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  1. The Library was one of my favorite levels, but I wouldn't mind if they knocked off a corridor or two.
  2. It has been sometime since I have visited LCVG. When I heard the news through another forum, I felt compelled to log in and tell all how sorry I was. I remember James from when I joined LCVG after the Afterburner forums shut down. Very sad. My thoughts and prayers for comfort for those here and elsewhere that were closer to him than I.
  3. I don't agree. People need gas. We are guzzling it no matter what...and not just in the US. If it drops $0.42/gl, which is the average take of the federal government nationwide, people are not going to start buying it by the barrel to set it on fire in their front yards. Nor will people park their cars, or sell their houses to live closer to workplaces or find new jobs when gas hits $5 a gallon. They will stop eating out, buying new cars, buying clothes, going to movies, buying appliances and spending money on other things that tend not to be necessities but really bolster the economy. It is certain that a new, viable fuel alternative needs to be developed. I don't think a half dollar price drop will make anyone forget that. Still, that alternative is probably a decade or more away. Transporters would be pretty cool. :rock
  4. I think we were all fooled into thinking that ethanol was some big energy savior and answer to oil when it was really never going to be. New energy sources will become mainstream when and only when they become both affordable and profitable. It is really that simple. I don't think gas prices can rise much higher than they are now before people really start to curtail their consumption and prices drop again. Supply and demand are pretty reliable. Rather than provide subsidies to other possible energy solution providers, the government could stop its huge tax revenue from consumer gas purchases which would help much more than anything, but you won't hear much about that option: It is much easier for them to spend your money (and take more of it) than give it back.
  5. Nor would I consider any gamer with well over $600 in his pocket that laments not having first crack at PS3 a have-not in the socio-economic sense that was used to define two types of people earlier in the thread. Besides, the kid could have gotten the cash on an advance on his credit card. J.Fo is right, the point is moot since PS3s linger on shelves in most stores now.
  6. I installed a floating laminate from Columbia Flooring. It was easy, no glue, click installation. The hardest part was undercutting the door jambs so the floor would slide under it. It has held up nicely: We have a dog and my son has been known to ride his big wheels through the house. Laminate flooring is really not suitable for kitchen and baths, I don't care what sales people may tell you (or don't tell you). It is very susceptible to water damage. So much so that we generally towel dry the floor after just cleaning with a damp mop. If you want to test the floors durability, hold your car keys (or butter knife or something with some weight to it) just above your waist, and drop it on the in-store sample several times. If it dents or scuffs, try a different one. If it holds its own, then it will probably stand up to your less than graceful wife and dogs. I like my floor, but think I would go with a real hardwood next time. I don't think a scuff or dent in a hardwood detracts from the natural beauty and they last a helluva lot longer, IMO. But for an easy, affordable fix, a laminate will do the trick.
  7. I find it funny that people are laughing at this guy and enjoying his economic loss when he would more than likely fit in with the "have-nots" discussed early on in this topic. He probably doesn't make a ton of money, has less than $1000 in the bank, lives paycheck to paycheck, is swimming in credit card debt, rents, etc and was just trying to make a buck. He is not the detested rich businessman, but a regular Joe trying to put food on the table, or a ring on his girlfriends hand (I don't buy that part of the story on bit; $2400+ would have bought a nice ring). I don't feel sorry for him, but I don't take any satisfaction from his situation, either.
  8. Drum Hero would be great! I know there was a game with a drum controller for the PS2 (I think) that was never released for the US that I always wanted. It would be very exciting to get drum game and rock out to some Rush or Tool :rock
  9. This confirms something I suspected this morning: The scripts Kyle-K wrote worked! This morning two of my local Targets had Available so I got to one at about an hour after it opened and walked through the nearly deserted store to find no Wiis, but a buttload of Wiimotes and Nunchucks. Strange; a huge shipment of peripherals but no consoles :eh The guy at the counter said they would get some Wiis on the 21st. I asked how he had any idea when the Wiis would be in, knowing he was completely full of it, and he said that is when the truck would be in. I was already running late for work and didn't have time to raise hell about it. Today I get home at about 6pm and EVERY store in my area had Available. Holding inventory is complete horseshit, I say. :furious
  10. One thing I've realized about 24 is that every scenario and situation Jack Bauer gets into can be scrutinized and proven unrealistic. Yeah, that C4 would have destroyed a block or six, no no hard drives would have survived and I doubt you can make a cell phone call from inside a stealth bomber (from a previous season), but it wouldn't be as fun Did they actually say Curtis was dead? I was thinking he still could be alive, since Bauer could have shot him square in the head instead of in the neck.
  11. Surely you are not suggesting that the kids should take some responsibility in their captivity, are you? As a father, that would seriously piss me off and I hope that is not what you are saying. Kids that are 10, 11 or 12 don't know a damn thing. They are still impressionable; very much so. Tell a kid that age that you will kill everyone he loves if he doesn't give into your demands and see what happens. God knows what this guy did to these kids to get them to stay with them, but I guarantee it wasn't play video games, drink beer and go to bed when ever they felt like it.
  12. I live in St. Louis and remember when Shawn Hornbeck went missing. What makes the whole thing weird was that there were flyers up hundreds of miles away back then. This kid's face was everywhere and no one in this apartment complex, despite commenting on how much he looked like like Shawn Hornbeck, ever put two and two together. :bh Neither Shawn or Ben were restrained in any way. I'm guessing there were threats of some sort that kept the boys there. Something kept them there because Shawn went by Shawn Devlin, had friends and didn't live in isolation at all. He went to the movies, played outside, everything a kid his age would do, but he didn't go to school. It is a strange thing and I will be interested to see how the story unfolds. I have had pizza from that Imo's many times. Hell, this guy may have delivered it. You can check out the video and follow the story at one of the local news affiliates here
  13. Maybe they ran out of shirts and have nothing to print it on? Or, if the shirts themselves are made to order and not just the silk screen, maybe they ran out of cotton.
  14. I found that Netflix was faster and had a better selection, although I tried Blockbuster for awhile right after they launched the online service so the gaps there may have tightened up a bit. And, if you can take them back to the store I would think it would be faster turnaround time now. So, just so I have this straight, using Blockbuster you can take your movies back to the B&M store, trade them in for free rentals, AND the online service will ship out the next movies available in your queue? So if you had four at a time, you could wind up with 8 (four from the online store and four from the B&M) for the same price? If so, I need to look into the selection at BB.
  15. Lego Star Wars is indeed fun. I have already paid for Lego Star Wars 2, set in the original trilogy and due out in November.
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