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  1. The NSO retro games subscription over a proper Virtual Console has been a disaster. One of my biggest pet peeves with the Switch.
  2. Of the 14 Genesis titles Nintendo announced for the NSO expansion pack, only 3 are not already available on the Switch (Ecco, MUSHA, and Strider). I honestly would have rather had GB/GBC games than Genesis games (especially when so many of them are already available on the Switch). I wonder if the expansion pack (and the incredible drop in new games) means we'll likely not get any more NES/SNES games added to NSO.
  3. I'm shocked Nintendo announced a higher tier of NSO with Nintendo 64 and Genesis (?!?) games without announcing anything (GB/GBC/GBA) for the regular NSO subscription. I'm also not shocked because Nintendo.
  4. I wonder how much Apple and Epic wished they had just worked out a deal before suing each other and taking big losses on both sides without much gained.
  5. Hopefully, alongside the software announcements, they announce Game Boy/Game Boy Color games for NSO and the rumored new paid tier with Nintendo 64 games + a new wireless N64 controller.
  6. I ran the same tests on the Switch Lite: - Max volume bluetooth audio on my Switch Lite is even quieter than on my regular Switch (about 33% compared to wired audio). - I did not hear the compressed/static sound on high pitch sounds on the Switch Lite compared to the regular Switch. This may be due to the max volume being noticeably less. - Like with the regular Switch, I did not see any noticeable lag when using Bluetooth audio. In a loud environment, the Bluetooth audio would not be useful on the Switch Lite. It’s just not loud enough to overcome any background noises.
  7. Some thoughts after running some tests (comparing bluetooth Apple AirPods Pro with wired Apple Earbuds): - The max volume of wired audio is about 50% higher than with bluetooth audio. Each audio output has its own saved volume level when you switch between them. - On bluetooth audio, the sound seems more compressed and has more static, mostly noticeable in the higher pitched sounds. - Lag for bluetooth audio was not noticeably worse than wired audio. I bought (and returned) a bluetooth adapter that plugged into the Switch's USB-C port because it had noticeable lag. - I did not notice any change in the performance of the joy-cons (used wirelessly) while using bluetooth audio (I was sitting a couple of feet away from the Switch). It seems like Nintendo prioritized minimizing lag over sound quality by being aggressive with the compression. The sound quality is not great but I think it is acceptable for casual use. Nintendo could have limited this feature to just the upcoming OLED Switch but they gave it to all Switch owners (albeit 4.5 years late) and I think that deserves some praise. It has its trade-offs but it's a welcome addition to me.
  8. I can confirm that my launch Switch can connect with my AirPods Pro now. Bluetooth bandwidth must really be an issue if using bluetooth audio limits the amount of wireless controllers to two. I'm fine with that tradeoff.
  9. Ok with it probably wasn't the best phrase. Maybe accepting of it is more accurate. Analogue doesn't really have a lot of competition when it comes to the type of high-end products that they make so their customers are willing to accept that there may be delays, short supply, etc. I agree that if you waited a year, there's no reason not to keep on waiting (unless you need the money for something else, of course).
  10. Nintendo Switch Base Model Price Officially Reduced To £259/€269 Across Europe - Nintendo Life Seems official now, at least in Europe. The question now is, will this price drop come to other territories?
  11. As long as Analogue's customers are ok with it. I've never bought one of their products so I'm just someone on the outside looking in.
  12. That seems kind of shady. Best Buy didn't charge up front when I pre-ordered an OLED Switch.
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