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  1. That looks really great! (seems to be inspired by the tools from Labo?). It's only going to be $29.99 too. https://www.nintendo.com/games/detail/game-builder-garage-switch/
  2. Infuse 7 has launched (and has expanded to MacOS desktop): https://firecore.com/infuse https://firecore.com/blog/25042
  3. I still think it's a shame that non Starcruiser guests will not be able to visit and go to the restaurant or something. I think Disney missed a trick there as not everyone is going to want to spend the money on the hotel experience, but would love the chance to look around (which I turn could even convince people on the fence that it's worth paying for). The lack of decent dining in the land itself still seems like a major oversight. The recent Art of Galaxy's Edge book shows what they had planned, and there's still room for it so perhaps it will come, but it was so strange to me that they mad
  4. I'd be open to giving it a whirl someday as I remember aspects of it appealing to me back when it came out, but the performance issues and bugs put me off (plus I simply wasn't in the mood to play another game in the series only a year after Black Flag (which remains the last entry in the series that I played, having only ever played Assassin's Creed II before it).
  5. AC: Unity is the one Digital Foundry talk about a lot isn't it? I'll be keen to see their video on it with the fps boost. Efforts that MS are pouring into backwards compatibility continue to leave me more and more excited about getting a Series X later in the year (if I can find one!).
  6. I ordered a PS5 copy this morning so hopefully that will arrive for the weekend. Looking forward to it.
  7. It's definitely longer to accommodate the mechanism yes. You can view the patent (filed in 2017) here: https://patents.google.com/patent/US10065127B1/en I don't think guests will get the opportunity to attach it to a belt or anything. It seems designed for a game of sorts "on board" the hotel that's supposed to somewhat mimic Luke's lightsaber training aboard the Falcon.
  8. Use eBay UK code (PRICEWINS) at checkout to slash 20% off certain games at the moment at the boss_deals store, inc Returnal and Village on PS5. It can be used on anything over £15. Eurogamer has a list of some of the best to be had across PS5, Xbox, Switch and PS4: https://www.eurogamer.net/articles/2021-05-04-returnal-resident-evil-village-nier-replicant-monster-hunter-rise-ebay-deals PS5 Village for 43.99 will do very nicely. Code is valid until midnight on Friday and can be used three times per account. https://pages.ebay.co.uk/
  9. Previously only seen recently in an investor stream, Disney have finally given a public reveal of their retractible lightsaber and... it's genuinely impressive: https://disneyparks.disney.go.com/blog/2021/05/star-wars-galactic-starcruiser-launches-in-2022-at-walt-disney-world-resort/?CMP=SOC-DPFY21Q3wo0429210068 These will be used as part of one of the experiences at the Galactic Starcruiser hotel (some may recall patents for this a couple of years ago). The lightsabers have been designed by imagineering so not intended for sale, but
  10. I doubt I'd do well in blind tests either, and it's been years since I've been able to have a decent hi-fi set up due to living space limitations. While I hope this will change in future. right now I listen mostly via my laptop and my phone these days either via their internal speakers, my AirPods Pro or my B&W PX7, and wireless headphones featuring even the latest version of bluetooth being inherently lossy anyway (even my PX7 set with AptX HD support) means that it's useless my even trying any A/B tests. All that said, I still would prefer to archive my purchases at CD quality and contin
  11. Wonka UHD trailer: The wide colour gamut should be truly spectacular on this disc. Again, US release is June 29th (28th now confirmed for UK).
  12. I feel like Marvel releases are like James Cameron movies in the sense that it's wisest not to bet against them. I'll say this much personally. My intention was really to leave the bulk of my consumption of the next "phase" to Disney+, but the pandemic has left me so eager to get back to the cinema that I'll basically take any excuse to go as often as possible this year once I'm vaccinated. Consequently I now expect to take myself to see all the MCU 2021 releases theatrically.
  13. That'd be fun to see. My SNES is still in pretty good shape. It has yellowed slightly, but nothing to the extent like my Dreamcast which looks hideous. Still wishing I could follow you down the path with a lot of these mods. I'm still longing for a day I can afford a bunch of Analogue's systems before they all disappear for good too. I've been watching a lot of retro stuff on Youtube and it's left me terribly nostalgic, and with my old systems in storage it would be nice to breathe new life into them. I really can't consider accumulating more hardware or games, but I
  14. Finished Galaxy. That was a very leisurely pleasure to revisit after all this time. Of the trio of games in the collection it's by far the least frustrating. Camera quirks aside it's very accessible and, as Jeff wrote, it does indeed translate surprisingly well to the Pro controller. I'll probably continue to dip into it from time to time to acquire further stars as it's such a charming experience to play through. It's utterly daft that Galaxy 2 isn't part of the collection as I'd have loved to have continued on straight into that (the sequel having had its 10th anniversary last year made its
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