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  1. I still don't think I can remember a game holding a higher value at retail for quite as long as this game has. It'd be nice to be able to pick it up over the summer months though.
  2. Its close focusing distance, albeit requiring EVF/LCD, is particularly appealing for an M lens, but above everything the rendering from images I've seen is just sublime. I think it would join the 50 APO as my dream lens combination for an M (frustration over seeing 35mm frame lines be damned ). Both are, in most respects, the qualities of their SL equivalents squished down into M form though which makes them miraculous and justifiably expensive technical achievements, and the SL versions would both be on my long term radar if I decide to go for an SL2-S next year. Things are still
  3. I've also found the latitude on Fuji's jpegs to actually be rather good too, though maybe that's because I inherently underexpose quite often with digital so really only have to play with shadow recovery if so desired.
  4. That's great. Fuji have a desktop RAW processor that I don't think many people know about. Fujifilm X Raw Studio: https://fujifilm-x.com/en-gb/support/download/software/x-raw-studio/ You need the camera connected as it leverages the processor in the camera body to do the work, so it's basically like doing the in camera RAW conversion that's available but being able to do it at the desktop. I really do like the film simulations and the control you have over changing them in the Fuji's these days, they're quite brilliant, although I still just leave every
  5. New APO Summicron 35mm M lens looks like an absolute beauty. A snip at £6700. The APO SL 'Cron prices don't seem nearly as ludicrous in comparison now do they?
  6. The OLED Vita was so nice, it would be great if a higher end Switch was built to such a standard. That said, I doubt it would entice me to buy one given how rare it is for me to use the system undocked, and with my want to pick up a SeriesX later in the year it seems unfeasible that I'll also spend money upgrading a console I already own. I'm still perfectly at ease with how good Switch games look on my TV too, so unless we start to see serious performance issues with future games on the current hardware then I'll probably feel OK sitting this one out.
  7. Really quite surprised by Sony's 2021 OLED pricing. Their 83" A90J has been priced at £6999 here which is amazing all things considered.
  8. Squadrons is a really interesting one. It seemed to launch above EA's expectations, but was nevertheless discounted in sales mere weeks after its release and then showing up regularly in subsequent sales. I really need to put more time into it as it's terrific. I don't suppose it's too shocking that they're holding Fifa 21 back from EA Play for the time being.
  9. They've been doing a series of videos.... featuring puppets for some reason... that give a glimpse of the game's visuals: Not much footage to take in, but as expected it is looking very nice. Major reveal in the second video is the addition of a stadium creator on the next-gen editions.
  10. They should have chosen the international design (the true SNES ), damn it.
  11. Have Sigma cottoned on to the fact that most mirrorless lens sizes are absurd with the debut of their dinky little 28-70 f2.8? It's currently only for E and L mount (when/if Sigma do RF and Z mount lenses I'd expect to see it carry over however). They should do a series of f2 primes in their 'Contemporary' series in my opinion. That would be lovely to see. I should give Leica some credit with their line of SL Summicrons when it comes to mirrorless lens size in fairness. I remember several years ago being in store and lamenting the chunky size of the SL
  12. It's definitely frustrating to wear glasses and be a rangefinder user, and the silly thing is I know this each and every time I end up buying another M because I'm stupid like that. I think the lure of M's is really driven more by emotion than it is rationality (and that's perfectly OK). I like wearing glasses though and find my face is strange without them having worn them for most of my life, and I'm not big on contacts or the thought of laser surgery...etc. The viewfinder in the M10 and all the M10 variants that have since followed (P, Monochrom..etc), is definitely an improvement for brig
  13. Finally picked it up in a sale but can definitely say that the UK Studio Canal disc of Fifth Element is a step up over the US Sony release. All that distracting sharpening is gone and I prefer the Dolby Vision HDR pass on this release too. It's one of Studio Canal's discs mastered by Fidelity in Motion so it's A+ on the compression front too. Also grabbed Studio Canal's disc of Don't Look Now, which is a disc I've heard nothing but good things about, so I'm looking forward to spinning that soon.
  14. I've found the tilting LCD on the X100v really useful. The EVF is the exact same spec on the X100V and Pro 3 isn't it? I don't use the X100's EVF that often as it just feels a bit cramped with my glasses. Again, I was spoilt by the SL's big EVF display which is kind of why I'm drawn to looking at large bodies that have something as good/better (better in the case of the R5, SL2/SL2-S). I did have the same problem with the Q's EVF too but found the Q2's EVF to be a notable improvement when I was in store to test one back when it came out. On my M10-P it was still difficult to see f
  15. I don't see it happening anytime soon. Interesting to see a patent nevertheless. They randomly produced a whole new promo video and webpage for the old lens last summer which I took to be the strongest indication that a replacement isn't on the cards in the immediate future. I really don't think the optical formula needs to change. It's a lovely, lovely lens. It just needs a new WR enclosure and a more modern af mechanism in my opinion (the 56mm could do with the same treatment too). I'd been thinking about what lenses I might get if I had another interchangeable Fuji. In the past
  16. I may consider it at a later date in sale someday, if only to experience one of the more popular traditional games in the series. I enjoyed the time I spent with Shield, though it didn't hold my attention for long enough to stop me being distracted by other games after a few months.
  17. I don't think so, but I'm not 100% certain. A patent emerged for a fixed lens camera from Canon just this week but it's for a model with a variable aperture 15-45mm lens. I was wondering about a Leica CL recently, their interchangeable aps-c camera. I looked at the original back when I was testing a Q in store and it wasn't quite the Leica answer to a Fuji X-Pro that I was hoping it would be. It's funny how much Fuji took from Leica with the X100, X Pro and XE ranges, and how much Leica could actually take in response from those cameras. I would imagine a CL 2 will emerge this year
  18. For the sake of other platforms I'd hope the exclusivity only applied to part one.... especially if Playstation owners are left waiting until the PS6 to see every chapter of the story wrapped up. 😆
  19. We surely can't be far off from Xbox and PC announcements can we? The Playstation exclusivity ends sometime in the Spring I think.
  20. The colour science debate is interesting. I personally think with a bit of work one can basically get the colours from any camera to match if working from a RAW file, but at the end of the day you want to be spending as little time at the computer as possible (I know I do anyway) so there's certainly value in starting with a base image that you like. I continue to cheer Capture One for their exemplary dedication to camera profiling which still beats Adobe from everything I've been reading, and while I haven't upgraded to Capture One 21 the new ProStandard Profiles takes everything
  21. Interestingly neither Nintendo or GameFreak are taking the lead on development here.
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