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  1. Just picked this up tonight on the XB1 and made my way up to level 8; loving it so far. Can't believe I almost snagged Madden instead of this! I just sent a join request to the LCVG group as well. Hopefully I'll get to play more over this coming week, although I have OT all week too so I'll probably spend whatever free time I have sleeping unfortunately
  2. Well, shit. Good news it looks like DICE is rolling out an XB1 patch starting today so maybe that'll help with the problem I'm having (along with all the other issues). http://answers.ea.com/t5/Battlefield-4/INFO-Xbox-One-Game-Update-Dec-13-Patch-Notes-added/m-p/1989043#U1989043 I think this may be what my problem is related to...
  3. Alright I have to ask, because I haven't seen anything mentioned about this in EA's Battlelog stuff. I have an XB1 and I have to quit/reopen BF4 numerous times (sometimes it works immediately, other times I'll be sitting there for 30minutes) to get it to sign in to EAs servers. I've tried configuring my network settings (opening ports, setting the XB1 on a static IP, etc) and that did not resolve the issue. Every other online app (and game) works without issue on XBL; this just seems to be BF4 having a hard time talking to EAs stuff. Has anyone else had this issue? I do get the game crashes and all that other stuff that is being talked about, but haven't seen the issue I'm experiencing come up.
  4. Just finished the campaign; very fun! Did a couple of rounds of multiplayer with some random person and that was cool too, although it'd be more fun with someone I know who also has a mic.
  5. Ahh gotcha... I thought it had something to do with their 'balancing the in game economy' deal that popped up the other day.
  6. Is that payout for anyone who has signed into the game or did you have to do something special. I just picked this up yesterday and put a few hours on it. So far I'm digging it, I really like the rumble in the triggers.
  7. From my reading of that it sounds like these discounts/offers are being made while they orchestrate the adjustement of the in game economy as a whole.
  8. Beat the SP a couple days ago on XB1; for those of you who have had save issues... you're not missing out on anything. As far as online goes I've had a few matches crash, more bothersome though is I'll fire the game up and get an 'disconnected from EA servers' message. Quitting the game or loading another app then reloading the game usually sorts this out but it is damned frustrating as that doesn't always resolve it.
  9. That's pretty impressive, as I understand it the PS has always had a pretty solid lock on that region.
  10. Yeah same here, I can definitely agree with the sentiment I've heard for both parties (PS4 and XB1) that this release isn't nearly as exciting as the PS3/360 launches were. We'll just have to see how things turn out, I'm still blown away at what Rockstar did with GTA5. Compare that to something like Kameo or anything else in the 360s launch window and it's a pretty huge jump. It's also sad to say that GTA5 is more impressive than quite a few of the launch titles for the PS4/XB1; in my opinion at least.
  11. I'll agree that both consoles aren't really bringing any awesome titles out just yet (unless you look to Ryse/Killzone as eyecandy). 'Arcade' titles notwithstanding (Resogun, KI, Crimson Dragon); with comments about DR3 being a 'pretty 360 game' and the like, those are not things I've heard about any of the PS4 titles that were actually made to be launch titles for that system versus being held over to be a launch title for XB1 when they started out as a 360 title. I hope that makes sense as I realize my initial comment may not have conveyed what I was trying to get across. Either way, it comes down to the games you want and what appeals to you. I don't place a ton of value in reviews and usually rely on the opinions of you folks since there's more of a discussion regarding games compared to a paid figurehead for a media outlet. I know that the XB1 is (seemingly) the lesser of the two systems right now, but I am looking forward to it for their Live infrastructure as well as the long haul.
  12. That's all well and good but the PS4 titles coming out are AAA releases made to showcase the console at launch. If the Xb1 games are lackluster, or 'last gen' yet still getting reviewed better than PS4 titles then that's a sad statement.
  13. Sounds like me after a night of binge drinking and eating lots of cheese.
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