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  1. I like how they have Rambo's poncho from when he was trapped in the mine in First Blood.
  2. I've never gotten drawn into a Fire Emblem game but I'm sure fans of the franchise are happy. I can understand the special physical edition being a limited release (would've been nice if it included the game on a cartridge instead of a download code though). I'm not sure why the digital version is a limited time only though. It would've been a nice addition to NSO.
  3. I'm non-inverted for FPS or third-person with a centered targeting reticle like Fortnite. For other 3rd person games, I can play either way. For flight sims, I'm inverted because that's the way a plane's controls work.
  4. Yeah and only 1 piece of candy can be bought from Nook's Cranny per day so I've been buying one per day.
  5. I haven't seen Jack either. I still play it every day. One of my co-workers got it about a month ago so I play it more now. We can compare turnip prices and buy/sell on whichever person's island has the best prices. ACNH couldn't have come out at a better time than in 2020. It's relaxing gameplay is a great salve for all the craziness the world is going through.
  6. I've been wanting to move my ACNH island from my regular Switch to my Switch Lite since I never really play ACNH on my TV and I prefer the Lite for handheld play. So today, I bit the bullet and called Nintendo to transfer my island. Even though it says on their website that they'll only do it if your Switch with your island on it is lost or broken, I just told them that I wanted to transfer my island and they never asked me for a reason. The customer rep was nice and walked me through the steps and now it's done. So if you are thinking of moving your island too, it's a very easy process. I'm s
  7. I've been having a lot of fun with Super Mario 35 (I've actually been playing it way more than Super Mario 3D All-Stars). It's amazing how much muscle memory you can build up over 35 years that this game will throw in your face when you're running and jumping and Bowser appears in level 1-1. I hope they keep it on NSO too. Maybe it'll get a last minute reprieve like the jump rope game. I've gotten one win so far and innumerable self-inflicted deaths via missed jumps.
  8. Super Mario 35 is available to download for NSO members. I was only able to play a few games but it seems really fun to play through levels I'm sure we've all played through a million times before but with dynamic changes based on the 34 other players' actions.
  9. I had the same look as Mario when I first saw Steve: But I think it's kind of cool that they are going for out of the box DLC characters.
  10. My kids that I used to play the Lego games with are grown up now but that looks fun.
  11. My copy that I ordered within minutes of the preorder going up on Best Buy is arriving 4 days after launch on 9/22. What's the point of preordering again?
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