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  1. I'm not sure how the difficulty compares between the PC and PSVR versions of Beat Saber, but on the PSVR version, after a few weeks, I was able to do almost all the included levels (and DLC song packs) on Expert. In my experience, playing consistently for an hour a day, really helped with my ability to read the arrows and colors on the fly. There's no way I can memorize entire songs (which the best players on YouTube seem to be able to do) so reading the arrows on the fly is mandatory for me. There are a few sections of songs where I had to memorize a specific movement (like both arms moving together in a clockwise motion) but other than that, it's all reading on the fly. You get more points for doing large swings but if you're having trouble hitting the arrows in time, I recommend using minimal movement of your arms to speed up your reaction time until you get more comfortable. I'm turning 50 this year and I'm not athletic at all. If I can do it, I think most anyone can too. Just stick with it. I recently played Beat Saber again after taking a 3-4 week break and there were songs that I did on Expert before that I couldn't even get halfway through. Keep building your muscle memory and you'll improve.
  2. Picked up Okami HD ($11.99), Dead Cells ($17.49), Sonic Mania ($9.99) and Mana Spark ($0.99) during the New Year's sale.
  3. First episode (of seven) of the online-only Pokémon animated series set in the Galar region:
  4. Huge Switch (and some 3DS) sale for North America going on until 1/16: https://www.nintendo.com/games/sales-and-deals/
  5. I like it better than them working on Ultra versions like Ultra Sun/Moon
  6. Pokémon Sword/Shield Expansion pass announced: Part 1 - The Isle of Armor (June 2020) Part 2 - The Crown Tundra (Fall 2020) If you prefer to read about the Expansion Pass instead of watching the Pokémon Direct, here's a good summary: http://www.nintendolife.com/news/2020/01/guide_pokemon_sword_and_shield_expansion_passes_-_all_you_need_to_know_including_new_pokemon
  7. I have a PSVR and Beat Saber but from my personal experiences with the PSVR (and what I've read about the Quest), I'd go for the Quest. You'll be able to sideload user-created songs in Beat Saber on the Quest, it's wireless, and you'd have access to the new 360 degree songs (PSVR can only do 90 degree songs because of the need to be facing the PS camera). The only thing the PSVR has going for it is the price, assuming you already have a PS4.
  8. I got a Series 5 Apple Watch as an early Christmas present from my wife. Coming from a Series 0, this thing is so blazingly fast. Scrolling is buttery smooth and all apps instantly start and are ready to use. The Walkie Talkie feature that was added in watchOS 5 (which the Series 0 doesn't support) is fun. The ECG is easy to use. I feel like I'm in the future now.
  9. Those are nice additions but yeah, it would've been nice if they had stuck to a regular release schedule like they did during the first year.
  10. I just picked up Shield last night and have put about 1.5 hours into it. They did a great job of streamlining the mechanics of the game that haven't changed much over 20 years. Little things like being able to see Pokemon in the tall grass and being able to avoid them, having the ability to access your Pokemon storage from pretty much anywhere, and fast travel via the map, are great additions to the game that help reduce the grind. The graphics, while not the best on the Switch, are very charming, clear and fluid (and a huge upgrade from the 3DS Pokémon games). I was absolutely thrilled that the text was easily readable on the Switch Lite's smaller screen, even for my old eyes. I look forward to sinking many hours into this game! I ended up buying a physical copy of the game because of all the problems people seemed to be having with the digital version (mostly). No problems so far.
  11. The Switch Lite Flip Cover has been confirmed for North America: http://www.nintendolife.com/news/2019/11/this_official_switch_lite_flip_cover_looks_perfect_for_keeping_your_console_safe It reminds me of a cover I used to have on my OG PSP.
  12. That's scary. Thankfully, you hadn't put much time in it yet. Hopefully, they get this sorted out quickly. I think I'll wait a bit before buying the game.
  13. I got the wireless SNES controller from Nintendo yesterday. It's slightly heavier than a wired SNES controller but otherwise feels the same. While there are no physical Home/Screenshot buttons, Nintendo added support for the Home and Screenshot functions (remapped to ZR and ZL respectively). However, this only seems to work in the SNES and NES games apps. The controller can be used in any game where the d-pad/directional buttons below the left analog stick can also control the characters movement (obviously it would not work in games that require dual analog sticks, motion controls, etc.). I was able to use it fine in Super Mario Maker 2 (at least in Story Mode). The d-pad is larger and more accurate than the one on the Switch Lite (the Switch Lite d-pad seems to require you to press the diagonals harder to get them to register so fireball-like motions in SFII don't always register correctly). Some things I don't like about it: - The R shoulder button is noticeably louder than the L shoulder button (could be specific to my unit) - There is no on/off switch or button so any time the d-pad or buttons are pressed, it starts to try to connect to the Switch. This is more of an issue with the way all the Nintendo Switch controllers work but it makes it annoying to travel with them with their batteries constantly draining. Otherwise, I think it's great controller. It definitely brings back memories holding it in my hands and playing Super Mario World.
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