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  1. Robocop's interesting as it perhaps suggests MGM didn't offer Arrow the 4k rights on that one, or they did and Arrow turned it down. I definitely want to see discs of Casablanca and The Exorcist from Warner. I was hoping Lost Boys might have surfaced later this year, but if not then I hope we get it in 2021 as they did the restoration last year and released it to cinemas. It would be especially nice to have following Schumacher's passing too.


    I'd love to know everything that was named on that survey. 


    I'd really like a collection of the Rocky films. I'm not aware of MGM having done 4k scans for II, III, IV, V or Balboa yet. 


    The guy on Blu-ray.com who first posted about Home Alone and Hocus Pocus coming, and then the claim that Disney would stop live action catalogue releases thereafter, mentioned Blade was coming from Warner this year. It'd be interesting if that happens as there are a few old New Line titles I'd like to see get new scans (Dark City desperately needs one). Boogie Nights and Magnolia would be great too. 


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  2. I think it's just one of those things that will evolve and improve over time (both from a maps and hand crafted building point of view). I'm wondering if they may even open things up to the mod community when it comes to the hand crafted assets to help them flesh things out in the years to come. It's bizarre that of the current London hand crafted assets, the Mall and Buckingham Palace are not amongst them.


    HMS Belfast is also currently under water. 

  3. Full Metal Jacket is confirmed for September 22nd (21st in the UK).




    Apparently includes the mono mix alongside DTS HD MA 5.1 according to a rear package shot on Amazon UK. There's no Dolby Vision or any new extras (nor have they licensed the Stanley Kubrick's Boxes documentary again sadly, which had been included in a previous Blu-ray release).


    We'll definitely get A Clockwork Orange for its 50th anniversary next year.


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  4. It doesn't address that the actual claim was about them stopping live action catalogue titles, not stopping releases on a format entirely. Outside of Marvel and Star Wars Disney have shown next to no interest in their live action catalogue content on disc for years, hence why they kept throwing barebones Blu-rays of various Disney movies exclusively behind their Disney Movie Club scheme in the US, and selectively throwing Kino the occasional Touchstone catalogue bone. It's not really what Disney does with their own heritage that's the problem (although it is a frustration, just not a new one as I say)


    The concern is really that their lack of interest is carrying over to the Fox library, a library of live action films far, FAR more valuable than their own, and cultural history that they did not create, but merely inherited and should treat respectfully. The best case is that they become willing to licence out Fox titles to boutique labels who have far better quality control than Disney do, and unlike Disney are also happy to use 100GB discs were necessary, but we don't know how willing they are to do that just yet as several labels have said Disney are not holding any talks at this time (to the extent where some labels seemingly cannot even renew contracts on previously released existing titles already agreed with Fox. Several BFI and Arrow titles from Fox look to be on their way out of print for example).

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  5. Some A7S III straight out of camera SLOG3 files have been made available by Jacques Crafford who shot a promo with the camera should anyone wish to take a look at them:




    Files are here:



    Remember those are S-LOG3 files, so are nice and flat ready for colour grading. The h.264 stuff seems to run fine on my old Macbook Pro. It struggles with Sony's H.265 files though, but that didn't surprise me (a conversion to prores may overcome that though). Had to use VLC as Quicktime doesn't like them.


    The internal all-I codec does seem to be really, really good and flexible. The only downside, as is known from Bloom's review, is that you cannot disable internal noise reduction if recording internally (externally will be clean) but that's likely to only manifest in its most obvious and ugly form under extraordinarily challenging circumstances when ramping up the ISO dramatically. 



    I was also a little confused with my SD card research last week. Apparently you can do everything up to and including XAVC-HS based 100/120p  onto a v90 speed SD Card. The one codec that requires the CF Type A speeds is if you're doing XAVC-S I S&Q (which appears to be the only ALL-I option for 100p/120p). This is actually clarified in Bloom's review. Not sure why/how I glossed past it. In short, it seems you'd really only need the Type A cards for VERY specialist reasons that demand maximum quality for slow motion capture. 

  6. Looks like a Studio Canal release of Total Recall is finally on the way in November in Europe if some early retail listings are anything to go by. I'd expect Lionsgate to mimic this one for the US market.


    Le cercle rouge appears to also be coming in November in France from Studio Canal. They also have UK rights last I checked so we should end up getting that here too.

  7. 56 minutes ago, iainl said:

    Do we still think the Series S is hitting the same date? That there are already white controllers would suggest as much, but I find it hard to believe Spencer's happily discussing retail boxed examples of the X without so much as a vague leak of what a Series S case looks like. 


    I can't imagine it coming later. The packaged white controllers dated for November mention the Series S on the box as we know, so it would be odd to let that out into the market referencing a product Microsoft would continue to refrain from discussing. That it hasn't been revealed yet I think can simply be put down to the disruption of 2020 messing up everyone's plans.


    Allegedly it looks more like an X (an XB1 X that is).

  8. It's interesting how pessimistic Digital Foundry is on the SeriesX and PS5 pricing front. 


    At this point I feel equally ready to be either pleasantly surprised or absolutely horrified. I would find it quite funny if the reason neither have revealed a price yet isn't because they want to play cat and mouse for as long as possible in the hope of undercutting the competitor, but because they're both similarly terrified about having to reveal how much they need to cost. The longer they drag things out the longer one is certainly left wondering that if either is indeed a reasonable price, why haven't they just announced such vital details already?

