own City Girl? There’s a great UK Blu-ray of that from Eureka. It was Murnau’s third Hollywood film.
  13. Speaking of trees, don’t forget one of the easy ways to make bells is to find glowing nuggets in the ground. Dig it up and you’ll likely get around 1000 bells, but don’t patch up the hole. Instead, deposit up to 10,000 back into the hole and wait a few days and you’ll grow a one time money tree that triples the amount you buried (so bury 10k and you’ll be able to shake it down for 30k once it has grown). From my experience you can have three money tress growing at any one time. You can also dig them up and replant them if you so desire (before you shake them for money. Again, they will only reward you once).
  14. That’s good. I was wondering what the patch was earlier. They didn’t replace nuts incidentally, they simply spawn where you otherwise might get branches or wood from trees, or stones, gold, clay...etc from rocks. It was really fishing where it was worst affected though as from rocks and trees you’d still get the traditional finds alongside an egg in most instances. With the fish, there was literally no point casting to catch a medium sized fish as you were 99.99% likely to get an egg instead.
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