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  1. I picked up a turquoise one at Target this morning. I agree, it's the perfect size for a handheld. It's so much lighter and smaller when I hold it that I can support it with my pinkies and don't feel the need to grip it as tightly to hold on to it like I did with the regular Switch (causing hand cramps without some kind of grip accessory). I would probably replace my regular Switch if the Lite had TV out too. The d-pad and less clicky-sounding buttons are a welcome addition as well. I set my Lite up as a secondary console. As noted above, for any digital games purchased on the same Nintendo account shared with the primary Switch, the Lite will check to see if the same account is currently being used on the primary Switch before it launches the digital game. If the Lite is in airplane mode/not connected to the internet, you cannot play any of those digital games. If the primary Switch is in airplane mode/not connected to the internet, you CAN play any of those digital games on the Lite (it still does the check). If you are trying to play a physical game on the Lite, then no check is done. Also, if the primary Switch is playing a physical game, then the Lite can play any digital game (after the check). In summary, the two Switches can't be using the same account to play either the same digital games or different digital games at the same time (unless the primary Switch is in airplane mode or not connected to the internet). However, if someone is using a different user account on the primary Switch, then even the same digital game can be played at the same time.
  2. According to this video, if you're using the same profile on two different Switches, you cannot play digital games purchased on that profile at the same time, even if they are different digital games. This seems to put digital games behind physical games in this respect. In the comments of the video, people are replying that it's possible to play digital games on two different Switches that are purchased on the same profile as long as a different profile is used to play them on the primary Switch (whether it's the same digital game or different digital games). EDIT: If I got a Switch Lite, I was thinking of making it the primary Switch so that it wouldn't require a constant internet connection. This would work fine if I was the only one that ever used the Switches. Since my two sons also sometimes use the regular Switch I have now and have user accounts on it, making it the secondary Switch would mean that they wouldn't be able to play any of the digital games I purchased on my account because only the account they were purchased on can access the digital games on a secondary Switch. That pretty much rules that scenario out.
  3. 1) The Switch Lite is smaller, lighter and has a longer battery life than the regular Switch (I don't have the revised one with extra long battery life). When I take the regular Switch with me, I use it in handheld mode almost exclusively so I don't need a kickstand, removeable joy-cons or docking ability. Portability is my number one priority when on the go. I'd prefer to take my Switch on the go more than I do but I often end up taking my 2DS XL instead because it's more portable. 2) If I take the regular Switch with me, no one in my house can obviously play it.
  4. I like the way Apple does it with their Family Sharing (up to 5 family members). Everyone in the family has access to all the purchased music/movies/apps/games AND they can be used at the same time. Even before Apple added that, it was possible from the start to do the same thing with a family sharing an Apple ID just for iTunes/App Store purchases and having separate Apple IDs for everything else (iCould, Gamecenter, etc.). I think because Nintendo/Sony/MS didn't start out this way and much of their profit comes from software sales, it's very hard for them to bite the bullet and lose out on potential software sales to a single family. There's really no excuse for the archaic way Nintendo handles game saves though.
  5. This is the explanation of how adding a Nintendo Switch Lite to your Nintendo account works when you already have a regular Switch on the account (https://en-americas-support.nintendo.com/app/answers/detail/a_id/22448😞 For the non-primary console, it keeps switching (no pun intended) between the terms "downloadable content" and "downloadable software". At first I thought they were just referring to DLC that would require an active internet connection but it seems like any downloaded software that was purchased on the primary console would be affected. This seems very user-unfriendly, but I assume Nintendo used this system to avoid a Switch Lite and regular Switch from playing the same digital software at the same time. If I end up getting a Switch Lite, since all but two games I have are digital, it may make more sense to make the Switch Lite the primary console to take with me on the go and the regular Switch the non-primary console since it would always have an internet connection at home. This is making me regret going almost all digital on the Switch. The save transfer process between Switches is similarly a hassle (https://en-americas-support.nintendo.com/app/answers/detail/a_id/45047). Ugh.
  6. It's been so long since I last played it but man, Super Ghouls 'n Ghosts has some massive slowdown.
  7. I don't think the launch lineup is as good as the SNES Mini Classic lineup but it's still a welcome addition to the Nintendo Online service. Hopefully, the rest of the Mini Classic lineup will trickle in in the coming months. The SNES is my favorite console of all-time so I'm totally hyped for this and the wireless SNES controller. I could die a happy man if NBA Jam ever makes it to Nintendo Online with 4-player multiplayer!
  8. With all these hands-on previews of the Switch Lite popping up on YouTube, I'm starting to really want one. If only it had the ability to be docked (the dock could have been sold separately to keep costs low).
  9. Interestingly, Kevin Kenson's screen on his "Mariko" Switch is brighter (318 vs. 291 nits) and has a more accurate color temp (6757K vs. 7200K) at max brightness.
  10. I am a totally unashamed and unabashed lover of The Rocketeer comics and movie!
  11. I've long wanted a Rocketeer TV show... but this ain't it.
  12. Interesting look by Digital Foundry at the Switch's performance with the CPU/GPU overclocked. It seems like if Nintendo had designed the dock with additional cooling to supplement the Switch's internal cooling, docked mode performance could be significantly increased with little heat gain. Obviously, handheld mode has battery life issues that would make overclocking in that mode impractical.
  13. Yes, you can transfer all your saves/digital games/settings from your old 3ds (now your wife's) to your New 2DS XL. There are a few caveats. Once you transfer to a New system, you will not be able to transfer it back to a non-New system in the future (you can go old to New or New to New but not New to old). It's a complete system transfer so it transfers everything (you cannot just transfer one digital game). Do not create a new Nintendo Network ID on the New 2DS XL before doing the system transfer (you are transferring your ID from your old system). After the system transfer is complete, you will be able to re-download any bundled software (like MK7) that came with the New 2DS XL. Since your wife is using your old 3DS, the system transfer may not be what you are looking for if she has save files and digital games on there that she plays.
  14. I bought Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate when it was on sale for $8.99 and have been playing that a lot. I like it better than Monster Hunter Generations Ultimate on the Switch (even though the graphics are lower rez). One thing that I found that really annoyed me was the C-stick nub that Nintendo added on the New 3DS/2DS. I hadn't really used it much before but in MH4U, you are using it a lot and that thing is the worst, especially if you get a little sweat on it. After googling some solutions, I ended up literally ripping out the rubber nub and replacing it with an analog stick for the PSP-1000. Now, it works perfectly. A 2 pack of replacement PSP-1000 analog stick was about $5 on Amazon and the mod took roughly 2 minutes. You can disassemble the case and remove the C-stick nub without damaging it but it takes a lot longer and didn't seem worth it to me. There are many videos on YouTube showing how to do either method (ripping it off or disassembling the case). Anyway, if you don't like the C-stick nub, I highly recommend this mod.
  15. Wow, look at this Pokémon Sword and Shield themed Switch Lite (from a Time article on the Switch Lite)z1
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