  9. 8 hours ago, Adam Tyner said:


    Wow. What a genuinely tough choice of classics to choose from in Question 1. I'd have to pick A Matter of Life and Death. It's an all time favourite, and some Powell and Pressburger in 4k would be most welcome. 


    It's interesting how you can look at the titles there, and many from last year's poll too, and see that Sony clearly never gave Criterion the 4k rights to so many of the titles they have released under their label.


    Also interesting is that the page there implies that interest in Mask fo Zorro and Jump St from the previous poll lead to them getting released, with the promise of "more to come". I hope team Last Action Hero had an effect. :)


    Question 2 is tricky. First instinct would be to pick titles there that are also featured as choices in Question 1 (and i'd be happy with any of those really). If we put those aside though, then Muppets Take Manhattan, Adventures of Baron Munchausen and Punch Drunk Love would be picks there. I do have a huge soft spot for So I Married and Axe Murderer too. 



    What did you go for, Adam? I'd have to fake a US address if I want to actually submit my choices.


  10. Oh there's no way they will prevent it where possible, just as they don't on the XB1 S. 


    Long term, for the likes of us, I'd still think the Series X is the one to go for absolutely. If I still had my XB1 X would I be in any hurry though? I really can't imagine that I would, and in hindsight my selling of the XB1 X so soon seems regrettable as admittedly I, like everyone, had assumed MS would have more incentives to encourage people to buy into their next-gen console around the time of its release. They really have nothing, again unless they surprise us with the pricing, and if the console's first year is as rocky as I fear on the software front then chance of unofficial price cuts at retail in 2021 might not be an unreasonable expectation. 

  11. Some more info on Ragtag has emerged via way of one of the game's former producers:




    A former producer on Amy Hennig's cancelled Star Wars game has shed new light on the project, and how far it got at Dead Space studio Visceral Games before EA pulled the plug.


    Its main character, a rogue who producer Zach Mumbach describes as a cross between Robin Hood and Star-Lord, was "well-formed". Its design was well under-way, with several levels and a major set-piece involving an AT-ST chase nearing completion. But, as we know, it was not meant to be.




    Mumbach is full of praise for Amy Hennig, who he says brought clever decision-making around story and characters, and remained professional even as it became clear EA's goal for the project were not lining up with the studio's own.


    "We had this leadership team come in from Vancouver... and not knocking them, they were in the same position I was in Army of Two. They were like 'we need to ship this thing, let's go, cut this, cut this, cut this'," Mumbach recalled. "And I'm thinking, this is effing Amy Hennig, we have the chance to make the greatest Star Wars game ever made and a possible Game of the Year contender. This isn't an Army of Two game.


    "I think we would have made the best Star Wars game ever made. The story and the setup and the characters... [were] set up for success but what we had to execute was going to take a while. I think the company saw that - 'hey you guys are eventually going to make a crazy good game'. At the time, when we got shut down, [EA exec] Patrick Soderlund was even like - what's the game with 'Winner, Winner, Chicken Dinner'? PUBG? - they even sent out a press releasethat was like 'no one cares about single-player any more'. 


    "I just wish they'd figured that out two years ago."



    "We just had a lot of gameplay people never got to see," Mumbach continued. "We had levels, they weren't done but they were close. We had one set-piece which was basically done - we were putting the final touches on it right when the studio was shut down. 


    "[It was] this crazy AT-ST moment which was really cool. You were on foot running from it and it was trying to hunt you down but you were more agile, slipping through these alleyways, barelling through and crashing and using all the destruction of Frostbite... You would have been like 'oh that's like Star Wars Uncharted'."


    EA, of course, has now pivoted back to making single-player Star Wars games elsewhere. Last year's Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order set tills ringing and its success means there will surely be a sequel. Mumbach said he was yet to play it.


    "We were definitely sitting in one of the most expensive places to make a video game," he said, wondering why Visceral got shut down. "But Jedi: Fallen Order was made in LA, one of the most expensive places to make a video game."




    Original interview in full:



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  12. 4 hours ago, iainl said:

    For the most demanding games, yes. But I can't see it being impossible to optimise it to roughly the performance of a One X at 4k.


    Perhaps not, but I don't think Microsoft would be wise to push Series S as a 4k system in the way that they did the XB1X. I would be VERY interested to see if MS have been working hard on their upscaling/sharpening AI algorithm and whether SeriesS could be a big beneficiary of that though.


    I do think that it might have helped had Series S been revealed right alongside the X. The Series X has had eight months to define itself as Microsoft's next gen console, and now they're going to be throwing this into the mix. There's still some talk that the Series S will be digital only to help keep the costs down even more, but I'm still not sure if I can really picture that happening, although it could be a reason for the XB1 S to stick around in providing the physical entry level option into the Xbox ecosystem. 

  13. So lovely to see these back:




    I'm sad it's the only bone they're willing to throw the legacy of old Epcot, but at least it's something. You'd think Disney could learn a lesson about the nonsensical expense of removing something that never needed to go in the first place, only to then spend even more money re-designing and putting it back close to the way it was years later. It looks even better than the original though.


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