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  1. I'm thoroughly engrossed in this game. I echo all the positive sentiments from other posters. This may be the game that I actually finish 100%. I like the fact that the Riddler Challenges add to your experience, allowing you to upgrade faster. But I just have to say...holy CRAP! When did Mark "But I was going to go in to Tocchi Station to pick up some power converters" Hammill get so talented!? His voicing of the Joker is fantastic! I would love to see a video of one of his his voice recording sessions.
  2. Anyone tried co op play? It was my most anticipated feature, but the implementation - especially on defense- is downright awful. The camera lags behind when you switch men, and you're forced to play defense looking up the screen into the offense. There is no way to defend against the pass, because you can't see. I've been a huge fan in recent years, but I am sorely disappointed in this feature. The rest of the game seems to be fantastic.
  3. Did anyone get the 360 or pS3 version of this game? I have it and I'm really enjoying it. I'll get the Wii one eventually, but I'll never play it on my own - only with friends. I hope there's alot of course available without needing to unlock them.
  4. Can anyone tell me how the save system works for this game? I like to save all my games on my MU so I can play them on either of my 2 360's. But I can't find a save file for the game at all - not on my 360's HDD, or on my MU. What's the deal? (Tried an internet search and couldn't find an answer). I have gamefly'd the game, so if it's in the manual, I can't check.
  5. The demo sold me on the game. I really like it. I've played all the Fight Night games to date, and this one feels the best. To those who didn't like the demo so much: are you used to using the right stick for punching, or had you previously used the face buttons?
  6. Single player does get better over time (the second half is leagues better than the first half), but there's still an incredibly big problem with the controls in single player compared to MP: The right stick can be moved about 1/8 of an inch before the movement starts on screen (only in single player). This "dead spot", coupled with the weight and acceleration built into the physics of the game means I had to adapt my playing by aiming less with the right stick. I had to line up my shots by moving the character around with my aiming reticle in a fixed position. Once I got used to this, the game was much more enjoyable. But, when you have the lightning gun - aim doesn't really matter.
  7. Anyone who does get this content, please share your thoughts about it. I'm tempted to get it, but I'm unhappy with the fact that it was on the disc already. Maybe they just used assets that were available on the disc, and crammed all their code into > 2MB.
  8. Does anyone know if this is a real, honest-to-goodness download - or is it a unlock key for something that's already on the disc? If it's the latter, I'll have a real problem paying for it. On ListenUp a couple weeks ago, this topic came up, and they jokingly said that if Capcom were smart, they'd pack the 160KB download key in with 200MB worth of 1's and 0's.
  9. Fixed. :lol Maybe they can duct tape 3 Gamecubes together for their next console. Kidding! I'm a 3 console owner, so I can joke about this....
  10. That's a good point about Burnout Paradise. It seems to be one of the few examples where a developer was bound and determined to do things a different way, but finally succumbed to the feedback of the community. The way they implemented the change was the best way to do it: make it a choice.
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